Honeymoon in Tahiti

Oct 25th, 2009, 07:14 PM
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Honeymoon in Tahiti

My boyfriend and I want to honeymoon in Bora Bora once we get married, whenever that will be. I have been looking at the photos and we really want to stay in an over-water hut. It would be awesome to be able to stay in one that has a hot tub outside, but I am not sure how rare those are to come by. Also, an all inclusive one would be idea to keep the spending costs down once we are there. Do you know of any really nice places that would be good for us or any suggestions? We have never been there, but the huts look really nice and I just love how clear the water is. Are there a lot of bugs to watch out for? We would definitely want a clean hut with NO bugs inside, if that is possible. Thanks in advance!
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Oct 25th, 2009, 07:16 PM
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Oh and I would love to get married in June, is that a good time to go?
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Oct 26th, 2009, 05:36 AM
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My husband and I went in Feb. for our 25th. anniversary, staying at the Hilton Moorea for two nights in an overwater bungalow (wonderful!), then the Paul Gauguin cruise. We very much enjoyed it, would love to go again. A few tips: FP is VERY expensive. We took snacks/tuna packs and just paid for breakfast and dinner. June is a good time to go weather-wise and high season. The two web forums that have the most chatter on Tahiti are tripadvisor and Tahiti-explorer.com. These have people who have been dozens of times and even some who live there part-time. Best of luck!
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Oct 28th, 2009, 02:55 PM
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French Polynesia is a wonderful place to honeymoon and vacation. My husband and I go every year for 10 days and cannot say enough about the islands. My brother in law has gone for the past 15 years to Moorea, their favorite place.
We have traveled all over the world and have not found FP to be that expensive. Vacations no matter where you go and eat out 2-3 times a day is a bit pricey. On these islands it will depend on how you spend your money and know where to eat.
I have not found any all inclusives but some of the resorts offer a modified meal plan.We found that by packing a sm/med folding cold pack and fill it when we get there we save $$. Typcially we go to the market and purchase things for breakfast, cheeses, fruit, Hano Beer, cereal/yogurt for 3-4 days, pack them in the fridge/cooler we bring and eat on our balcony for breakfast and some lunches if we are hungry. They we just go back to the market and replenish. They have fabulous baguettes you can pick up daily.
Bora Bora-Most beautiful island-also the most expensive. Most of the resorts on the actual island are older and have been remodeled and quite nice. The Hotel Bora Bora is fabulous, they do have some overwater bungalows, but their beachfronts have private pools. On the Motu's (outer reef) just a short boat ride to the actual island is where all of the fancy resorts are popping up, those with a jacuzzi or pool overwater will run you $$$$$. The St.Regis is new as well as the Four Seasons and are definely 5 star resorts. Sofitel has two resorts on the Motu, both are quite nice and have overwater bungalows and less expensive than the others. Another beautiful resort is the Moana, with 90% of the rooms overwater.
My other favorite is the Bora Bora Nui Resort-now a Hilton property. This resort reminds you of old Tahiti, they have done a great job pulling the art and style into the bungalows. Large outdoor patio with shade cover, bedroom and living room with a huge bath/bathrooms. We stayed for 10 days and took a small boat over to the other resorts to play and into town for dinner. Movie night is under a large thatch roof with a movie screen, lounge chairs and sand floor. Quite fun. We were quite sad that Starwood sold the property.
Moorea-Beautiful island, lots to do, more populated and less expensive for your pocketbook. The only two resorts since I am prejudice after being there for the past 15 years are the Hilton Moorea (used to be a Sheraton-Starwood property)-smaller resort with great overwater bungalows and the reef is a short snorkle swim to the reef from your room. The reef is awesome and lots of fish. Water is typically very clear and not too deep. Best rooms are 87/86/85.
Sofitel is the second resort-just recently had a major remodel and they have done a spectacular job. Has a great beach, you can walk for a half hour and the reef is further out so you get more sand to play in. Overwaters are quite nice, you will need to have an overwater deluxe to go out far enough to really benefit being overwater, or you can do their beachfronts, they are worth it. Very expensive to eat at their resturants. So you would want to rent a car and drive around and eat out. There are many places to eat which are reasonalbe-under 50 without alchol and 100 with, for dinner. There is a book by Jan Prince who lives on the island and does a nice job detailing just about everything. We enjoy a funky eatery right next to Mohaganey, in the supermarket parking lot. You have to be adventerous and be willing to eat at a plastic table and watch all of the locals come and go, they either pick up their meals and take home or eat their. One of the best PoisonCru we have had "ever" and great noodle dishes.
Check out the Regents Cruise lines, they have a special going with free airfare, smaller cruise ship, 5 star all the way around and go to several islands to get your feet wet. You can book staying in Moorea before or after your trip for a few days,it is a 20 minute ferry ride from the main island of Tahiti.
If you have to stay on the main island for just a day or two, I would recommend the Hilton (used to be a Sheraton-Starwood), very nice and right next to the airport, and is reasonable. Check out the "market"-(they sell anything from fruits to art to clothing)and go downtown to where the ships are and if you are in for buying a Tahitian Pearl... you can really enjoy this area. Otherwise there is not lots to do on this island, stay only a few days.
Air Tahiti Nui-Also has great specials each month, you can go onto their website and sign up to receive their e-mails.
Where ever you go on these islands, your memories will be filled with happiness for years to come.

