Ko Samui, Samet, or Phuket?

Oct 15th, 2005, 02:09 PM
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Ko Samui, Samet, or Phuket?

After reading a lot of the messages in this forum I started to wonder if maybe my husband and I are beter off spending our beach time for our honeymoon in Samui or Samet rather that Phuket. We will be there during the peak time of Jan. 3 to Jan. 8.
Any thoughts or recommendations?
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Oct 15th, 2005, 04:23 PM
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All these locations are different, and the diversity gives you a big choice, it is almost a 'problem' sometimes choosing as the choices are so many.

Phuket is a busy and active island that provides a lot of things to see and do, in addition to beaches it has lots of nightlife, bars, disco, clubs and things.

Samui is along similar lines, in january though the weather might not be quite as good as Phuket, many feel that Samui has less to do that Phuket which I would agree, the plus side though is that there are more 'reasonable price' accommodations right on the beach, it is not so easy on Phuket to find accommodation where you walk straight from your room across gardens to the beach, there are quite a few but they tend to be expensive, on Samui you can find even budget places right on the beach.

Koh Samet is totally different, small, very quiet, beaches 'ok' but not brilliant, almost no shopping, no nightlife, very very quiet.

Others are Koh Chang which is busier than Samet but way less busy that Samui or Phuket.

Krabi is if you like marvelous scenary, around Ao nang there is some shopping, quite a lot of restaurants, beach is ok but you need to go by boat to the best beaches.

Koh lanta south of Krabi is a quiet relaxing island, nice beaches, still local Thai life, almost no shopping or nightlife, some very nice resorts, get away from it all.

Hua Hin as a town is busy with shopping, restaurants and bars, south of the 'town' are nice quiet beaches, not the white sands of the south but a totally different 'concept', these are quiet beaches not for lovers of white sand tropical islands but for those who like to be 'on the coast' but close to Thai rural life, places for beach jogging and cycling, fishing boat trip, local villages and farmlands, not as popular as the busy tourist tropical island style but quiet and relaxing, a mix of rural life plus beaches.

The place you choose comes down to what you are looking for and how you want to spend the time, non one can ever say one is better or worse than the other without reflecting that to what people seek to enjoy.

If yuo tell us and be as detailed / precise as you wish exactly how you see yourself spending the day, is it strolling along a brilliant white sand beach, lazing around a beachfront pool, or a quite spa place, how important is nightlife or shopping, at night do you want lively restaurants and an early night, do you want to sea kayak or snorkel, all these things help!

There is such a wide choice there is something for everyone.
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Oct 16th, 2005, 05:08 AM
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Thanks for this great feedback.
Our time on the islands is meant to be about being at the beach, we are not pool people. So high priority is proximity to the sea and a quiet, peaceful place to enjoy the sand and sea. We don't mind sharing the beach with others but we also don;t want to be stacked ontop of others in crowded locations. Whichever island we visit we do want to make a day trip to the surrounding islands and do some nature oriented things like half-day hikes and snorkling.
Authentic Thai dinner is also a priority - we never set foot into McDonalds in the US and we don't plan on starting for this trip - so culinary options are important too for the evenings.
We are also not night club enthusiasts so no need to plan a trip around the bar/nightlife scene.
Neither of us drive however so that may put some limits on getting around depending on the place we visit...
Your thoughts?
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Oct 16th, 2005, 08:59 AM
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That helps, I think on that basis cross off Samet, nothing against the island as it is ideal, but your requirement I pressume for a nice resort plus some good restaurants means that samet probably isn't what you are looking for.

I think it is now down to a nice resort on a quieter beach of perhaps Phuket, Krabi area or Koh Lanta, you will find more top class restaurants on Phuket than you would on Koh Lanta, the time you plan to go is absolute peak of peak season so you must be ready for high season prices and perhaps difficulty getting a room.

The Pimalai on Koh Lanta comes to mind as a place which might suit, you will find though the best Thai cuisine restaurants would be in the resorts as opposed to local separate restaurants. You are going to need to work quick on this ( and do get going with flight arangements ).

Don't worry about driving, not necessary and many would considor not recommended, transport is available 'everywhere' cheap and comfortable.

The one thing we did not touch on is budget ?

Whilst you get back with budget you can browse some of these, you will need to choose 4 or 5 options as many places will be full, but you don't have to commit to anything until they find out if rooms are available or not:





Also considor that there are far more airlines and flights to Phuket than Krabi, though you can also reach Krabi by flying to Phuket and then quite a peasant 2.5 hrs drive to Krabi ( transport reasily available ).

A nice favorite of many on Phuket is Kata beach, this is not so busy but you do have easy access to some of Phuket's finest restaurants:

Do give budget, remember that on Phuket most resorts are at a premium for beach side location but you can find quieter beach areas.

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Oct 25th, 2005, 01:26 AM
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Samet is great. I like there a lots u can get anything u want.. nice beach. good resterant and also cool bar.. if u going to Vong Duean Beach @ Koh Samet.. please come to check this bar out.. Bay Watch Bar @ vong Duean beach. There is my favorite bar.. It is coolest bar on vong duean beach.. chechk their website out.. www.baywatchbar.tk
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