Barbados - newbie post#4 - driving around

Jun 6th, 2019, 08:37 AM
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Barbados - newbie post#4 - driving around

This topic is for whom drive their first experience in Barbados.

Barbados has 3 main highways. Tom Adams, Errol Barrel, Gordon Cummins. These 3 highways match the concept of highway in North America. They all end in St. Michael region. Further north, you'll be in highways that limit to 60km/h. That's only 45mph! And, you don't want to exceed the limit too much anyways. Pot holes are everywhere and they ain't small at all.

Here, I address highways mainly in the northern half. Highway 2A is like a main artery. It takes you to enter the heart of Saint Peter and close enough to Saint Lucy. Most exits towards west coast are direct entrance of winding, bumpy, and narrow locals. Be prepared.

If staying in west coast, your main driveway would be Highway 1B. It covers the whole west coast coastline. Watch out now. Not only it's narrow and winding, there are many open sewage gutters deep enough to stall any sedans. Local traffic seems sincere enough yield ways when you are hesitating in turns. Yet, tourists can be impatience to cut you against tight opposite traffic. At night time, keep your eyesights higher. High beam can blind you by suddenly popping out from those endless curves.

Public accesses to beaches are available but not obvious. Some locals told us the parking rules are not that tight in Barbados. Feel free to stop by in smaller avenues and ask. We did it a lot. All locals are very friendly. Wish you similar experience.

East coast: There are many paths to east coast. Estimate a 40-50 minute ride, plus, 3-4 hours to cover from Walker beach to Bath beach area. There are too many funny landscapes worth stopping by.
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