Our friends went with us last year, stayed on Moorea for 4 days and then boarded the Regents Cruise for 7 days, they thought they were in absolute luxury, treated with gloves, were able to see 5 islands, and they are still talking about the trip!
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Jan 11th, 2010, 09:15 PM
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Hi there, I read the response from "TahitiGirl" and I found it very detailed and helpful - I wanted to ask Tahiti Girl directly a little more about cost in Tahiti because you seem like a good source, since you've been there so many times! My fiance and I would like to have a wedding and honeymoon in the south pacific, and we'd like to be able to stay for a month. We are very extravagant people obviously, most people just take a week vacay for their honeymoon! We have done some basic research on a few of the islands down there and Tahiti just looks like it is the most stunning, the most beautiful, the most like a dream fantasy! But let's be honest here - how much would you estimate that we would spend to stay and eat for a month? We are like you, we pack lunches, bring a cooler, shop at the market, don't need to stay at 5 star hotels (except for maybe the wedding night!!), etc. I'm trying to realistically estimate how much this would cost for a month, and if it is going to be within our budget. With inter-island flights, transportation, all the other things that really add up.....I am thinking it is just not doable. We are starting to look at Fiji instead, just because we can stay for much longer, cheaper. Have you been to Fiji? How does it compare? Any advice/thoughts, Tahiti Girl? Thanks!!!!!!!
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Oct 15th, 2010, 02:44 PM
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Must have missed this and apologize, have you married yet? When is the honeymoon? If you are still planning:
You could travel the Tahitian Islands from Moorea to Huahine to Riata to Bora Bora, staying a minimum of 5 days at each island. Sofitel offers properties on all of the islands and you could get a deal with them or try staying at the Hilton on Moorea - garden bungalow - Sofitel on Bora Bora could work as well. I can recommend getting a discount at the hotels but you would need to send me your e-mail address on how to do this as it is not for everyone, but definetly for travelers.
The local grocery stores have what you need for breakfasts and we also get our sodas/wine/beer there and snack on a baguette and cheese for lunch. Moorea has this great LeTruck for dinner on a budget and their food is fantastic, you just have to get over the fact you are getting this from a truck (by the way has all facilities) and is next to Mohaganey Resturant which is also very nice.
Airfare is not terribly bad on Air Tahiti Nui or Air France, skip the others they don't fly direct from LAX.
If you watch what you spend on food and dine at a fine resturant once a week, go to Daniels for pizza on Moorea, you could easily get away with $50-75.00 a day for food. Rooms without discounts are going to range from $275.00 US to over $1000 depending on what resort, per day and airfare usually runs $1000 per person roundtrip from LAX.
Another way of visiting these islands is to take a cruise on the Paul Gauggain or the Regents. You can go for 7-14 days and they throw in the airfare and all meals are included, they both have great specials
I would figure $15k-20k for 30 days.

Figi- Yes we have been there as well, I loved the place and stayed at the Hyatt on the main island and then took a boat over to a small Motu for 7 days. Way to short of a trip since it is a day from LA and a day back-we left New Years Eve in Figi and arrived in San Diego in time to celebrate again at home-too much fun!
If you go you can definetly have fun on some of the outer islands and then spend sometime on the main island itself. If it was me, I would spend 10 days in the main island and do the hiking, forest trip and more, then jump off to a couple of islands for the remaining 20 days.

If you want more info let me know what your e-mail address is and I will reply.
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