Ubud hotels

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Ubud hotels

I am planning my honeymoon for this
October, and am looking for a wonderful hotel in Ubud. We are staying at 4Season's Jimbaran bay for 5 nights, so we don't want another 4 Season's. we are looking at Villa Imogiri, Maya Ubud, Puri Wulandari, and maybe waka Di Ume.We are also looking for another part of Bali to spend our last 3 nights at. Any help you could give me would really help in planning this honeymoon. Thanks so much

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I just got back from Bali, where I stayed at Puri Wulandari and was somewhat disappointed. The grounds, the villas were breathtaking, truly magical,'s located about 20-25 minutes outside of Ubud in a very rural area. The staff is oversolicitous in an eery way (i.e. you are never allowed to leave your villa without being escorted by golf cart. If you are seen wandering around, or even looking askance, someone asks you if you need help, and an escort. Very strange.) Also, while we were there, the village temple across the river broadcast their prayer service by microphone from 7 am until 3 am every day. The staff said it was because of a "once in a 20 year religious holiday" but I'm not so sure. I'd stay at Amandari or Four Seasons--for the same amount of money.
Waka di Ume is not on the same luxury level as the others you described. There is a new Waka property is Ubud just outside the town that seems more promising--you can find it at
Or, Begawan Giri is one of the most beautiful, luxurious spots in Ubud--several villas on a private estate.
Good luck! Be sure to check out the fish restaurants on Jimbaran Bay furthere down the beach from the Four Seasons (closer to the airport). They are fresher and cheaper. (Also, we loved a simple, romantic (and cheap) little restaurant in Ubud called Cafe Wayan.)
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A couple of years ago we stayed at Ibah right on the edge of Ubud. We loved it.
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A My vote goes for Bengawan Giri if money's not an issue. Ibah is great too.
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We stayed at Waka Di Ume in Ubud a couple of years ago. It was truly gorgeous. For your honeymoon you'd definitely want to try one of the huge private lanai's, with a terrace practically on top of surrounding rice fields. Amazing views. We were practically the only people there. It's a pretty tiny place - a very intimate, and I think, authentic experience. Make sure you have a massage - they're fantastic. Exquisite traditional afternoon teas served in the main building - have to climb up a ladder. Gorgeous, but small pool area, surrounded by lush jungle. No air conditioning, but we didn't find that a problem. Maybe it's been installed in the last year or two. This was probably my favourite place we stayed at - also tried the Oberoi Legian and the Nikko Bali Resort and Spa at Nusa Dua. I've heard good things about Seminyak - maybe you could try there for your next stop.
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My vote goes to Amandari and Begawan Giri which has its own natural spring.
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Hi Niko

I vote for Ibah Villas in Ubud. Stayed there few months back and had an enjoyable time. Service was very gracious and prompt. It's located a short walk from art galleries, shops and cafes. We were totally pampered by their spa people, you get the whole villa if you book for the two of you.

Their website : if you need more info.

I got lots of info from these 2 sites on Bali :

Have a great honeymoon !
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The only one of these hotels I have been fortunate enough to visit is Waka di Ume, but I would certainly return there in a heartbeat. It was sheer bliss. Bali is a pretty hectic sort of place, and this hotel was a sublime oasis of tranquility just outside Ubud. I cannot imagine anywhere better for a honeymoon - small and intimate without feeling like a fish-tank as the chalets are a good distance apart and there is loads of greenery (and there was air-conditioning when we were there, ast November) The peace and quiet are absolute, other than the admittedly very early morning wake up call from the frogs and other wildlife in the surrounding paddy-fields (I would definitely take ear-plugs unless you are an exceptionally heavy sleeper!) The setting is perfect, staff very eager to please, food wonderful. I worried I would miss the TV but was in fact sorry to see one when we left! If you are at all into design, the rooms are beautiful, using all natural and low key materials but very stylish (we had an amazing sunken, marble-lined bath which you could almost swim in!) One night there was a power cut, which anywhere else would have been a real pain, but somehow just added to the atmosphere as they put candles everywhere and it was gorgeous. The pool and its setting are stunning - and really you could have a fantastic week if all you did was sit next to it, admire the scenery, and pop in for the odd massage! Don't underestimate how draining sightseeing and travelling around Bali are. I would not have missed experiencing it for the world as the culture is so different, exotic and basically unaltered by Westerners (in Ubud, anyway). However, the locals can be annoyingly pushy offering their services and it does detract a little, particularly with the heat as well. We soon ceased to feel guilty about saying no or ignoring constant offers of taxis etc. Because of this, I would urge you not to rush around too much between places, and make sure you have plenty of R&R days in between the sightseeing. Had you considered going across to Lombok after Bali? We didn't go there, but people say it is quieter. We went and laid on the beach in Malaysia after Bali, which to be honest, we needed! My other tips for Bali would be: take very little with you and use the very efficient and cheap hotel laundry, then fill up an empty suitcase with dirt-cheap local buys like wooden frames, wind-chimes and shadow-puppets: bargain shamefully hard with taxi-drivers: take loads of water with you whenever you go anywhere: when in Ubud, do the Campuhan Ridge Walk as it is stunning, but not around mid-day as there is little shade, ditto about the water, and do not be tempted to try to cut across the fields off the path (we did and nearly met our ends in a steep river gorge).

If you don't stay at Waka di Ume, do at least go there for dinner when you are in Ubud. It is worth going to the big cultural show at Ubud Palace - the dancing and music are surpisingly enjoyable though go on a bit. Either eat before it, or book, as places close quite early.

I hope you have a brilliant time and that some of this has been helpful. Go with an open mind and an empty suitcase and be prepared for a few experiences rather than total relaxation!!
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In Ubud I stayed in Alam Jiwa Hotel, a lovely hotel, and in the Tjampuhan, this one I don't recommend anyone
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