New Itinerary - Help Again?

Mar 7th, 2005, 08:25 AM
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New Itinerary - Help Again?

Ok, thanks to everyone's comments, I've taken Nagoya out of my plans (the only rooms I had booked, by the way.) Here is what I am now thinking, please let me know your thoughts.

4/8 - Kyoto
4/9 - Kyoto
4/10 - Kyoto
4/11 - Mt. Koya
4/12 - Hakone
4/13 - Nikko
4/14 - Takayama
4/15 - Ise-Shima

4/16 - departing at 6 pm

Maybe I should spend one less day in Kyoto to spend in Nikko instead?

Thanks again for all of your help!
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Mar 7th, 2005, 08:28 AM
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One day in Nikko is more than enough and 3 days in Kyoto is much too short. So definitely do not reduce your time in Kyoto.

I found Takayama very disappointing. It was the one touristy place I went. I much prefered Kanazawa's old section to Takayama's.
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Mar 7th, 2005, 01:50 PM
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Gloria - Thanks for your thoughts. I was thinking an extra day in Nikko because it seemed like a good area to get in some hiking, which is one of my interests. I am definitely more outdoorsy than touristy. Re: Takayama, apparently there's a festival there on the 14th-15th. How 'bout that? I didn't even plan it.
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Mar 7th, 2005, 04:31 PM
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Oh my, I think from my research into Takayama that that is the BIG festival in Takayama. I think you might want to look into getting a room as soon as you decide.

Due to your itinerary on Ise-Shima, i have gotten interested and did a bit of research on it (also since it is so close to Nagoya and those cheap rates are in effect into the new airport). What info have you found on the hiking there? I see info on the ISe Jingu Shrines, and I see that the area is on rugged coastline, but are there good hiking trails there? I am interested because I think my next trip w/my son to Japan will be primarily to hike, w/other sights being secondary.

I still have to preface this next comment with "I haven't been to Japan yet, but..." -- Nikko seems pretty far north from where you will be. To get from Nikko to Hakone- Hakone is at least an hour south of Tokyo and Nikko is two hours north of Tokyo I think. I haven't been to Nikko (or Japan yet for that matter- full disclosure here), but I guess if it was me I'd be sure it was worth going another three hours north for one night, and then the next day you have to get to Takayama.

It seems like you are covering alot of ground on 4/12 - 4/16, alot of travel btwn. places on those days w/just one night in each place. Bu maybe that's because I like to base myself on one place a bit longer w/day trips. You may be more comfortable moving around more every day, which I find tiring.

Please be gentle on me- I am learning here also, and for the most part, I am just commenting and wondering myself for my future trip, not giving definite advice (except I think that is a really big festival in Takayama...)
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Mar 7th, 2005, 04:51 PM
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EMD - Thanks so much for your thoughts. You've obviously done a lot of research, so I welcome and value your comments.

I am approaching this from the other end. Still looking at all of these accomodations on-line. I am also now convincing myself to make this as low-budget as I can.

I read about an inn in Kyoto, the Three Sister's Inn, where it looks like I could get a room for around $50/night. It seems to be highly recommended mostly because the owners are very helpful to travelers. I was planning to call them tonight, but my itinerary is quite up in the air still.

You are quite right about Takayama. There's a festival, which also means no rooms, or one that I could find was more than 3X its regular price.

I will check on the travel times in Nikko. And, I have a hiking in Japan book, so I'll let you know about trails in the Ise-Shima area.

Thanks again for your thoughts. Any thoughts on what you'd do about Takayma? Take it out and replace it with?
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Mar 8th, 2005, 03:16 AM
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see alan64's post of last night- he is struggling w/the same thing re Takayama
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Mar 8th, 2005, 03:28 AM
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Thanks emd, I saw that. Maybe I should go to Shirakawa-go as Kim suggests. Are you going there?

After actually looking at a map last night, I don't think my itinerary works very well, b/c I will want to go to Nara, but if I take the train out while I am in Kyoto, I am approaching Ise-Shima, so I was thinking to leave Kyoto (or maybe after Mt. Koya) taking train to Nara, spending afternoon there, and then on to Ise-Shima (which does not appear in my hiking book, by the way.) But, I wanted to be in Ise-Shima last due to its proximity to Nagoya.

How would I go about booking a room in Shirakawa-go if I don't speak Japanese?

Thanks again.
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