need information on nepal

Old Jun 9th, 1999, 10:52 PM
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need information on nepal

i am planning a trip to nepal and i need any kind of information
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Any kind of information? Huh! Well, to start with... During the monsoon the sky is cloudy and you won't be able to see the mountains from the cities/towns. Trekking can also be difficult or impossible during the monsoon.
Getting to Kathmandu, for example, from India isn't easy in case you don't fly. The bus from Raxaul (India) / Birganj (Nepal) takes 8 hours and you can wait for equally long, hot, noisy and bumpy rides wherever you go in Nepal. But they are an experience you don't want to miss. There are more comfortable (and more expensive) tourist buses but the roads are lousy anyway and travelling with locals is interesting. The buses leaving in the afternoon are usually night buses.
When in Kathmandu, don't stay in Thamel area; it's all tourist (well you cannot avoid it anywhere). I stayed in a nice place called Hotel Sugat. It's next to the Durbar Square, opposite the former King's Palace. I guess there are many nice places in Kathmandu, you might wanna try more than just one. In any case, this particular place was comparatively well-kept.
What else? Everything is cheap (for a budget traveller US$ 10-20 a day should do it) and people are mostly nice. There are lots more things to tell but maybe you should be a little more specific... Try Let's Go (I did) or Lonely Planet Guides to [India and] Nepal. Ask me if you want to know something else. I won't write any more now, because I really don't know about your travelling experience, preferences and intentions.
Greetings, Marko.
Old Jun 12th, 1999, 08:11 AM
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hi marko !
thanks for your really great replay .
it sounds like you had a great trip - how long ago was it ? do you know how much a day costs approximately ?and what kind of equipment should i bring ?
thanks again ,
p.s - i am from israel , where are you from ?
Old Jun 14th, 1999, 04:43 AM
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Hi Keren! My trip to India/Nepal was last year (July-August). I was there only a month of which a week in Nepal so I'm not too experienced in travelling there.
As I said before, about US$ 10-20 a day should be enough but of course some might disagree with this: there are people who are all right with even less money and people who spend spend spend. And it also depends on what you want to do and see. I stayed in cities/towns and didn't go trekking. So I only paid for hotels, food and transport (which is incredibly cheap; the inter-city buses cost something like US$ 1-2 per traveller and in Kathmandu find out what is Tuk-Tuk and try it; it costs around 3-5 Rs per trip which is about 5 cents! - A cheap and fascinating way to move around in Kathmandu).
What to take with you then? In case you go trekking, I don't really know. I guess you need lots of equipment. In the cities you need light shoes, cotton clothing (preferably not very dark and in case you are female, be sure to cover your body as otherwise you might have some trouble with the local men - this is not very likely, though, but you'll never know... and anyway, I've learned that the locals find shorts ridiculous and childish). Toilet paper is not that common in Nepal. I guess that at least in Kathmandu the hotels have it. And you can buy it - just like most of 'western' stuff - in Thamel area super markets. Laundry is washed in 24 hours and doesn't cost a lot. Do NOT take too much clothes because you'll have to carry it and that's not nice in that heat (okay - if you are from Israel you probably know this). Mosquito net might be useful. Malaria is not a big threat in Nepal but it is possible anyway. Water purification tablets if you for some reason cannot get bottled water. Get vaccinated (ask the doctor what vaccinations to get) and eat Malaria pills. A money belt would be a good idea. Never leave your passport and traveller's cheques! Money is often the only thing that helps a tourist in trouble.
Take also much patience and on open mind. Be prepared for the fact that everyone approaching you is doing so to get a little share of your thick wallet and for the fact that you will openly be stared (and smiled widely) at, whereever you go. It won't stop for a second. Do not get this all wrong. The Nepalese are friendly, curious and poor. You are a sight and you as a tourist are for most people the way to make their living. The competition is hard. You can see it when you arrive at tourist centres; there are dozens of men offering you the 'best hotel in town' with 'cheap prices'. Many times these services could be added to your bill so the best thing to do is ignore them and make up your mind yourself. Sometimes these people can be painfully active and they won't give up until you do. Stay tough!
Despite all the trouble Nepal is like a dream. I'll never forget it and miss it all the time. I WILL go back some day.
Yes, and I'm from Finland.
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hi marko !
thanks very very much for the information you gave me i will use it in the trip i am planing .
did you tour aound the world ? are you a student ? well i am and the trip me and my boyfriend are planing will be in sep.- in our summer break .
well , i hope you will write back and thanks again .
p.s - i am a female
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Hello again, Keren! I tried to email you in private because this is no longer very much under the 'Nepal' topic but my mail was returned. I cannot guarantee that I visit Fodor's as often as I lately have so in case you still wanna ask me or just write, it's best to send email to the address above.
You asked me if I'm a student and the answer is yes, I study Political Science here in Finland and right now I temporarily work at the university so I got lots of time writing email to people - in case you're interested in still sending email to me, go on!
I didn't go around the world, just India & Nepal. Money is a bit tight for a student at least if you haven't got rich parents so more extensive travelling must wait till post-graduate times.
Interestingly enough, there was a story about backpacking in today's Helsingin Sanomat (the major newspaper in Finland) where it was told that especially in Australia and ISRAEL travelling more or less around the globe in some phase of your life is a kind of a thing 'everyone' does to enter adulthood.
Well, as I told, email privately in case you still want to chat!
Greetings, Marko.
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Kush Mainali
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Hi Marko;
I read the messages between Keren and you and thought I might be a little help.

I'm from Nepal. I've been the States for the last 13 years but I did returned to Nepal (with my family) and spent a year (1997) in Nepal.

If there is any inside-info you need feel free to ask any questions via email or at least let me know via email that you have posted your questions to thi site.

Like Keren said in her message, The Lonely Planet can be your best guide. Just make sure that you spend lots of money and help the economy
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Hi everyone! Tnxs for all the info written in this forum, esp. Marco, but can anybody give me or mail me some good plan to do in nepal during 5 DAYS ONLY. I'll also travel to India for 10 days. I'll be away on FEB. 2nd. Thank you all. Dan, from BA, ARGENTINA
Old Jan 11th, 2002, 09:46 AM
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Hi Daniel, i am from BA too and i hoping to go to NEPAL&INDIA in february too.
Why dont we meet each other and plan our holidays together....
By the way ¿are you married?

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