Uluru question

Nov 18th, 2005, 10:25 AM
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Uluru question

Is 24 hours enough time to see Ayers Rock, staying one night? If we rent a car and set up tours in advance, can we pack enough in to justify the $336 (US) roundtrip airfare from Sydney + car + hotel? The flight from Sydney is 9:45 am-12:40 and returns 1:25 pm-4:55 pm. We should be able to select a night tour and well as sunrise--anything else? The Sounds of Silence dinner sounds rather controversial. What about the Camel to breakfast tour? What should the weather be like in mid November?
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Nov 18th, 2005, 04:41 PM
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Hi Richard,
Yes, I would think so. We arrived in the evening, went to Uluru just before first light the next morning. Walked around it watching as the sun struck its various faces. Truly a mystical experience. 2-3 hours to really absorb everything. It's about 10km around. Then over to the Olgas (Kata Juta ?) and walked through there for a couple of hours.

There is a cultural centre just near the resorts which is very well worth a visit, and I wish we'd gone there first, as it would have given us some insights into some places we later visited. I would allow an hour or so there to see everything.

Didn't do the "Sounds of Silence" dinner - we camped (permanent tents) and had our own Was fantastic.

You don't say when you're planning to go, but do be aware that it can be very cold early mornings/nights, even in summer. And VERY hot in summer. If you are planning to climb Uluru (and the Aboriginal owners prefer that people don't), you need to know that the climbing tracks are closed if it is too hot/cold/windy/wet. The day we were there (early April 05), it was closed until about 9.30 am due to high winds. Make sure you take some insect repellent for the flies (Rid or Bushmills is good - they all love Aeroguard ) a hat, sunglasses & plenty of water.

The colours out there are incredible; not just on Uluru itself, but in the general landscape, too. As for the sunrises & sunsets ..........
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Nov 18th, 2005, 07:12 PM
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If you do a Search at the top of the page you will find lots of information from people who have been to Uluru and the various tours they did etc.
We were there last year, but in August, so not nearly as hot as it will be with you - we were part of a tour so were there for the Sunrise and then Sounds of Silence Dinner the night before
We stayed at Sails - which was very nice, but there are several other cheaper options.
We loved the Dinner - it is just one of those special and unique experiences which we found most interesting and very enjoyable.
Even though it will be extremely hot with lots of flies when you are there I think it would be fine - and with any luck you won't have anything like the crowds that we had.
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Nov 21st, 2005, 09:45 PM
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I'd say for non-Australians the Sounds of Silence dinner is great.

Youn get to eat all sorts of native critters (that may eat you if you gave them a chance), and watch the Rock as the sun sets. We enjoyed it - but the food wasn't so much of a revelation - I've eaten most of those things.

Interesting talk by an astrologer. If you can afford it - do it. Otherwise, join the hordes and watch the sun setting on the Rock from some designated places.

If you collect your car at the airport and hed straight for the Visitors Centre near the Rock you can find out what there is to see, adn perhaps join the 2pm tour. After that tour, head back and check in to your hotel - nip over/round to the supermarket at the resort and get some food, and head out again. Bring with you some insect repellant - or the flies will carry you off - and they still may! Think about those fly-hats with the netting, too.

In teh morning, up for the sunrise, and then, either more around the Rock or out to the Olgas - you'll only have time for a quick look about - it's a good hour or more's drive from the Rock. It may be too hot to walk there, also.

DON'T FORGET PLENTY OF WATER. You'll see signs everywhere warning you about dehydration. Don't ignore them. This is unforgiving country.

Have a great time!
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Nov 22nd, 2005, 06:32 PM
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We were there some years ago in March.Despite the heat and the absolutely horrendous flies (!!)it is a holiday I will remember for ever. As mentioned above do NOT ignore the advice to ALWAYS carry a good supply of water.Enjoy a special part of the world.
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