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Trip Report - Part 1 Sydney

Old Jul 16th, 2003, 04:30 PM
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Trip Report - Part 1 Sydney

Hi all --- This first of three parts trip report is being done since my entire trip (our honeymoon) was planned with the help of this board and alot of research. This trip was from June 1st - June 20th. We technically arrived in Syd. on June 4th though cause of the Int'l Date Line.

Travel Agent: I used Swain Australia ( Far & Wide ) to book many parts of the trip and found them to be most excellent. I did not however look to them for information about tours/hotels etc. Thats where this site was the most valuable. So here it goes. . .my experience shared so that it might help others!

Our Flight: We left Philadelphia in the morning to take a flight to LA. We would leave LA at 10:30 pm ( a LONG day ) to make our journey to Australia direct to Sydney. Our flight was really not half as bad as we thought it would be. We had talked with our doctor and gotten a couple of Ambien pills to make it easier and that was helpful. Quantas takes great care of their passengers and are very accomodating. There are tvs in the backs of all seats with personal controls. We stayed up 1/2 of the flight - fighting going to sleep despite how late it was for us already. We watched movies and found the amount of space in economy seats was not that bad to pay the money for upgrades. After many movies and games later, we decided to pop the Ambien at about 7 hours into the flight so we could get 7 - 8 hours of sleep. I highly recommend this as everyone gets antsy the last three hours where as we were "zonked" out and with eye patches that Quantas gives you were able to sleep undisturbed by noise/light etc.

Flight Tips -- while you are not sleeping do the inflight exercises and make sure you get up and move around and walk to the back of the plane, get water etc. This will help with circulation and prevent "kankles" as we call it -- where your ankles blow up like balloons as if you were 9 months pregnant due to poor circulation.

Perks about Quantas: They feed you all flight long, good selection of movies, tv, movies, flight pattern information, constant beverages, free alcohol, goodie bag with toothbrush, socks and eye patch all complimentary. . . a great flying experience!

Okay -- so we arrive in Sydney and its of course really early two days later. We transfer to the Four Seasons and our room isn't quite ready. We grabbed food there since it would only take an hour and then put our stuff away and then decided to tackle the ferry system.

Taronga Zoo: We took the ferry to Taronga Zoo the first day since we didn't know how we would feel and walking around would be good after flying and being idle. We loved the zoo - a truly unique setting overlooking the city and our first experience seeing koalas/kangaroos. Plus you can't beat the ferry to the zoo passing the Opera House and Bridge and getting great views from the get-go.

Four Seasons: We LOVED our room -- the views were incredible, the amenities outstanding and service with concierge and all others superb -- HIGHLY recommend this hotel, especially with its central location in the Rocks and right at Circular Quay, the transportation hub.

Weather in Sydney: As said, we were there beginning of June at it was great weather. 60s- 70s and although its their winter its VERY temperate. We got away with tshirts and jeans carrying a sweatshirts on occasion and my husband even wore shorts one day ( we are from the NE of the USA so that probably has something to do with the fact we thought it was really nice! )

Phone Card: Cheap to buy and we called home right away when we got there since it was best to call first thing in am or last thing at night.

Information Center: When we returned from the Zoo we stopped at the information center right up teh street from our hotel in the rocks. It was very valuable and we picked up lots of information to figure out the two tours we hadn't booked ( Hunter, Blue Mts - more on them later! ).

While there we saw some brochure for a Pub Tour ( 3 drinks, bars, and history of the area ) We were alittle unsure so we asked about it at the desk and asked how many folks were signed up for it, imagining it wouldn't be much fun without lots of people. We were told there were a bunch and while we asked three 20 somethings came in inquiring about it as well. We are 28 and they had just graduated so we knew they were younger but it was going to be fun -- then we found out that they were from Pennsylvania since one girl had on a college necklace and I asked her about it. Turns out that the girl lives less than 5 miles from my house!!!! I can't tell you what its like to go halfway around the world and less than 12 hours in a country finding someone who went to the same elementary school as you and knew the church you were just married in! We all immediately signed up for the tour and were excited to hang out!!!

