On Matsumoto, Enoshima and Tokyo

Dec 1st, 2009, 10:47 PM
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On Matsumoto, Enoshima and Tokyo

Hi all,

Two friends and I will be arriving at Tokyo on 27 December late afternoon and leaving on early morning of 1st Jan. That makes 4 full days to sightsee.

We have more or less settled (unless there are better options) on doing Matsumoto and Tokyo with a day-trip to Enoshima.

We plan to set off for Matsumoto on early morning of 28th, spend a night there and then back to Tokyo on 29th late morning.

Is a full day at Matsumoto enough? Should we stretch it to two? The castle is definitely a must-do but we are not really that keen on shrines and museums. Are there places besides these that we shouldn’t miss?

What are the chances of it snowing in Matsumoto city when we are there? I've been trying to get an idea of its past years' snowfall but unsuccessful.

We are skipping Kamakura town. From what we have read on Enoshima from Wikitravel and some other sites so far, it sounds more like a summer retreat for the locals.

How is it during the winter? We don’t mind that it’s much quieter but is business still as usual? We do not want to end up at a place where most of the shops cater to the summer crowd and are closed in winter.

Harajuku. We have read about the cosplay scene in Harajuku on Sundays. Since we are arriving on Sunday late afternoon (reaching Narita at 16 00), will we still be in time to catch it by the time we reach Shinjuku?

Tsukiji Fish Market. Having a sushi meal there after the tuna auction sounds good but we are worried about the price. What’s the range like? Which restaurants would you recommend?

Wi-Fi In Japan:
We won’t have a laptop with us. I understand some hotel lobbies has Wi-Fi connection. What about out of them? Are there many places in Japan that provide Wi-Fi for our phones?

Sorry guys for the long list of questions. Would appreciate any help on them. Thanks!
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Dec 2nd, 2009, 08:22 AM
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I don't know if it will snw in Matsumoto, but I would recommend two days. I love Matsumoto, the castle, the museum nearby, the people.

I think you will be too late to see anything at Harajuku..If you arrive at 1600, take half hour for customs, and one hour to get into Tokyo you'll be lucky. Most likely you'd get to Harajuku about 18:30.

Tsukiji- We had breakfast there in early october. Two of us...lots of sushi,miso soup, and tea= 2000yen total. We ate at sushizanmai. There are tons of places to eat...I'd choose the one wiht all Japanese inside!

Our hotel had a free computer to use in the lobby and wi-fi in the room- the "b" Roppongi. Never tried to get wi-fif any where else.

If it were me, I'd skip Enoshima. Too much moving around for 4 days when you could fill that time entirely with things in either Matsumoto or Tokyo. Plus, I have a feeling it may be quite cold being on the water then.
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Dec 2nd, 2009, 08:47 AM
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Yes, agree. I don't really know why you would go just to Enoshima. At the end of the year everywhere in Japan is busy doing 'big cleaning' and some places might not be open especially in small places like Enoshima. Plus unless you get a sunny day, it will be cold.
Matsumoto castle is gorgeous and if it snows it will be perfect.
You should catch the end of the Harajukju scene but remember it will take you about 2 hours into central Tokyo from Narita. Maybe you are looking for this?
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Dec 2nd, 2009, 01:24 PM
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Skip Enoghima and do two nights in Matsumoto. Stay at the Hotel Kagetsu if within your budget. Ask for a castle view room(a little more expensive). We loved our recent stay there.


If there is no snow on the ground in Matsumoto you will at least get to see some in the surrounding Japan Alps.

As lcuy states you can get a good sushi meal at one of the sushi restaurants that surround Tsukiji for anywhere between 2000 to 4500 yen. Depending on what you want and how much you want to eat. Look for the places with the lines.....

cosplayers come out a lot more at night in my experiences and mainly in Shibuya. Shibuya at night is a happening all in itself though and not recommended by me for one's first night in Japan but your choice.

What kind of phone do you have that you expect to catch wi fi with. The only foreign phones that work in Japan are some 3G models. Have you read this about phones in Japan?


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Dec 2nd, 2009, 04:57 PM
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HT- Some phones have wi-fi in addition to cell reception.My Blackberry worked fine in Tokyo when I found wi-fi signals. its just sooooo slow that I preferred to use internet computers. One of these days, I'll get a 3G phone!!!!
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Dec 2nd, 2009, 05:29 PM
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Lcuy your right. My iPhone would always give me the cheaper wi fi option while connecting.
Wait till spring when 4g phones come out

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Dec 3rd, 2009, 09:29 PM
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Hi guys,

Thanks for all your replies.

Right now, we are planning another full day in Matsumoto on 29th before taking the last evening train back to Tokyo. So far, we've penciled in only the castle and Daio Wasabi Farm. Not sure where else to go yet. Perhaps an onsen and/or a museum. Any other suggestions?

Hmm ... so Enoshima is a big no huh?

Gertie3751, we are not considering Kamakura at all because of all the shrines and temples. As for Enoshima, I came across some photos of the place while surfing on it and thought they looked tranquil and pretty. Was thinking of doing a half-day trip on perhaps the 30th.

I was lucky to catch the cosplayers in Harajuku when I was in Tokyo 5 years back. My 2 friends have not, thus thought it'd be a good experience for them. Will try Shibuya then.

Lcuy, the three of us have visited Tokyo before on separate occasions. Hence the reason to do a couple other places we have not been to first before returning to relax and shop on the last 1.5 days.

HT, we are all carrying iPhone 3Gs. Looking for Wi-Fi connection so that we can check in with families back home without having to call or text. Skype or Whatsapp/Ping! would be ideal.


Oh, and thanks for the tips on Tsukiji!
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