Attack At Church?

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Why are so many "adults" so juvenile to each other on this forum. If someone is uncomfortable about going somewhere, ANYWHERE, then they should not go, that includes their local grocery store at night if the conditions warrant it. LA Times had a big article on St. Lucia & the reasons behind the escalating crime there & in the Caribbean in general & against tourists. Yes there is crime everywhere but nothing wrong with being informed & careful wherever you go including your own home town. Some people who talk like there is no problem at all just have been lucky enough not to encounter one but they sound like they would like to attack a fellow poster given the chance. I do believe Roger overreacted but so what.
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I would like to reply to all you people
that seem to think I am some kind of a nut.

First to Cherche I most certainly did have a booked date in St. Lucia. I changed it and don't regret it.

The comment about not being in church but rather sitting at the beach and drinking. Well we do go to church on sunday,not only here but when on vacation as well.

As to the rest of the comments. You are free to do as you please. But judging from the reactins I would guess none of you would ever tell anyone else of any problems. I did not post the original message to create a panic or get any of you die hard St. Lucis fans panties in a bunch. I use these boards to decide where my family and I will go. How can any of us make an intelligent decision if people in the know choose not to share the bad info as well as the good?

I hope I havent started something negative that affects these boards. I was just attempting to inform others of what I had found.

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I have not been to St. Lucia; an attack at church would not keep me from going, but I also don't think St. Lucia is an island where I'd do much independant exploring. I wouldn't on some of the other islands either.

Not written in stone of course, but IMHO it's travelers who want to experience "the real island" who usually wind up having problems. You know who I'm talking about. Those who watch too many travel shows & think it's a cinch for the average person to head into the mountains, mingle with the locals on their turf, sleep in unbelievably budget accomodations, etc & come back with wonderful stories to tell. They forget that the stars of Lonely Planet & such shows have full camera crews & a handful of staff & a pocketfull of bills to spread around, not to mention the watchful eye of the government or it's tourist bureau often overseeing their safety & determining how their nation is presented.

And then there's the starry eyed tourist who thinks the pretty resort pictures are indicative life out and about on the island. And idyllic island like that is usually cost prohibitive for the average vacationer like you and me.

I don't think you're wrong to cancel if you feel uncomfortable, esp if you're traveling with children. It was probably the way you "announced" you weren't going. If your first post had been as thought out as your 2nd, maybe people wouldn't have been so harsh.

Best regards,
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Sam-Well said. Roger, I posted a post Murder in St. Lucia, and came under similar rath. I believe travelers should know as much as possible anywhere they go. Street smart is the way to be on any trip. Thanks for your post and everyones thoughts.
Old Jan 10th, 2001, 10:17 AM
Tim Daley
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I read about this on another board as well. Not having been to St. Lusic, what I have to wonder is does this type of activity spill over into the resort areas - or is the center of town a distance from the resorts?

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