We freshened up and then met for the tour. We were the only folks ( besides the three college students ) and some tourism specialists from Sydney. Turns out we were the first real "tourists" to take the pub tour. THey had been doing it for concierges etc to spread the word but we were the first attenders! It was a fun night and I recommend it to anyone for one of their first nights since it gives you an appreciation for the Rocks and the quaintness of that area of Sydney. It was also nice to hear about hte history of the pubs and whatnot! We had a great time and after the tour we used the coupon we got as part of the deal we grabbed a pizza at the "Australian" - one of the pubs we didn't visit but learned about on the trip. By 10:30 we were quite tired and it had been a long day so we returned to our luxurious feather bed and pillows at the hotel. This day was definitely a fun way to begin our trip!

Okay -- so this is long -- More later! I'll continue in this thread.
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DAY 2: The second day we had made arrangements to do the Bridgeclimb at noon and then had the Opera tour, dinner at Aria and a performance later that night.

We got up early and upon recommendation from the hotel went to a place called the Gumnut Tea House for a great breakfast. Its a quaint little place with outdoor and indoor seating and it suited us perfectly and we enjoyed sitting on the patio outside. I had a fruit smoothy and some toast with jam/butter. My husband had eggs, ham, toast. It was quite filling but we decided we'd do breakfast and dinner that day since both were going to be big meals.

BRIDGECLIMB: Then we walked through the Rocks and headed towards the BridgeClimb. Once there we took some time to see the pics of famous people who have done the climb. Then we went in for the presentation, got suited up with the special outfits they give you and finally got an orientation on what it would be like.

TIPS: You don't need anything and they give you a locker for any accessories like wallets etc, you can wear sunglasses but attach them with these clips they give you. No need for camaras and they take pics up at the top and along the way for you that were rather good shots! I would say don't wear jeans since that would be uncomfortable with the suit on top. Of course, you do have the option to remove your pants as I did so its not extra bulky.

I have to admit I was nervous... there's 1439 steps through the climb adn its about 3.5 hours you should alot from the time you get there till you are done ( incl. orientation and the climb itself ). Overall an awesome experience. Going into it I wasn't sure -- I have a fear of falling and was uneasy about being able to "see down" through the open grated stairs/catwalks for the beginning portion of the trek. As soon as we got up the steps it was great -- not scary at all - closed walkway up the arch and there was quite a breeze that day which made it extra thrilling.

I ended up liking the timeslot we choose compared to the recommended twilight time slot where you go up in light and down in dark. I think the day time pictures on the bridge with views of the Opera House are much better and was glad when someone told me that tip.

OPERA HOUSE: We returned to our rooms after the climb to relax and shower and get ready for our night out. We were dressed in a suit and a nice black dress and were "overdressed" by what was required for the performance. We felt overdressed walking around since Sydney is a pretty casual city. We met for the tour and that was interesting. The package we booked is called Starry Nights through the website and it included the tour, dinner at Bennelong or Aria followed by a performance. The information can be found on the website: under performances/tourism.

The tour was excellent and we enjoyed it. Dinner at Aria was good... It was a 3 course price- We started with a complimentary salmon tempura sushi roll of a sorts. It had cavier or bright orange something as a garnish that looked like fish eggs (excuse my lack of sophistication ) which I did not care for. Then, he had the soup which he enjoyed, and I had the raw tuna that was covered with the little fish again! Yuck. The tuna was good but at this time, after not having lunch I could have used more substance especially since we had split a bottle of wine with dinner.

The wine messed with us though and we were very sleepy during the play we saw which was called Birthrights. We enjoyed it and it was an excellent play but a bit slow moving so it was hard with how tired we were.

This morning we got up and grabbed starbucks for a quick breakfast and coffee and jumped on the Bondi Explorer. This was great!

WATSONS BAY: We took it to Watson's Bay and Gap Park and did the cliff walk around the point where ships enter the Sydney Harbor. The views were spectacular and we enjoyed the walk. The tip we got about this was to get off at the stop after Watson's Bay and walk back then get back on the bus --- GREAT TIP!

We did not get off the bus on any of the earlier stops but I have heard that Double Bay is a great place for shopping and there is a nice restaurant or two around Rose Bay and Double Bay so it might have been worth the stop if we had had time.

If I were to do this again I would plan to grab a very mimimal breakfast and then do lunch at Doyles on the waterfront at Watson's Bay -- and call ahead to reserve a table -- would make for a nice stop during this day of exploring.

Catching the bus . . now this takes some getting use to but my recommendation is to peek out at the sign with the pick-up time at Watson's Bay when you stop there so you know when you want to get to the bus stop by after your walk. We thought it would have been at :15 and :45 after the hour like before but at this stop it was :08 and :38 and we ended up missing one and then being early for another one! This was only a problem cause we had a full day on our hands and needed to maximize time.

