Tipping Housekeeping

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Tipping Housekeeping

I have read a few of the forums on tipping housekeeping per day. I see that in general people are saying $2-$5 per day. My question is, what if housekeeping only comes once a week to clean?

We are staying at a hotel in BC and we have been here for some time, and will be here for almost another month. Housekeeping comes every Friday and they change all the linen, clean the bathrooms, replace soap and towels, vaccum, and wash the tile floors. They do quite alot. I have no idea what we should be tipping though as it is just once a week.

$5 a week do you think?????
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That sounds like plenty. Tipping is over-rated. Why does everyone expect a tip for doing their job?
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I think you have to see it as a house cleaner then a housekeeper at a hotel. If she comes for an hour each week, I would say $10. It's a lot more to clean in a week then one day. Things get dirtier in a week. Go with 10 bucks if she's done a good job and your satisfied. $15 bucks if it was superb service and great cleaning.



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As already pointed out, minimum would be $2/day for a tip and they do quite alot once/week. Most private housecleaners make between $10-15/hour, but in a hotel they might be just getting minimum wage.

I agree with Theresa~ I would leave at least $10, and maybe even more if the place was spotless since I know how much work that involves myself.
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I read somewhere that only about 1 in 5 hotel/motel guests leave a tip for housekeeping. So it's not as if the employees are hauling in the cash! And they make wages on the low end of the scale. In your situation, perhaps 10% of your bill? Of course, with that kind of dough, you'll want to actually hand it to the person rather than just leave it on the night stand.
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I stay @ a place where they clean once a week. I leave $20 each week for the Housekeeper.
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7 days @ $2 = $14 per week, 7 @ $5 = $35. You decide where you feel comfortable in that range and how spotlessly clean the cleaning staff left your room(s).

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Methinks you have never had to try to support a family on minimum wage...

I have said it before but I will say it again... housekeepers are some of the hardest working yet lowest paid employees in a hotel.

I think $10-20 per week is appropriate depending on the level of the hotel. I would tip more in a higher end hotel simply because I would have a higher expectation.

It would also depend on the amenities in the room. Does housekeeping have to clean a coffee maker, dishes etc.

Oh yes, and of course, how messy I am. The bigger the mess I have made, the more I tip. (Guilt? probably... I do know what cleanliness is next to...)
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