Passport Needed??

Old Jul 15th, 2002, 07:04 AM
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Passport Needed??

I've been to Canada before, entering the country with a US Drivers license. Since they've hightened security at the US/Canadian border, will I have trouble crossing without a US passport? Any advise from recent travellers?
Thanks very much for your help!
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Passport or birth certificate or citizenship card. Driver's license won't cut it anymore.
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The problem is not as much crossing into Canada, as it is getting back into the US!

If you have a passport, take it.

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My husband and I drove to Quebec last October and all we needed to show then was our driver's licenses but we just returned from Canada this past Saturday and we needed our driver's license AND birth certificates or passports or citzenship card(if you do not have a passport, you don't need to rush and get one issued, but they now want "2" forms of ID, even though your birth certificate does not have a photo, it'll suffice). I had my Green Card and that w/my driver's license was sufficient (didn't even need to show my birth certificate).
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The key here is that to get back into the US they want something to either prove you are a citizen (that is why birth certificate or passport work) or prove that you are able to legally enter/live in/visit US - which may vary depending on your country of citizenship if it is not US. So it is not just the ID thing - the US immigration people at the border want to make sure it is legal for you to be here.
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Bob Brown
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I just flew home from a trip to Alberta. We flew in and out of Calgary from Atlanta via Minneapolis. While there, I drove a rented car over the border 6 times, making 3 crossings each way.

There seem to be two sets of procedures:
one for people arriving by air and those asrriving by car.

I took my passport, which made life simpler.

At the airport in Calgary, I simply showed my passport and went on my way.
I am not sure what would have happened had I not had it. I didn't ask.

Coming back home, going through US immigration at the Calgary airport was easy with my passport.
The officer scanned it like I was returning from Europe.
(US officials check you through in Calgary before you leave if you are flying to a destination in the US.)

I asked the US official what I would have needed had I not had my passport. He said a photo ID and a birth certificate.

Also, IF YOU ARE A SINGLE PARENT, you need a release from the other parent.
I saw one young man turned back because his mother had no statement from the father.

At the highway crossings when entering the USA, a birth certificate and a photo ID, for adults were asked for. In years past, I never had to show anything. The situation is now different. I simply showed my passport and went on my way.

Coming into Canada via highway, I was questioned in the usual way. Where was I going? For how long? Why? Did I have any liquor, firearms, tobacco, or fruit?
I had none, answered truthfully and directly, and was quickly sent on my way.
I might add, that you make a better impression on the officials if you take off your sun glasses and look at them while you respond to their questions.

My conclusion was that you can make life simpler for yourself if you have your passport. I know that technically one is not required, but I went back and forth several times by car, showed my passport each time I entered the USA, and had a hassle free time of it.

Most of the airline passengers ahead of me had their passports and went on through.
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