BONDI BEACH: Our next stop was to be Bondi Beach but since it was not necessarily beach weather to lay out and sunbathe we got the tip to get off at Coogee Beach ( two stops after Bondi ) and walk back to Bondi along this scenic paved walkway. If you aren't into the longer walk then at least get off Bronte beach and walk back from there. It was nice and in lieu of getting to actually spend time on the beach we enjoyed this.

Just in the nick of time we jumped on the 2:56 Bondi explorer which got us back to Circular Quay around 3:30 or so. Again we needed to shower again and get ready for going out to dinner this night at Level 41.

We met friends of friends at the Summit Restaurant -- its a revolving restaurant with a bar too called Orbit. We got two glasses of wine and spent an hour or two talking with them before heading off to our dinner reservatiosn which were 7:30 I believe.

Level 41: As my husband and I agreed, this dining experience goes down as one of our top ten experiences on all vacations we've ever taken! Never before has a dining experience qualified nor ranked up with swimming with dolphins, shark dives, jet boating in class 4 rapids etc. . . this was just the best night hands down.

We LOVED LOVED LOVED everything about Level 41, which by the way is on the 42nd floor - don't ask me -- no clue why?

We continued with our wine consumption and ordered up a bottle of Shiraz this time acknowledging we practically had already split a bottle with two glasses each but it was going to be a "two bottle" night!! Here we had the most amazing meal !!! We opted for a three course meal as opposed to a six couse meal. This was funny cause when all was said and done we selected three things but got "six" courses so I don't know what happened?

They served us two Oysters and two small goat cheese tarts that were absolutely incredible. My meal choices were a Prawn/Pasta "entree" ( code word for appetizer ), followed by the Lamb with crisp fried asparagus and port. mushroom puree and spinach as my "main" - it was the most incredible meal ever!! Then I finished with white chocolate moose with rasp. sauce. My husband had the kingfish, beef filet and then the pecan pudding bread with vanilla ice cream and enjoyed ALL three courses very much as well ( something that doesn't happen too often! ) After the entree, my husband went to the restroom and almost died when he came back telling me about the view from the urinal ( remember the wine! ) well anyway the views are not only fabulous from the table but apparently the men's room is pretty amazing as well. When he returns I went to check out the ladies room and all we got was to wash our hands with a view but it was still VERY nice! Now I said we got six courses. I came backfrom the restroom and meanwhile another course came out. We looked at each other shockingly but enjoyed the asparagus soup they served to us very much. Then finally, before dessert, when we were soo full that we couldn't possibly of fit another "in between" course again - they served us a chilled apple flavored gelatin with strawberry sauce on top. The end of the meal was probably our most favorite part though. They found out we were on our honeymoon and had the word CONGRATULATIONS written in chocolate on our plates !! It was an awesome end of an incredible evening -- and after all the wine -- we took a taxi home despite only being about 10 blocks or so from the hotel!

Okay -- More later!

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Wonderful report Dawn, am looking forward to hearing more and many thanks for doing it.
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Hi Dawn,
I remember you were checking out the best way to use the exchange rates, what did you decide ?
Was Credit card best or TC.
By the way, your trip report is great and so easy to read, I look forward to the rest.

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Thanks, Dawn, for a great trip report. I'm looking forward to the rest.

Questions regarding Four Seasons: What category of room did you have? Were they nice about letting you check in "early" on your arriving day, since most flights arrive in the morning?
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Follow-up to Questions above:

1. We decided we'd have some money and I think our money we exchanged here in the US ended up being the best rate we got the entire trip. We had some cash on hand at all times for small things but mostly charged everything to the CC.

2. I believe our category of room was Deluxe Harbor View. It was awesome and worth it despite not "being in the room all the time" theory -- when I was in there I LOVED looking out and did every morning and night!!! As for the early check-in - yes very accomodating, we only waited about an hour and half for our room,during which time we ate breakfast.

