Are Dunn's River Falls senior friendly?

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Are Dunn's River Falls senior friendly?


I have been trying to find out how the accessibilty is to Dunn's River Falls. My mom can walk, just not long distances. We only have about 6 hours in Ochee so I am trying to figure out what we can do there. Thanks.
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I don't thing she would be able to climb the falls. It is fairly easy but the steps up the rocks are often slick. She could go with you and walk the stairs to the bottom of the falls and see how it looks. If she doesn't want to do the climb in the water she could walk up slowly and watch your group. Since your climb will be slow she could take her time on the stairs and rest and watch and enjoy it that way. It is a very pretty area just to see.
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I agree - the climb is rather rigorous for a senior...but the trek up the stairs is fine - it will also give her the opportunity to enter the falls at certain points for photos or to try a short portion of the climb. There are several "out" points on the way up where people enter and exit the falls themselves.
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M. Z.
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No way on the Falls. It's easy for a young, fit person. Dangerous for a senior, and she will feel left out if she takes the stairs. Take her on the nice "boat ride down the river" excursion. Really, you will thank me.
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i was thinking the same thing as we are going with my in-laws and they are very fit but it is still slick. I would recomend the white river rafting excursion. it is only 10 minutes from the ship and very relaxing you sit on a raft and feel like cleopatra. You can still go and see the falls it is a beautiful beach!
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Mary Z.
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I'm with you Deb. It's not that they can't do it. Sure they can ! But if there happens to be an accident...oh boy...the consequences are simply not worth it for a senior. Are you listening Phil ?
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Yes! I am listening. I do like the sound of the river trip. I have a feeling it would be a great way to see the falls and beat the hordes of folks getting into the falls. MZ and Deb: Is that what the tour is called ? (White River Rafting excursion) Thanks much everyone for your help.
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For a 6 hour stop at Ochee with your Mum,try Cranbrook Flower Forest for botanic gardens walkable for seniors;the Waasi ceramic studio;lunch at Harmony Hall gallery/restaurant/ just outside town;Martha Brae rafting in Falmouth is very gentle tho count on 2 hours travel which limits your time.Avoid the craft market at Ochee unless you really enjoy hondling and haggling...
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Huggy: Your comments are uncalled for. Phil didn't know which is why he asked. Geez is right!
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People always talk about climbing the falls at Dunns River but the scenery can definitely be enjoyed without the climb.

You can go up and down the steps alongside the falls and also spend time on the beach where the stream meets the ocean.

We found the Martha Brae raft trip rather dull, but we're accustomed to rafting in Colorado.
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Do not let a senior do the falls. If he or she should hurt themself, the medical facilities would not be good. It simply would not be worth it. "Tiverton House" has great suggestions for you to consider. Have fun!!
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Hi: We took a catamaran to Dunn's River Falls which would be a ice trip for you mom. Once there she could decide if she could handle the stairs, there are lots of places for rest and picture taking . Give her the choice of whether she can do it or not ( the Falls climb will be an obvious no). This maybe a highlight of her cruise let her make a choice, if she decides the climbs to much there is a nice little beach were the boat docks. Enjoy.Karen
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Hey Karen:
Do you remember the name of the catamaran tour you took? Thanks.
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How long does the climb to the top of Dunn River Falls take when the cruise ships are there?
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