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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black - Neil you are the most pedantic pedagogue of all time!
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You say the nicest things, Liz.

I do have some sympathy for the etymology argument - it's a good argument against wholesale spelling reform. But I think we have to balance that against changes that may be otherwise desirable and anyway are inevitable. Fighting uses like "homophobia", which is universally understood to mean fear or hatred of homosexuals is akin to Don Quixote's doomed assault on the windmills.
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Well Neil I have also been trying, for more years that I care to remember, to get my husband to put his knife and fork together at the end of the meal. My children continue to say "different to" instead of "different from" so I guess I will now call myself LizzyQuix
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Pat I had also heard the story of supposedly higher quality weed from Australia . My information came from listening in the car to ABC Radio National Talkback some months ago . Apparently what is grown here is claimed to be from old seeds from superior quality stock that was available in the 70's .

One of my nieces , who is a biologist , amongst other things tests drugs at a forensic laboratory for their purity / strength .I asked her about hydroponic versus traditionally grown marijuana and she assured me that there is no difference . What does sometimes distinguish the two types is that greedy dealers and growers of hydroponic weed are meant to spend about 2 days or so flushing the chemicals used out of the plants before harvest but they do not do so in order to save time / make money asap .The fine hairs on the leaves retain the toxic chemicals and thus a more pungent smell and sense it is stronger or makes people feel ill .

One of the callers on radio said he had regularly pooled resources with friends who travel to Bali to surf to buy weed on arrival .Purportedly Aus stuff is better and they pay more as a result . Who knows ? Who cares ? If you are stupid enough to use it and do so in a country that is very clear about what will happen to you if caught then I have no sympathy .

I still get offered drugs on the street in Bali .At least it is better than being mistaken for a dealer in Melbourne which is what has happened to me several times because I have been in a club , dressed in black and was the oldest person there and so must be a dealer !

And last maybe " Jerry Springerseque " is a better description of the Corbys .Rather evocative I think as long as you have seen the TV show .
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The odds are stacked against Schapelle Corby as even Australia's foreign minister at the time Alexander Downer told her lawyer that he thought her brothers were behind the drugs in her baggage.

I know it's like watching a car crash but it is strangely compelling stuff
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I just watched the documentary -- thanks to this thread. (It's on HBO.)

It was quite entertaining -- and I decided she was GUILTY -- and then ... INNOCENT -- and then GUILTY -- at least two or three times as the film took its twists and turns.

I sure wish I knew the truth! But I must say that Bali is looking less appealing than it was.
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