Glad you all are enjoying it. . . its fun to do !
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Hi dawn, Glad you had a great time. I actually made sure the mens room at level 41 was empty and told my wife she had to go in there. I have never enjoyed using a urinal as much as I did at that restaurant. I could have stood there all day(for those of you who have never been there you think I am crazy but I am not). In answer to your question about level 41 being on the 42nd floor the answer is that it used to be on the 41st floor a few years back and some company wanted the space on the 41st floor so they moved upstairs one level but decided not to change the name. Too bad you didn't eat at Doyles. That was an experience. In repsonse to your hotel room not being ready when you got there our travel agent decided that it would be good to book the room for the night before we got there even though we had to pay the extra one hundred dollars for the extra night it was worth it to have the room ready so we could shower and freshen up before we headed out. You lucked out with the weather. For two of the four days we were in sydney it rained. The first day it poured but it still didn't spoil our time. I can't wait to here the rest of your story. The worst part of the whole trip for me was adjusting to the time change on the way back. No problem there but on the way back I think it took both of us about one week to get use to the east coast time change. Lets here more. Bruce
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Thanks for taking thetime to post.

I never know what to recommend when people ask me for advice, so your comments are appreciated.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. When is your return?
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OKay -- resuming where we left off.

A bit tipsy after two bottles and we were signed up for the Hunter Valley wine tour the next day -- GOOD TIMING!haha.

HUNTER VALLEY TOUR: So we got up bright and early for our 7:40 departure with Red Carpet ( One thing I should note is that when one tour company doesn't fill their slots they call each other and consolidate and pay each other back etc. The only reason I know this is we had people through three different tour package groups all together on one trip with us. It was still a small amount of people - like 12 - which I liked and one of the main reasons we went with this company. This trip was very cool too because of our first stop.

We began the trip with a stop at the Calga Wildlife Sanctuary. Here we met "Rodney" the domesticated kangaroo. He actually comes into the main house/store front and likes to be fed by hand by the owners and guests. So Mark and I were extremely excited as we hadn't really interacted with the kangaroos ( whereas some other people on the tour had seen them a number of times before already on their vacation ) Anyway, we LOVED it there. Wild kangaroos and emu and being sooo close up with them. The emu's followed us around and were much bigger than I thought they would be.

Our next stop on the trip was the "Convict Trail". This is where the section of road was all built up by hand by the convicts. Just as I wrote up in my own journal, it was a pretty cool peice of history but rather boring considering we were here to drink wine!

The next stop was Dr. Judd's Jungle Juice where we got literally a half of a shot of "famous" - read touristy - jucie which was basically like a sweet after dinner port wine. Nothing special and I would certainly like to have had another winery stop in lieu of this.

All this said, we enjoyed this tour VERY much mostly in part because of the tour guide who was EXCELLENT!!!! Now on to the highlight of the day and the reason we signed up for this tour -- the wineries! We stopped at three, McWilliams one of the largest family run wines. Tasted like 20 wines and had a great spread after the tasting for lunch, along with another 4 wines to sample. The lunch has mussels, antipasta, kangaroo, emu, french fries( to appease americans supposedly! ) smoked salmon and breads etc. It was good! We bought wines here and my tip for those thinking about buying wine and bringing it home. . . carefully evaluate shipping prices or just ordering it from home over the internet -- I believe the price differences are negligible.

The next stop, Allenmere/First Creek. Brief stop on the tour with only 6 - 7 wines. Not too exciting here.

Final stop, Peppar House. GREAT place! Did a mini tour of the facility and talked about storing and other factors that influence tastes of wine like oak barrels etc. The tasting here was more like the first one. About 10 - 15 wines and all wonderful!

I had definitely had my fill of wine by the end although I never really got silly. We stopped at a chocolate factory on the way home -- again another stop that if you ask me I would have rather just to another winery!

overall we got home that night and just had a quicker bite to eat in the Rocks at an Italian place. Afterwards we tried to relax at the hotel's hottub but found they kept it entirely too cool for our liking -- so we bagged it and called it a night!

TIPS: If you go with this group go towards the beginning of your trip when you aren't sick of the kangaroos -- you'll love that experience. Know that all the tour companies seem to throw bogus stops into the wine tour day to break up the trek out there. Also, keep in mind that the concierge will know the best tour companies and at the 4 Seasons they gave recommendations without bias for kickbacks -- travel agents do not do this and will persuade you to just book through a massive large bus group tour. The key to a more enjoyable trip is smaller numbers on the tours if you do use a guided group.

Recommendations: If I were to plan my trip again I would have liked to plan two nights in the Hunter Valley. I woudl have liked to stay at a B&B and done a horse/carriage ride or balloon ride and enjoyed my time there more leisurely. Just a thought if you enjoy wine like my husband and I do!

