Public Transit in Toronto

Jul 3rd, 1999, 06:33 PM
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Public Transit in Toronto

Thanks to those of you who have responded to my last request, and feel free to keep responding to it. Now I have another. People have said the public transit system in Toronto is the best way to go. Now I would like to know how to use it. We've never used anything like that before, since we're from a rural town in Missouri. We are staying at the Super 8 Motel in Sacrborough (Toronto). Where is the closest place we can catch the bus or subway and what do we do? What do you recommend? If you have trouble posting to this site, don't hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks again.
P.S.--- Any information you think I would need to know, please relay it.
Jul 3rd, 1999, 10:26 PM
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I would recommend staying right in Toronto (there are many reasonably priced places to sleep). Anyway, first you'd have to get yourselves to downtown. Then, just pick up a "Ride Guide" at any metro station. Or, the TTC has an awesome website where you can download all sorts of maps, information, etc. Or, you could pick up a Fodor's Citypack Toronto which is an awesome tour guide and comes with a superior map which includes the locations of all the hotels, the metro map, and even the bus and streetcar routes.
Jul 3rd, 1999, 10:43 PM
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Duke -

You may want to try this site:

It has info RE getting around in Toronto, what to see, where to eat, shop, etc.

There is a GO train from Scarborough to Union Station (downtown Toronto) that runs at least once an hour, for about $2.50. Takes about 15 minutes.

The above site will probably provide you with more information than you'll need.
Jul 5th, 1999, 08:45 AM
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As someone who lives in Toronto, I would stronly recommend staying down town if you only have a day and a half in the city. Scarborough can be an hour's drive in bad traffic, and it could take you almost an hour and a half by GO Train, streetcar and subway to get from Scarborough to the downtown core. There are a number of reasonable hotels downtown, or even slightly north of the city in North York that are right on the subway line. The sites you've mentioned really wanting to see (CN Tower) are right on the lake right downtown. Reconsider where you are staying - if you have only a day or two, you don't want to live on public transit getting to and fro.
Jul 5th, 1999, 12:11 PM
Brian Kilgore
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Duke, change hotels. You do not want to stay in that neighborhood, because it is not a tourist-positive experience, and becuse it is too far away from anywhere you want to be. If you have a Toronto map, look for Markham Road in the far east of the city. That's the cross street.
Try to get a Choice Hotels directory, to find hotles closer to downtown. But move, for sure. It's clear the wrong side of Toronto if you are driving into Toronto from Detroit or Buffalo, too.
Nor, for the transit system. It's an exact fare or tickets or tockens system, so you'll need $2 Canadian per person for your first ride on a streetcar or bbus. There are ticket takers in subway stations who sell tickets and tokens, if your first ride starts at a subway station. I'm not even going to tell you how to get from the Super 8 to downtown, because you are going to move, right?
So, once you find a bus route or streetcar route or subway route, give the driver or a clerk in a kiosk (subway) $2 and get a transfer, either from the driver or from a red machine just inside the gates. Tell the driver where you are going, and you'll get advice on the best route. Once you get to a subway station, pick up a free TTC ride guide booklet. There's also a TTC map inside the 2-inch thick Toronto Yellow Pages telephone directory. When you get to a cross-route where you want to change buses or streetcars, just show your transfer to the driver, and you7'll get on free. No stopovers are permitted, so if you visit the CN Tower for an hour, you'll need to pay another fare to get back on the subway.
Incidentally, skip the Days Inn on Queen Street West near Coxwell, too. Stay in the central part of the city, south of Eglinton, east of Bathurst, west of the Don Valley.
Jul 5th, 1999, 07:31 PM
Brian Kilgore
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Correction; the Days Inn I suggestyou skip is on Queen Street East, not west.
Jul 27th, 1999, 05:37 AM
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If you are intent on stayind in Scarberia, it is in fact not so hard to get to the city centre. Scarborogh has an elevated subway train system, which connects to the Toronto Subway at Kennedy Station in the city's east end. From Here it is about a 35 min. ride to trendy Yorkville, but you need to change trains to go downtown. Have fun!!
Aug 3rd, 1999, 12:23 PM
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Try the Sheraton downtown, it is super nice and quite inexpensive especially for the location. Once there you'll hardly need any transportation. I was there in April and only needed one cab, walking is very safe and there aren't many places too far to walk.

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