Traveling Alone in Montreal/Female

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Traveling Alone in Montreal/Female


I am ready to start traveling alone. First stop Montreal Canada, simply because it is cheap on Amtrak and I would be coming from New York City.

Is Montreal a safe place to travel alone as a female? Is it worth me traveling there? What is there to do and see, I am ready to be a tourist! Remember I am from NYC, so I want a change of scenery but I want the scenery to be worth the money lol

Do I need to speak french?

Has anyone ever been there? If so, what is there to do? Once I get to the Amtrak train station in Montreal will I be able to catch a cab? I'm thinking about staying at a Bed and Breakfast, but of course I want it to be in the metro area where I can easily get to tourist attractions. Any suggestions on which bed and breakfast to stay at?

I want to travel there this month. Also any tips on the weather?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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Hi !

Montreal is completely safe as most of the places in Canada. But stay aware that something can happen, like everywhere.

It worths to travel there. The ambiance is fantastic and quite a lot to see, depends on what you'd like to see. But you'll see the difference as soon as you get off

If you speak French, it's better for some places but English is generally enough for Montreal.

I'm actually in Montreal. I can maybe help you to visit if you're there before October 8th or end of October.

Usually, no problem to find a cab.

Concerning accommodation, you can try (really nice to meet people) or to go in a youth hostel.

If you want to come this month, come soon because end of October and November are usually the worst months (grey and rainy) after that, it's snow and cold but blue sky
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Hi newtraveller626,

Montreal's definitely worth the money and Amtrak couldn't be cheaper to Montreal. I've travelled a lot around North America and Montreal in my mind is unique on the continent as well as being one of the most interesting North American cities. There are plenty cabs available at the train station and even metro; we're even one of those North American cities where hailing a cab is possible. (We don't call our Gare Centrale the Amtrak station by the way, we don't even call it the VIA Rail station, which is Canada's national rail line, since there are commuter trains that also leave from there.) There are plenty of B&Bs in the Plateau district; I live here so don't really have experience with them, but I'd definitely recommend trying to stay in the Plateau.

Plenty of visitors visit and even some residents live in Montreal without uttering a word of French, although I believe studying a bit of French would make for a more enriching visit.

I feel as safe in Montreal as I do in Manhattan.

Best wishes, Daniel
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We have enjoyed staying at the Auberge de la Fontaine in the Plateau area

I agree that you can easily get around w/o French but it is good to learn some basic phrases and if possible to carry a phrase book.

The metro is very easy to use

Look at the destinations section of this web site for ideas on the major attractions that appeal to you
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Montreal and New York City have long-time connections and similarities. Bagels and smoked meat loom as large as poutine for signature food. And the subway, the Metro, is essential for getting around, especially in winter. Here is the official site It includes information on the Opus card which speeds up transit. You buy the card at your first station, load it with some money, then just tap a terminal at the gate for entry. When the cash is used up you can easily load some more. Central Station connects underground to the Bonaventure Metro station. That's part of the extensive "underground city" where many kilometres of tunnels, often with retail shops, connect downtown shopping areas without facing surface weather.
The city tourism office offers lots of advice at
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Signs in Montreal will be in French so may be a challenge, but just open up a map on a street corner and someone will be sure to offer assistance. Those who are not fluent in English generally like to practice what they know, so you should be fine. A smile and a bonjour, pardon, merci and s'il vous plait go a long way.
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The above posters covered it pretty well. My wife and I have been visiting Montreal at least once a year for the past 20 years. It's a very safe, fun city. October is an ok month to visit, if it's a warm day some of the outdoor dining and cafe scene will still be going on. I agree that the plateau area is perhaps the most fun neighborhood to stay in. There are many small hotels and b&b's in the Plateau, also dozens of interesting byob restaurants and clubs. A simple, inexpensive b&b that attracts a lot of young single people is Gite Parc La Fontaine.
As for things to do -

Montreal is unsurpassed for interesting places to eat.
There are countless small shops of all kinds.
Rent a bike and enjoy the many miles of bike trails throughout the city.
explore the many interesting neighborhoods on foot or bicycle.
Visit the vast Jean Talon and Atwater markets.
stroll the picturesque streets of Old Montreal, one of the oldest neighborhoods in America.
Although you really don't need to know French, bringing a French-English dictionary is a good idea.
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thank you so much! I can't wait for Montreal
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thank you so much everyone!
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well no doubt Montreal is the safest place, you can enjoy travelling there, i don't thing so you need to learn french
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