More to come --- Next up Manly, Darling Harbor and Nicks Seafood!!!
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Okay - so the next daywe figured we wanted to hit most of the places in and around Sydney that we hadn't seen yet.

SPIT TO MANLY WALK: We mapped out a perfect day with the help of the concierge. I highly recommend the walk from "The Spit" (a bridge ) to Manly ( a beach suburb).

It was absolutely beautiful and scenic and for those that like a bit of a hike with your walk it was surely that! We basically started the day with a cab ride to the Spit. Now, this was insanely difficult for the cab driver to understand. If you do this make sure you tell the driver to drop you off right BEFORE the bridge. There is no where after the bridge easy for a drop off point. Anyway, we experienced the most amazing cliff views and just had a great time walking and talking. This walk definitely takes a while so get a start around 9 so that when you get to Manly you can stop by one of the cafes and grab lunch while peoplewatching the folks on Manly beach. The walk is best (in my opinion) done from the spit to Manly although some do it in the opposite way. I found it easier to have the cab drop us off then walk towards a great location where there is tons to do once we get there. We had a nice lunch at a place called R&R (Burgers Ribs etc.). After lunch we took the ferry home which was nice and relaxing after having walked all morning. We got a nice window seat at the restaurant and if you beat the lunch rush it is definitely worth it to get an outside or window/street side table whereever you go. There is another walk you can do that is significantly shorter to Shelley Beach once you are at Manly. The best part of our visit to Manly and the trek there was the ability to feel like you were miles and miles away from a "big" city like Sydney.

We opted for the jetcat home ( quicker, slightly more $ ferry ) but again we weren't intersted in the views although they are quite nice - we were tired!

DARLING HARBOR: After stopping back at the hotel to relax a bit we headed out to Darling Harbor. For those of you that are from the East Coast of the US its VERY much like Baltimore. . . tons of restaurants, an IMAX, aquarium etc. We really liked it there and its a nice place to go hang out during an evening.

Early in the am when we were discussing our day with the concierge we had him make reservations for 7pm at Nick's. We used 4 Seasons connections to get ourselves a good table as that evening at 7:30 there would be fireworks on the Harbor!! We were excited! So when we got to the Harbor our first goal was to see the Aquarium. . .a very cool spot esp. with the shark tank and GBR displays that they have there! This took about 2 hours (max) and then we just walked around the Harbor and grabbed a drink at a place called Homebar. This place was very much of a local spot as we felt "out of place". But we had our drink and then walked around a bit more and then finally went to Nick's to get seated. Just as we requested we had a front row seat for the firework display that evening and were very please with how everything worked out. Nick's Seafood was excellent and I highly recommend it!We both had fish, of course, myself the John Dory and my hsuband the Barramundi - both were excellent. We started with the calamari and that too was fabulous!!! After our long dinner we took in the IMAX across the way before calling it a night and walking back home. It was probably one of our favorite days since we did so many different things and saw two completely different sides to the city!

FINAL DAY: The next day was last day to really do anything as we were leaving the next morning on our flight. We had to do the Blue Mountains trip and if there is one thing I would change about my ENTIRE trip/honeymoon, it was this tour.

BLUE MTS: We went to the Blue Mts with Dal Myles ( which came recommended on this site. As indicated before, the tourguide can really make or break a trip and I think I heard our guy tell someone over the course of the day that this was his last day -- I'd like to think that was the reason but this tour was absolutely HORRIBLE. I really wish that I had taken the advice of this board ( one of the only things I didn't follow and shame on me!! ) but I should have just gone and done this trip without the tour company. It was terrible to be bound to all the stops and stuff that they encorporated into the day only to be rushed through the "good stuff". Compound this to the fact that it was Sunday night of a long weekend and if I can only explain to you the traffic we sat in on the way home you would NEVER think about doing this that way again. This board told me about the train and then getting a car or soemthing once I got to Katoomba and all I can say is DEFINITELY do this. We rushed through the best part of the trip at 3 sisters and the other walkways around this absolutely beautiful part of the country.

