Pls advise how strict Qantas is with carry-on!

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Pls advise how strict Qantas is with carry-on!

I have traveled the world with my 20" wheeled bag & tote but never flew Qantas. Was on the phone with with a very nice Qantas agent & asked about carry on. Just bought a 22"wheeled bag as we will be gone a month. [measurements include wheels & handle]. The site says 15# & she said they weigh it? Do they really??
Also she said the tote had to look like a purse. Is this the case? Said my husband could take his briefcase as his second piece though. Seems unfair. What is your experience, pls. Thx for the help!
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I think you may be pushing your luck.Australians do not travel with the tons of carry on that Americans seem to have.
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I am sorry. I did not explain myself very well. This was in no way directed to the Australians -they are some of my favorite people & Qantas has been wonderful to work with. To me, I could not understand why I could not take a tote, but my husband could take a briefcase-actually my tote is smaller. I am just trying to understand if this is the case . I apologize for any misunderstanding.
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I gave the Qantas staff a heart attack on my last trip from Paris to Singapore with my carry on luggage. My daughter between us had 2 carry on bags - 5 large plastic bags filled with stuff that I couldn't get in my bag, one back-pack with a serving bowl and lid carefully packed with clothes that we also couldn't get in the bags and one duty free bag with 4 bottles of wine.
My theory is that if your carry on bag is the right size then they don't worry too much if you have got things that look like Duty Free bags with stuff in - especially if you are returning home and you have filled the coffers of one of our shops and helped the economy along with a hefty legacy
Seriously though, the carry on bag must fit into the lockers and then they are not too strict with other things because they do expect people have bought either duty free or need extra clothes on a holiday. You won't find them as accommodating with the carry on bag as the US airlines though.
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Thank you Liz. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. It will help making the right choice. Any of you other ladies out there care to share your experiences?
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More often than not, Qantas will weigh and check the dimensions of carry-on. Even if they let you onto the plane with it, the cabin staff may not allow you to keep it on board if its too big or heavy. They are quite strict about it. You may get lucky - but I'd not be counting on it.
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In view of a suspected link between the weight of the plane and the crash at Charlotte:

I feel much better flying with an airline that strives to operate well within the capability of the plane.
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