Lone Traveler!

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Lone Traveler!

Hi everyone! My names Jess and Im 21 from the UK, Im kinda obsessed with the idea of travelling but all of my friends are tied up with other commitments so Im thinking about going on my own.

Doing a lot of research this week and looking into flying to Sydney and doing the Real Gap Sydney Intro for 8 days then going off and doing my own thing for a couple of months and perhaps if Im feeling extra brave stopping off in New Zealand or Thailand before going back home. Looking to be travelling Aus from September - December.

Id really appreciate some advice because although Im quite outgoing Im a little nervous about going on my own. Also if anyone's going to be around Aus at that time (Sept - Dec) add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ewwjess and maybe we can be travel buds.

Anyways I guess my main questions are: What was your experience like travelling alone? Was it safe? How easy was it to make friends in hostels or would it be mostly creeps and weirdos? and if you've ever taken a tour with Real Gap, would you recommend?

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We are all creepy and weird - that is what makes us normal!

Really, if you follow common sense as you would in the UK you will be fine. The hostels will be full of people from the UK!
We really aren't that different from the UK.

Thailand you will need to be more careful, but it is not as bad as it used to be.

If you have any specific questions let us know.

There is a recent post for "100 tips for backpacking in Australia" It is quite good and only $3 if you don't get it free by tomorow.
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Hi Jess. I haven't stayed in hostels but my brother did when he first went on his travelling adventures 20 years ago. He found lots of friendly people at the hostels when travelling alone and often hooked up with someone to go to the next hostel or to see something. You're on a fabulous holiday, not chained to a desk at some crappy job you hate so chatting finding like minded friendly people should be easy.

Australia in Sept to December is perfect. We're just coming in to summer.

On my first trip overseas I was nervous and a bit unsure. We all probably were. The excitement took over though when you realised that you can manage on your own, far from home.

Do it now... don't wait for your friends!!
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Hi there,I'm not your best bet for advise.I left England aged 17 & emigrated to Aussie on my own & I am now 67 & married to a kiwi I live in NZ.When I went back to the UK over the years I found the locals completely different,big travel changes you & gives you a different outlook on life.I recommend you take the plunge,you will not regret it.As for NZ you will be safer here than Aussie & I do not recommend Thailand [heard to many sorry tales about the place].As you can imagine we stay in 4 star hotels,but when we have travelled around NZ we have been near back packers & they are mostly full of fun loving young guys & girls mostly from Europe [that includes the UK] & there is rarely any problems.If you like England,you will find NZ is a pretty similar sort of country [both size wise & countryside],although the local people are mostly friendlier than what you are used to.Aussie can be a bit more intimidating,the climate is all over the place,one minute they are having bushfires the next its floods,whereas we only have the odd earthquake [but that's only a problem in the south island]Whatever you decide to do,I hope you get as much pleasure out of the experience as I did & I don't think you will want to live back in old blighty again.Happy travels.
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Don't let Arg scare you about Australia.... The climate is not all over the place!!
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Miss Green is quite correct,this past summer was up in the 40's [which believe me is pretty horrendous,having been in those temperatures in port hedland & Melbourne back in the 70's where I used to live]It has been a funny old year for weather down under,so we cannot say it will always be so bad.If you are looking just to look & see & go back to mudane UK,then it don't matter where you go,although the cost of living in Aussie is greater than NZ,but then so are the wages,but if you are not working NZ is a cheaper place to visit [& you can get part time jobs picking fruit for a month or two,but its hard yakker & low pay,but you meet heaps of other like minded travellers].Anyway if you leave old Blighty & come down this way,one thing is for pretty much certain,you will not want to live back in England.A lot depends on you of course,you have to have some skills to be wanted down under [& we don't know what you do for a living],we certainly don't want the boozy buggers we see on tv.So the ball is in your court,there is plenty to do & see in both Aussie & NZ [but remember nz is the size of the UK,whereas Aussie is bloody huge,so you can see more in NZ than Aussie in the same amount of time].You can of course always do 2 trips??Whatever you do,I am pretty sure you will not regret coming this way & don't get nervous,if you are normal & quite outgoing,you will do just fine.You make me feel quite jealous & bring back a lot of really great memories from when I left England to explore the great Australia & New Zealand..I wish you every success for the trip I am sure you will enjoy...
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hey Jess...

I know that traveling alone sometimes scary, but you should do it if your friends are unavailable to travel with you. I will go to NZ also in October with a friend, in fact, we already booked the tickets. We will stay in North Island only for 11 days. I am not sure if we would stay in a hostel or not because we are still saving up our money LOL... Both my friend and I have never done the backpacking, and we might have to do it since we heard that traveling in NZ is a bit costly.
My suggestion, if you want to travel in Asian countries, you have to be more cautious because those countries are kinda different that UK, US, or any other western countries. Thailand is kinda challenging as not much locals can communicate in English. I am from Indonesia, and i wont recommend Indonesia also for a single traveler. However, Bali is still ok. I hope you will have a safe and remarkable time during your stay both in NZ and Thailand...


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Hey Jess

This is the one and only thing that gets me down about the desire for travel - a serious lack of people to travel with. That was, until i took the plunge and went alone.

Last year I travelled to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama - all alone.


Sure, you're going to feel out of your comfort zone and I'm not the most confident person.
It does quickly become very easy as you soon find out, there are many people that are doing the same thing as you are. Instant travel buddies.

You're looking at a nice time of year to come as the months start to get warmer.
Staying in hostels, you'll meet plenty of new people and you could even look at couchsurfing or short term renting with people via - www.gumtree.com.au if you want to stay still for a month or two.

I haven't taken a tour with that group but I have gone with Intrepid. My central america trip was about 75% on a tour. You'll meet people from around the world and it makes life easier knowing that Australia speaks English! You'll be totally fine!

Hope you take the plunge Jess! I'll add you on facebook

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