Before I completely make it seem like the day was a waste I shoudl start by saying that we did enjoy the stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park in the morning. However, that said, know that each wildlife/zoo place has the kangaroos and koalas and by the third or fourth time you see them the novelty has worn off and its no longer a bonus part of the trip but more a filler in the day. We must say that the tiny 10 mo old wallaby that greeted us at the enterance of Featherdale was awesome and I have pictures of us holding Pee-Wee - his name- to prove how much he made us smile! : )

Our journey continued and if you notice on the website this 4 wd trip shows pictures of creek crossings etc and they make you feel as if it will be adventurous journey -- its not. Maybe my expectations were too high but I was just thrilled when this tiny bridge crossing turned out to be the only need for a 4WD ( hear the sarcasm! ).

Anyway, I don't want to fault Dal Myles but I did want to give an accurate dipiction of my experience. One of the other reasons we wanted to go on this tour is cause we wanted to throw a boomarang. As silly as this sounds, my husband really wanted to do this and the tour guide when I asked said we might not be able to do it -- he said cause of the wind -- I was like huh??? what do you mean -- you are going to have one pretty bummed guy to deal with if you don't let him throw a boomarang sometime on this trip so if you can see that it happens I would greatly appreciate it. . . so we stopped. And it was the other highlight to the day ( besides holding pee-wee)

The journey continued through Wollemi Nat'l Park and we learned about the bush -- It was really cool to learn about the eucalyptus forest and its ability to handle fire etc. Though, when this is all we talked about for an hour plus it got old - and quick.

Sorry to be so "down" on this day but it ended up being a really big downer. We stopped for lunch at this palce called Imperial Hotel - nothing special and it was near Mt. Victoria. We napped a bunch on the bus ride in between destinations ( again due to the tourguide ) but there was some beautiful scenery at Evans lookout - our next stop. Finally we got to Katoomba and reached teh reason we were on this trip. The scenic railway and cable car Scenicscender, as they call it, were AWESOME. My only dissapointment was getting rushed through the boardwalks and paths around some of the best natural beauty just so we could get going home because there was going to be a lot of traffic.

TIP: DON"T TAKE A TOUR TO THE BLUE MTS. Look up the guy on these boards (Alan) who can tell everyone about how to do it and follow the advice. . . learn from my mistake -- you will much more enjoy time in Leura and Katoomba then the crazy loop they take you on during the tour.

Okay -- getting tired will wrap up the night later and then I will move to another post -- to describe the next leg of the trip - Port Douglas.


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Wow, Dawn, what a great report! My fiance and I are going to have a lot of overseas guests at our wedding in Sydney in October and I am sometimes lost about recommending things that are going to be really new and interesting for out-of-towners. It's great to read about your trip and hear about what you liked (and didn't! ). I'm going to point people to this board...

Did you do a tour at Taronga Zoo? And do you have any more details about the pub tour in The Rocks?

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We didn't do a tour at Taronga -- Just went around on our own for about 3.5 hrs. From say 11 something till like 3.

As far as the Pub Tour of the Rocks you pay I wanna say $30 ( I think AU? maybe US?? ) and you get a drink card for two beers and one soft drink. You go to three establishments and hear about others on the way and they take you through the ups and downs of the rocks and explain what it used to be like and how things came to be, what they have learned through excavations and of course about the pubs themselves! It was really interesting and at the end they give you a coupon for dinner or % off or free appt. or free drinks to use at one of a number of places there in the Rocks and they also gave us a keychain.

They have a website:

They had the first official tour on June 4th and I was on it! : )
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Thanks for those tips, Dawn. I'll definitely look into those pub tours!

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Dawn - thanks for all the great info. My hubby and are are celebrating our 5th anniversary there and this helps. Question about the blue mountains - I dont know the information you are speaking of regarding how to do this the right way and enjoy it - do you have any more information? Also regarding the opera house - we are going to a matinee play on a Saturday afternoon - how casual do you think is appropriate?
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Thank you for this wonderful report. My husband and I are taking our 21 year old son and 18 year old daughter in December for Christmas. We just booked the four seasons. (we have the deluxe harbor view, the kids get the city view) We are sooo excited. We will be in Sydney 4 nights and then on to Lizard island. I guess we will have to check our Level 41. You have given me the courage to do the bridge climb with them as well. many thanks!
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We're all eagerly awaiting the report on the rest of your trip!
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OKay --- I got sidetracked for the past week --- I promise another installment covering Port Douglas.

Later tonight I promise!

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Continuing my trip report on a separate Post entitled Trip Report - Part 2 Port Douglas . . . Dated 7/30
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Pub Tour Information in here! Just did this to bring the report back into the top 50 for starfish1

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