Airline Options: Australia-Bali

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Airline Options: Australia-Bali

Hi Everybody,

I am putting the final touches on a trip to New Zealand & Australia (Top End only) next year and want to build in a side trip to Bali from Darwin. Jetstar would have us return to DRW at 3:10 AM. This appears to be the only flight option. Are there any other airlines that fly from DRW-DPS-DRW at a more reasonable hour?

I know Garuda flies this route but I am very reluctant to use them because of safety issues? Your thoughts, especially Melnq8 and Melodie?

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Hi Vic,

I wouldn't fly Garuda if they were the last airline left on the planet. That's just my personal opinion for what it is worth. I have heard horror stories about that airline - the worst one that a friends son (and others on board) STOOD the whole flight! They never had a seat. Oh brother!

But I went to and only Jetstar and Valuair came up as options for a DRW-DPS-DRW flight but Valuair seems to be Jetstar under another name.

I flew Jetstar earlier this year to Singapore and back and the return had us arriving in Darwin at an equally ungodly hour. Not sure why but I think they are your only options.
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Hi Vic -

I'm not sure which airlines fly your route, but I can certainly give you my two cents about Garuda, as we flew them on a pretty regular basis during the four years we lived in Indonesia.

They were the best option we had, and the only airline approved by our company.

I was always nervous flying Garuda...once I couldn't locate the life vest under my seat as it wasn't there! And we had more than a few dicey landings on a too short runway... I almost kissed the ground upon arrival in Singapore after our last flight with them - relief at knowing I'd never have to board another Garuda flight.

Most of our flights on Garuda were international, between Pekanbaru and Singapore, and all of 45 minutes long.

I had to fly Garuda domestically to/from Jakarta and on to Pekanbaru several times however, and the domestic portion always made me cringe.

Following the Garuda crash a few years back, an Australian pilot was interviewed on Australian television and he said that he had no reservations about flying Garuda internationally as they use their best trained pilots, but domestically was a different issue.

That said, given the choice between Garuda and Jetstar, I'd personally fly Jetstar, regardless of the arrival time.

By the way, I always found it interesting that Garuda flights arriving from Indonesia deplaned at the far end of Changi Airport in no mans land, and all passengers were funneled through security upon entering the airport. It wasn't uncommon for the metal detectors in Indonesia to be broken.
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I fly in & out of Bali a bit and use Virgin or Garuda. Never had a problem with either. I'd be a bit suspicious of claims of people not having a seat, to be frank. It would be in clear contravention of aviation laws and would negate the airline's liability insurance in the event of accident or damage, for starters.

I don't fly Jetstar at all. And was pleased about this in February when three friends who were in Bali at the same time as me had their return flight to Sydney re-routed through Perth without any prior notice.

No doubt Garuda have had some issues but in 10+ years, I've not encountered any.
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Hi B, I agree that passengers with no seats does sound extraordinary but it was on an internal domestic Garuda flight that it happened and honestly I have no reason to doubt the source of the information. Incredible isn't it?

I only flew Jetstar because it was the cheapest alternative at the time and so I had no expectations but was pleasantly surprised at the service and friendliness of the crew however, there certainly isn't a whole lot of leg room on board. I am only 5'4" and felt somewhat cramped. I felt sorry for anyone who was tall. But there were plenty of spare rows and the cabin crew invited me to stretch out on my own row - so all up I had a pretty good flight.
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Hmmm. This pretty much confirms my suspicions. It looks like I'll scratch Garuda and prepare for a very sleepless night with Jetstar. Thanks for your ideas.

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Ah Stormbird, I missed the bit about it being an internal flight. Nothing would surprise me with those; bit like some of the 'chooks & pigs' Air Niugini local hops, I imagine.

You might be pleasantly surprised, Orlando. And, once you get to Bali, it will charm any gliches away.
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