Anguilla Restaurants

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Anguilla Restaurants

Been 10 years going back for our anniversary in 2 weeks. I am looking for restaurant recommendations for mid August. Mangos, Straw Hat & Hibernia are closed. So far thinking Blanchards, Olivers, possibly Trattoria (even though nice, hard to picture eating italian in Anguilla). Will be staying at Cap Juluca so plan on Pimms & Kemia also. Of the ones that are open which one for our anniversary? Greatly appreciate any feedback. Also should I be concerned that weather forecasts are saying thunderstorms all this week and into next or are they usually passing?
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First off - there's no use worrying about the weather - even the best forecasters can't accurately predict the weather 14 days out. Besides the forecasts for the tropics always predict showers and unless you are in a position to cancel your plans on short notice there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Now to the restaurants - at CJ Kemia seems to be getting more raves than Pimms lately although Pimms is probably one of the most romantic dinner settings on the island. I personally found the food and service there to be good but not up to the standards of other restaurants on the island. If Trattoria is open put it on your list. The italian food is quite tasty (try the lobster ravioli). Olivers is very good and Oliver himself will make you feel like an old friend. In my opinion Blanchards runs hot and cold. A lot will depend on if the Blanchards are "on island" - when they are there the food is very good when they are not it's just "OK". The Blanchards wrote a very interesting book about their experiences (A Trip to the Beach) but I don't think the restaurant lives up to the hype. If Altermer is open you might want to give it a try. The restaurant is visually stunning (with glass tables illuminated from below) and I thought the food and was some of the best I've had in the Caribbean (admittedly we were one of only 2 couples dinning that evening - it was in August last year). We spent time takling with the chef about my favorite subject - FOOD). For casual dining try Tasty's (located on the main road not too far from CJ). The owner/chef (I think his name is Dale) is a personable young man and he works hard to turn out memorable meals. Other places to try are E's Oven and Flavor's. With over 80 restaurants to choose from it is hard to go wrong dining out on Anguilla.
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Thanks, I have read that Tasty's is a good call. I was going to stray from Altamer because that too has had mixed reviews. Plan on going back to Uncle Ernies for lunch, can't beat $1 Heinekens and live Raggae.
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Olivers is a wonderful choice...last visit this past winter we went twice! Just a great meal all around - food, setting, service.

Pimms is another good choice as is Kemia, which I love becasue of the small servings - but be paitent because the service is SSSLLLLLOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW...I am aware of island time, but when you are sitting so long you can no longer feel your legs...well that's where I draw the line. I don't know how long it took because we do not wear watches while on vacation, but it was a long dinner.

Trattoria is another winner..I had the amse doubts about Italian food in Anguilla but you will be very plesantly surprised. We also ate there twice as the food was wonderful - as is the setting and service. I would say it is a must.

Blanchards was just OK...It was very expensive for just OK, and will return again if the Blanchards are on the island.

I have heard nive things about The Restaurant in Malli (that is the name)- it's on our list fro next visit.
Another fun place is Johnnos...we love it there.
Tasty's is nice for a casual dinner, but not for an anniversary dinner. I would save Olivers for that. You can go to Olivers early and have drinks on the sunset deck upstairs and watch the sun go down then have a wonderful dinner then go downstairs and have a drink and a walk on the beach. You will love this place, and I highly recommend it for a romantic dinner. It also is a 3 minute drive from Cap, so it will be very convenient for you.

Go to for some great Anguilla info (including menus and a link to all anguilla restaurant websites) go all the way down the page until you reach the yellow box then click on menus and you will find every restaurant listed. It's a great site!

Enjoy your trip to paradise
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Pimm's: gets my vote for best setting and most romantic (and especially nice to walk to dinner then back to your room afterward, staying at CJ). Food is good, service not on par with price. I'm not crazy about Kemia because the menu doesn't suit my tatse for dinner as well.

Oliver's: my favorite for overall food quality and ambience balanced with value. Not cheap, but compared to others, very solid value. Love the service and attitude there.

