Accomodation near McGill

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Accomodation near McGill

Hey all, and Vttraveler in particular. Quote below our discussion on an earlier post re: my son moving out of Molson Hall in April, and needing to find a place to stay from the next acedamic year, beginning end-August 2008:

"Author: Vttraveler
Date: 12/02/2007, 01:28 pm
Since my son is a senior he knows a lot of people who will be giving up apartments after graduation, so maybe we could coordinate information early next (calendar) year.

The most traditional "moving day" in Montreal is July 1st but apartments come up at other times, too. Lots of students with leases running through the summer try to sublet apartments during the summer.


Author: Rambo
Date: 12/03/2007, 12:54 am
Thanks, Vt.
Housing: appreciate whatever help we can get. Once exams are over end-April '08, he'll fly back home for the long summer break. Plan was for him to go back end-August, just in time for classes beginning the day after Labor Day. Maybe we talk in January, and if necessary, change the plan if he needs to be back in Montreal a little before that? Thanks."

Would appreciate whatever help your son can give us. You could either post the info here, or you could email it to me at [email protected], or my son could call your son, or I could give you my son's number. Thanks very much.
Any other kind person out there, appreciate your help as well.

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Rambo--I am assuming it will be fine with my son if I give you/your son his number to see what apartments he might know about. I will check with him and get back to you.
Do you know what size apt your son will be looking for?
My experience freshman year was I was much more worried about this housing process much earlier than my son was. Furnishing the apartment is of course another issue -- lots of students who are leaving sell at least some of their furniture to the incoming tenant and the IKEA furniture store in Montreal has lots of great inexpensive options.
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Hi Rambo,

I'm a fellow McGill student, and I found myself a 1 1/2 studio in Montreal West for 325$ incl heat and elec.

The Mcgill classifieds is a great place to start looking since many students are looking for roomates, looking to sublet, transfer their lease etc etc. You simply log onto and look in the classifieds. If you can't see the link just type classifieds in the search box. Also, many students sell furniture on the website as well so he might be able to pick up some decent pieces for reasonable prices.

I always check the (or he can simply purchase a paper, Saturday is the best day) as well as the journal de montreal's website which is

I hope that helps him a bit in his search, I know how hard it can be for a student to find clean, affordable housing for a decent price. Montreal is an expensive city.

If he's interested in NDG, Montreal West, Cote St Luc, or Hampstead which take about 15-30mins to get to campus using bus and metro he can probably find something cheaper, or at least bigger for the price he's willing to pay because the ghetto is not cheap. I would suggest that, but some students prefer the convenience of living in the ghetto.

If you have any other questions don't be shy!

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My son also said the classifieds Layla describes are the best source of apartment info.
He lived in Outremont, north of the McGill ghetto area on the other side of Mt Royal, his second year. The rents were better in this neighborhood and he liked that part of the city (French speaking base with an interesting ethnic mix including a very large Hasidic Jewish community). He also thought it was interesting to be in an area that was not completely dominated by students. He had a monthly bus pass for transportation to and from the campus
Then he moved down to the ghetto area for the last two years. The advantages of that in terms of commuting time are obvious, and more of his friends live in that area. Last summer he worked at the McGill Athletic complex so the apartment was convenient for his job.
He is now in a two bedroom apartment on Aylmer, right near McGill. The lease is up may 1st so I don't think it would work for your son unless he is willing to pay rent over the summer or try to sublet (another feature of the whole student apartment scene).
My son can call your son if you give me the contact information. I don't think he has too much to offer other than more detailed info about his own apartment and the suggestions that Layla has provided.
I told him to try to think of other apartments he knows that will be available, but many of his friends seem to be undecided about exactly what they are doing at the end of the year/over the summer.
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Thanks a million, Vt and Layla.
For the first year off-campus, the apartment would have to be walking distance from McGill. Two co-students and himself are now looking for a 3 bedroom to share. If that doesn't work out, then I guess a 2 B/R would have to do for two of them, as I believe 3 B/R is not that easy to come by.
Yes, the ghetto is expensive, so they're looking for alternatives.
I remember Aylmer from when I was there last August. That's really convenient.
I've passed on your generous info to my son, so let's see what he comes back with.
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