planing our 2019 trip !

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planing our 2019 trip !

Hi !

Our vacation is just over that we ar already planing our next year trip ! We are looking to get ideas/recommendations/ thoughts from you that all have been so helpfull in our last years trips.

Some informations:
- 2 kids (7 and 11 years old)
- Vacation in July and august (being teacher and scholl psychologist doesn't give us much yes crowd, high prices and such..)
- My wife and I have been to Poland, Paris, Alsace, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech republic and Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice)
- With the kids we have done Germany (and Salzbourg), Portugal and Catalonia

For our next summer we are looking for a 22-30 days trip (more or less) that would mix cities, rural, nature, sights. food and kids fun! We dont like extensive heat, we can manage it but it,s not ideal.

We have thought about Japan (we really want to get there someday) to give us a big change but weather seems to be awfull at that time of year .

What asian destination would be good for first timer in Asia ?

Thanks !
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How about Vietnam for your next trip?
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* I just got back from Japan a week ago. It will be hot in Japan in the summer, but the heat doesn't bother me so I like being there in the summer. I'm already planning for summer 2019. Plus, I have found the hotel rates lower during summer.

* As for S.E. Asia, I spend winter there annually for 6 weeks; Bangkok, Malaysia, and Singapore mainly and then usually one other destination thrown in. But, I have also been to S.E. Asia in the summer and it can rain a lot in the summer. Just last week, my Singapore Air flight was delayed departing Tokyo (Narita) due to weather conditions in Singapore as my flight originates in Singapore and ends in Los Angeles. It's the same flight that I take in winter, on my way to Singapore, but have not had weather delays in winter.

* It's too bad that you can't take the kids to Thailand over Christmas/New Year vacation time. The weather is usually really gorgeous then. I love being in Thailand then and have been going there and to other countries in the region for 19 years. Bangkok is great fun during the festive season. I'm the fondest of Thailand although I also love Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

I haven't been to Cambodia, Mainland China, or Vietnam which are on your list so I can't comment about those destinations. I have been to Indonesia, but to Bali back in 1999. I'm glad that I experienced Bali, but it really wasn't for me.

I have been to Hong Kong and personally didn't like it at all. But, what I did like and a lot was Taiwan. A lot of people just overlook Taiwan, but shouldn't. I'd go back there in a heartbeat. Incredibly friendly people, beautiful scenery, beautiful coast line, laid back, beautiful nature, lots of food choice, and not that expensive. It kind of reminded me of when my parents would take us on coastal, road trips from L.A. to San Francisco back when we were kids.

Happy Travels!

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In July and August temperatures are going to be around 30-35C just about everywhere in Asia, so if avoiding the heat a key criteria, you may want to have a rethink on your destination choice. South America would be great at that time of year. Peru would seem to fit well with your interest.

Temperatures aside, Vietnam would be good for a first time visit to Asia, great food, scenery, history etc. Good, if hot weather, in the central region but not the best time in the north or south (although these days, who can tell)

Like the above poster, we loved Taiwan, but when we visited in July, the heat was stifling - high humidity coupled with 38c was too much for me and I don’t mind the eat (or so I thought).

For some ideas on our time in Asia over the years you could have a look at our blog of our travels in recent years. there is also a lot of stuff on Peru in the South America section just click on the destination tab for the appropriate country.

A good site for weather in Asia and for narrowing down your options is

a good
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I think Bali would be a wonderful destination for your kids and for their parents. There's lots to do -- both culture and nature driven, with the ocean, mountains, rice fields and rain forests to choose from. You could easily spend 10 days to 2 weeks in Bali. It's a smallish island so you can experience the beach and the inland cultural areas without additional flights. Bali's on the equator, so yes, it's tropical hot, but July/August is breezy and mostly clear. To me the heat in Bali feels less oppressive than it does in an urban environment.

In connection with Bali you could visit another part of Indonesia, like Java, Sulawesi or one of the eastern islands like Flores. In Central Java you could spend time in Yogyakarta and visit the ancient monuments of Borobudur and Prambanan. In East Java, the Mt. Bromo area is spectacularly scenic. Central Sulawesi, which is a bit further afield, has the fascinating Toraja culture plus beautiful scenery. Flores is the jumping off point for Komodo dragon tours.

For an urban fix, Singapore is both a destination in itself (and very first-timer friendly) and is a good gateway to Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.
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We have just returned from China, organised by China Culture Tours in Guilin. We were overwhelmed with the size and scope of China. We were thrilled with China Culture Tours (Nora was our tour operator), who organised our trip with amazingly efficiency so that it all went smoothly. There was huge amounts for your children to enjoy. We had five days in Beijing and the Great Wall, Tianamen Square, rickshaw ride, we negotiated the subway. We took a high speed train to Xian for the Terracotta Warriers, truly amazing and the city of Xian was fascinatingly Disneyesque with lighting and fountains and amazingly beautiful flowers and cleanliness. Then a flight to Guilin where China Culture Tours are based. Journey to the Li River where there were raft trips, white water rapids and climbing walls. The hotels were boutique style and almost all exceptional. Guilin to Shanghai, again fascinating in the contrast and exciting for young people. Shanghai to Hangshao and Suzhou, beautiful quieter places. In all this trip we had cookery courses, rickshaw rides, meals in private homes and a really fascinating experience. I know the rest of South East Asia well and all countries are beautiful. However, the sheer size and scope of China, with excellent food and cleanliness, was a revelation to me. Enjoy wherever you go! If you need any further information, happily will be in correspondence.
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SEA in the summer will be very warm. if you aren't used to weather like this it will be difficult.

How about Australia instead? I looked up Sydney temps for example and in July its average low 60's and bit cooler for Melbourne. Thats great weather to tour in. You sure won't be sapped by the heat. You could also go over to NZ too.
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Asia is generally hot in July and Aug but most places have air conditioning for heat relief. Asia is vibrant, alive and captivating and will offer a whole new experience for your kids.
Hong Kong may be a small island but a lot of things to offer for your family. Spend a day at a beach at Repulse Bay, Take a tram up the Peak for a stunning night view, Go on a double decker bus up the winding road to Stanley, Take a ferry to outlying islands to see fishing village and eat seafood in Cheung Chau and Lamma, have fun at Disney, Ocean Park and wetlands.
Hong Kong is a base to get away to Macau via a newly constructed 55 km bridge that spans across the sea or to China on a high speed train that can travel up to 350 km/hr.
Hong Kong has something for everyone.
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Red apple and fadlika:

Airline cc’s have been around for decades. You’re really late to the party. .

Many give you around 50k miles give or take just to join.

Our Chase sapphire cards gave big bonus points to join and then you can transfer them to your airline of choice.

Others have similar programs like AE and Capital 1 and many more.
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Jacketwatch, these posters were spammers - all from the same IP address. They were not discussing airline credit cards, but a different scheme. The advertising has been deleted and they have been banned.
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I thought so too. it was a tag team strategy. Seen it many, many times. Thats why I tried to change the direction of the conversation.

Thank you for catching it and informing us.
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Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and any other gigantic city in China are probably the last places where I would bring 7 and 11 year old childs during the summer. Apart from the heat and food they are not used to, they wont actually remember this as anything but pain. I am brutally honest here, but I would not bring any European below 15 year old to China.

South-East Asia got loads of countries – many of them which I have never been to though.
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