Trattoria: definitely worth a visit, though I wouldn't make it your anniversary meal. Very nice setting and I can enjoy Italian anywhere anytime.

Tasty's: humble place overall, very 'diner-ish', sitting right alongside the main road with no views. But don't let the appearance steer you away. Food is really quite good and prices very reasonable. This is a great (very casual) lunch spot.
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There should be a list soon, but I would think quite a few places will be open until September as many of the hotels close at this time. Trattoria is one of my favorites, the setting on the beach, the music, and the food, after all the chef is from Italy, and of course the owner. Of the 4 restaurants you posted, my personal choice would be Blanchards or Mangos. BTW we had a wonderful meal at Blanchards sans Owners! I would also email all of the above (except Mangos-no email address)
to see when they are open. Altamer is interesting, but not great lately. Covecasteles is wonderful, very small intimate dining room. But since its been 10 years you will see a few changes on the island! I love the setting at Kemia, love sitting by the splashing water, I have always preffered this location, use to dine there off Pimms menu. Never had slow service there, but it can happen! Malli is a more formal setting as the staff if more reserved, the food was outstanding in May. Also check out Cuisinart, it has outstanding greens, stop in at thier bar for a drink, and view the lust grounds. Another casual spot not far from CJ is Picante. As far as the weather, it is hard to predict, and the forecast always shows thunderstorms this time of year! Lots of choices! Have a great anniversary!
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I beg to differ about Blanchard's. We had our best meal there. The ambience and food were excellent. I wouldn't miss it if I were you.
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I just returned and echo most of the sentiments. To add, for a less expensive alternative, we really liked Picante's (mexican) very fresh and tasty and I enjoyed Flavours (local) and had grouper. My husband had steak and thought it was just OK. The service at Pimms when we went was awful, we had reservations, they lost them and we waited for an eternity and finally left. At shoal bay we ate at Maedermans (sp?) and loved their lunch. Hope its helpful, enjoy.
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Another vote for Picante!

Oh, and the T-storms in the forecast may be remnants from the hurricanes/tropical storms that passed to the south.
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I wouldn't worry about the weather either. The forecast while we were there said rain and thunderstorms every day! It rained for a total of 1/2 hour during our 7 day stay.

As for meals, we booked a package through CJ and had 4 meals at the resort. While it was nice to have some meals pre-paid, I feel like we missed a lot of the island cuisine. Olivers was delicious and the service was good (as was Straw Hat, sorry to hear it is closed). As for romance, I agree on Pimms or Kemia, however I was really disappointed with the food at Pimms. I would not recommend the buffet's @ George's. The West Indian buffet was one of the worst meals I have ever had, and many others at the resort agreed. Trattoria was closed for Carnival while we were there so we missed out on that, but everyone raves about it. Friends of ours ate at Blanchards for their last dinner out on the island and loved it. Altamer was also highly recommended by some CJ repeat guests, but we didn't make it there.
Congratulations on your anniversary and have a great trip!
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I second Trattoria and Cove Castles. Actually liked Cove Castles better than Altamer although Altamer is very good. Blanchards is one of our favorites. Also consider Bistro Phils. Picante has great margaritas. Very casual place--The tequilla lime marinated brick chicken is excellent and the chocolate pudding is sinful. Share one. Don't think Uncle Ernies has reggae and more. Just a guitar player on Sunday and think heinekins are now more than $1. Have a few beers there and go next door to Le Bar at Shoal Bay Beach Hotel for lunch. Excellent lunches. Believe Gwens and Elodias have live music on Sunday. Think Mangos has closed for the season. The Terrace at Frangipani is a lovely setting for dinner and the food is very good.
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Here's another vote for Altamer!
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Go to for a list of restaurant closings
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We had an excellent dinner at Oilver's this summer - very much recommended. Great setting, too. Last year we dined at Blanchards and it was also perfect, even though (same experience as Penny's!) the owners weren't there.
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