Sydney Hotels-Circular Quay

Jan 24th, 2003, 08:25 AM
bill simpson
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I should have said, turn left at the top of the hill.
Jan 25th, 2003, 03:48 PM
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I checked thr Russel and it doesnt have a lift (which I prefer)..the rooms at rhe Holiday Inn Old Sydney (for the days I wil be there) are almost the sameas the Quay West Suites. Is it conveniently located and one has a suite over a room and the rates include breakfast. I am trying to contact the hotel directly so I can leave a deposit rather than paying totally in advance (norefundable) my dad is very ill and I want to be able to reschedule if I have to without losing my money....Thnaks to all. Johanna
Jan 26th, 2003, 08:54 AM
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Just returned from my trip yesterday. Have absolutely NO regrets about my decision on locations, and this is what I did regarding hotels in Sydney. I should add that I had two stays there, at the beginning and end of my NZ trip, for a total of 11 days.

The first week, I stayed in the Marriott across from Hyde Park. From this location, we did a lot of walking, but for us, each walk was an adventure and new experience. Since we were there during New Year's, it was a 'happening spot' with something going on in Hyde Park from morning till wee hours into the night. If I were choosing just one location though, it would be the Renaissance. To me, this was the best location in the whole city. It is one block from Circular Quay, and right between east and west quays, thus making it easy to head to the Rocks area or the Opera House from it. Although some people advised staying at one side or the other, I was really happy with our choice to stay in the middle, though I didn't know just how convenient a location it was till we arrived. IT's great to be so close to the ferries. What a great way to see all the areas surrounding Sydney...
Jan 26th, 2003, 05:11 PM
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Hi, We stayed at the Four Seasons (formerly The Regent). Pricewise, compared to the Park Hyatt, it was a bargain and service-wise, it couldn't be beat. Had an upgraded room with corner views of opera, bridge, etc. Concierege service (which I utilized from the States) was personal and extremely helpful securing hard-to-get reservations at restaurants (my New York is showing). Need more info, feel free to email.
Jan 26th, 2003, 09:47 PM
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Lois, did you stay at the Renaissance for New Year's Eve, and, if so, how much did you pay for the room? Reason I ask is that there is another thread going around on this forum from a poster who wanted to see the fireworks on the Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve 2003, and she tried to book at the Hyatt, where she was offered a room for nearly $AUD900 for one night! I advised her to try the Renaissance, which is in a better spot to look at the bridge, and told her that I hoped their mark-up for New Year wouldn't be quite as outrageous as the Park Hyatt. You seem to be in a position to tell us exactly what this "mark-up" would be. Looking forward to hearing from you once again!
(P.S Glad your trip went well!)
Jan 26th, 2003, 09:57 PM
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Johanna, the Holiday Inn is in a better location than the Quay West (which is accessed by climbing a small but steep hill), but Holiday Inn is only about five storeys high, and thus commands few views.... Quay West, on the other hand, will let you wave to the people back home. If a view is important to you, then I guess Quay West is for you. Some dear friends of mine stayed there a few months ago (against my advice, by the way, as I thought they were paying far too much) and absolutely loved it, so I think you're in safe hands. The Holiday Inn OUGHT to be cheaper.... someone wrote to this forum a few months ago noting that they's been offered a room at the Holiday Inn for $AUD195. Maybe the price is the same because the Quay West is offering you one of their rooms facing away from Sydney Harbour... check this before committing yourself.
Have a great time!

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