President Bush

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President Bush

The President of the United States has just announced that as far as the Military in the United States is concerned,the Australian Special Air Services ( SAS )are the best Soldiers and Airmen in the world.
We are also pretty good at rugby, cricket, swimming, tennis, boxing, archery, shooting,
sailing, athletics, movie making, rowing , wine making, etc etc.

All of this in less than 200 years.
This is not a brag letter, its just letting you people in the US know that not only do we welcome you with open arms, but you will be very well looked after while you are here, by people whom do really try hard at every thing they do. Oh !!!!! there is an other little Island just to our East called New some thing or other,what is it, umm New Zetland or some thing,, well any way when you do plan a few weeks in Aust , you should put away a day or so to visit that other little Island as well. That will get them out of the sheep yards !!!!!!!
Thank you Mr Bush.
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As an American who is NOT well traveled, I have been apprehensive about our upcoming trip in general. Then, when the the dreadful bombing in Bali seemed to target Australians on holiday, I had strong thoughts about cancelling the trip.Your post brought tears to my eyes because it is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you jj727.
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We loved visiting your country and truly look forward to returning late next year. Everywhere we went we were welcomed and questions were answered, directions given and always with a smile and some friendly conversation. Hubby and I have agreed that you and your countrymen are the friendliest to travelers that we have ever met.

New zealanders are a bit more like the Brits (a bit more conservative) but nice.

Your countrymen have been been there for the USA for some time and we truly do appreciate it. You may be a young country (200 years is a baby in some Europeans minds) but to most Americans you have a spectacular country with some pretty nice people.

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Coming from the deep south USA, I can say this is by far the best and nicest country on the planet to visit. I've taken my family twice and plan on going yearly upon retirement or when all kids are off to college. Anyone who is thinking of going to Oz must GO!!
Southern USA'er
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To show our appreciation to Australians for their continued support of the U.S., my wife and I cancelled a planned trip with our nephew to Europe in June and instead booked 3 weeks in Australia. We can't wait to meet the wonderful people of your beautiful country. See you in a few weeks!
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Hi y'all,

Yes, I'm from Texas, and I'm not a "dixie chick" cuz I'm damn proud the President is from Texas! Anyway, I've been to Oz once before, and it's a beauty of a country. The people are very friendly, and there's so much to see and do. I'm taking my 13-yr-old cousin with me for only 2 weeks in June for her birthday. I just want to let all the wonderful people of Australia know how much I, and many other Americans, appreciate Australia's support in this war. It's nice to know who your friends are. I remain baffled at how soon some people can forget 9-11. I never will. I look forward to being Down Under soon.
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Are you praising yourself, the yankees or just wanting to have a go at NZ?
Whichever it is sounds like you need to have a stint in the army yourself.
And we are proud of our fresh, green and clean countryside and our government's stance on nucleur weapons.
I have never seen any posts on here knocking Oz so you have a problem MATE!!
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Who is having a go at NZ? Whats the matter KathyNZ? Are you not feeling too good or something? No one has said anything against NZ that I can see. They only suggested that people remember to go there if they are coming to Australia. Some Aussies think that the war over Iraq was just and reasonable and the freeing of those people worth the effort. Others don't agree that that is the case - even 19% of those in Australia were against the war. That doesn't mean that anything said in favour of it is something inferred against NZ.
I am sure that when we make a statement it is about Australia and we leave the talking about NZ to you Kiwis.

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Kathy,I have been lucky enough to visit your beatuifull, fresh, green, clean,lush country on many occasions.

When I am there I feel as though I have not left home. The New Zealanders are very good at making guests to their country feel welcome. I assume every one else who visits New Zealand feels the same.

I know you feel more than welcome when you visit our country, because many of you keep on coming back year after year.

There is not a lot of difference between you and us, we speak the same language, we eat the same food, we have the same clothes, we play the same games, we watch the same shows on TV,we drive the same cars and use the same tooth paste, we have the same moral values, and we all enjoy a high standard of living.

Very soon we will have the same National Air Line. Will they call it Air New zealand, will they call it QANTAS or perhaps NEWQANTLAND, who knows and who cares.

One thing is for certain, it will be up there with the most efficient, successfull, hospitable and well organised airlines on the planet.

No visit to Australiasia would be complete with out a visit to New Zealand.

One reason the Australians are so good at sport is they are constantly being pushed to the limit by that other great nation down under.

What would rugby be with out the all blacks, or rugby league with out the Warriors. How many Melbourne Cups have the kiwis won. What about the Americas cup.It left NZ and went to Switzerland, but it was a Kiwi that did it for them.

I really dont think any one gives a monkeys about the fact that you do not want Nuclear subs docking in your harbours. Although I heard a story about the lights going out one night in Auckland after an accident with some earth moving equipment digging up major power lines.

The story goes, a couple of days later the Yanks turned up in some big nucleur battle ship and just plugged Aukland into it to provide the city with power untill the Kiwis were able to rectify the problem. Now Im not sure how much truth is in that story. Now that I think about it, I think it was an Aussie who told that to me after being beaten by the Kiwis at a game of footy. So don't feel bad it could be a lie.

Any way Kathy, Im working every day as hard as I can just to earn enough money to have an other holiday in New Zealand. The moment I disembark you can bet a Kiwi will be having a go at me because I come from the land of plenty. Ill smile and have a go right back at em. Just like we have always done and always will do.

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Oh, my! maybe a Pom shouldn't get involved in this. But I took your original post to be ironic - not often seen on Fodors. But the American respondents took it for real (God blesss 'em). Not entirely sure what u are gettting at re NZ. But maybe u are trying to say that altho you are Aussie nobody should come all this way - whether from Europe or the US and only see one of the two countries?

For what it's worth, NZ is wonderful, and not to be missed - ditto Tasmania.

And IMHO Howard is a fool - Australia means nothing to the US - he has been played like a puppet. And Blair - my best interpretion of his actions is that he thought it was better to have someone else at the table rather than nobody at all.

And while we are on the subject of Iraq - can anyone out there explain to me why the shooting dead of at least 12 people by US troops in Falluja was reported by the SMH and the Guardian - but no mention at all in the Washington Post.

I think we should be told.
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Alice 13:

The articles you're referring to were in the April 29th and May 1st editions of the Washington Post.

It's truly sad that some have to use sites such as this to blast others. There are many nice Americans - if you take the time to get to know them.

I am glad that I got to meet a lot of Australians in Sydney, Melbourne, Uluru, Port Douglas, Tasmania, and Kiwis through the south island of New Zealand. I appreciate the friendliness that was extended to us.

I do NOT appreciate people like Alice13 using sites like this to blow off on Americans. Send your letter to George, Howard or Blair!
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