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JAPAN in 10 days, itinerary discussion, need help

JAPAN in 10 days, itinerary discussion, need help

Old Nov 1st, 2018, 07:01 AM
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JAPAN in 10 days, itinerary discussion, need help


My friend and I are planning a 10 day trio to Japan from November 15th to 25th. need your help and feedback on the trip planned. all reservation done.

few burning questions
A. which day trip from Tokyo should we take to see mt fuji, anyone from viator or plan it on our own?
B. where to buy good skincare from Tokyo?
C. Is the electronics market in Tokyo worth the visit?
D. is the robot restaurant in Tokyo worth it?
E. i have mentioned a few day trips from kyoto and tokyo, lmK is they're good
F. we would have the JR pass in kyoto as well, is it better to cab it to places in kyoto (3 of us) or bus and train where JR pass won't be accepted
G. places to eat - instagram worthy

trip detail is below--- feedback welcome and appreciated.

15th November reach NRT, catch the JR train to Kyoto, and reach hotel and rest, dinner

16th November Explore Arshiyama Area

1. Tenyru-ji shrine and garden

2. Bamboo grove

3. Green emerald lake

4. Monkey park

Have lunch
Then head to golden pavilion (made of gold) aka kinkaku-ji (by bus or cab)
Head to Gion district cab/bus, very famous for geisha spotting

17th November busy day

1. start early at the Fushimi inari shrine (orange cylindrical shrine), JR train from hotel, have inari sushi there, very famous
2. nijo castle, explore the area
3. TO-JI garden and temple (largest wooden pagoda in japan)

Then, Go to Higashiyama district for famous shrines and temples

1. sanenzaka and ninensaka streets (souvenier shops and eateries), try sakura cream puff
2. kyomizu dera temple important, perfect place to see a sunset
3. 3. Philosophers path

take JR train from Kyoto station to Nara

NARA nara kotsu one day pass (500 yen)

1. Todaiji temple tall Buddha
2. Kasaguga taisha shrine
3. Kofukuji temple
4. Gangou ji temple


1. Osaka Castle entry only till 4:30
2. Dotonbori street shops and eateries, great food here. Do not miss
3. Umeda sky building

19th November - day trip to MIYAJIMA and HIROSHIMA

1. Approx 3 hours from Kyoto, 2 JT trains and then JR ferry
2. MIYAJIMA has the floating shrine and the floating gate
3. OPTIONAL If you want you can go up the ropeway to top of mt misen and see the who view


1. Take ferry back to station and then JR train to Hiroshima
2. Explore the castle and the bomb site
3. Eat at okonomimura (very famous place) for okonomayaki (Japanese pancakes)
4. Take JR train back to Kyoto

20th November wake up at own time head to Nishiki market for a couple of hours (various food stalls herefor various Japanese treats) cute looking donuts etc

and take JR train back to Tokyo, reach late evening, dinner and sleep

21st November start exploring the west side (can walk from one district to another, or use JR pass)

1. Shibuya like times sq, shibuya crossing (very busy), also shop at tokyu hands, then go to meiji shrine
2. Harajuku shopping street takeshita dori, try a crepe from the vending machine, hedgehog cafe
3. Shinjuku walk around. Lots of restaurants

Go to Tokyo metropolitan govt building free entrance, observation deck for Tokyo skyline

Dinner at robot restaurant , show plus dinner for 63 dollars (check at hotel of worth it), see youtube video for more details

22nd November explore Tokyo, east side
1. asakusa area sensoji temple, nakamese dori (shopping street), sumida park (check with hotel if worth visiting in november), tokyp skytree observation deck (check for prices), tallest building in the world
2. ueno park roam around
3. akhibara district electronics and skincare

23rd November day trip to mt fuji (most likely in hakone) [MAY NEED TO BOOK A DAY TOUR AS JR PASS WOULD HAVE EXPIRED]
check with hotel which one is the best because they are weather dependent

away from the city, this has a nature feel etc or we could do a half day trip as well and do some skincare shopping from Tokyo

25th November - catch flight back to NYC
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Old Nov 1st, 2018, 11:22 AM
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I think you are cramming way too much stuff in. A day trip to Miyajima and Hiroshima from Kyoto is a ton of travel and no time left to actually enjoy those two destinations. It took me two days to do the things you listed in that area. Same with November 17th. That is a ton of different stuff in different parts of Kyoto. Temples start closing around 4:30 so its not like you have all day and night to do these things.
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Old Nov 1st, 2018, 04:32 PM
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Addressing a few of your questions:
A. You can do just fine doing it yourself.
B. Not my field but any big department store should have loads of products.
C. Depends on what you want. If you mean actual shopping for something, B&H in New York probably is way cheaper. And you get the warranty on it too.
D. Actually many have advised you're fine with just the show - I tend to agree.
E. All the places you mention are good. But you're schedule is very brisk.
F. You can take a JR train from Kyoto Stn to Arashiyama. To get around quickly, with 3 of you, a taxi can be a good idea when going someplace inconvenient for public transport.
G. This is really up to you. I suggest you look at Bento or Tabelog.

For the specifics, if you are flying around the world and then want to immediately jump on a train to Kyoto, you are seriously taking on a lot. Unless you can sleep on the plane easily, you might want to take it easy on your first day. It'll likely take you an hour or more to get your bags and go through Customs, wait half an hour in line to get your rail pass activated, take an hour to get into Tokyo, and then 3 more hours to get to Kyoto. Very painful.
For Kinkakuji, you might want to go there first thing in the morning when they open at 9 AM. After that it gets like a subway station at rush hour. Arashiyama is good, but you are missing some good places, and it's one of the best for autumn colors. The Jojakkoji Temple is pretty good, plus the Otagi Nenbutsuji temple is unique and one of the most memorable you'll see in Japan.
For Nov 17 you are again going all over. Fushimi Inari is open 24/7 so you can go anytime - if you go very early in the morning you can escape the crowds. From there it is not hard to take the Keihan Main Line (Not JR - you need to pay) up to Kiyomizu-Gojo Stn and then go see Kiyomizu, san/ninenzaka and the Philospher's trail. I doubt you can fit in Toji. But you can see the Nara Park area in half a day, and you could fit in Toji on that day. For Osaka, if you have the energy you can go see it after a day of sightseeing in Kyoto. The city really comes alive at night anyways. Osaka "castle" is not even a castle or even a reconstruction - it's a concrete museum with a castle facade. But if you want to see the best castle in the country, there is Himeji Castle + Kokoen Garden nearby - both are excellent. Get the combo ticket and one is virtually free.
I would not go all the way to Miyajima, then see just the Itsukushima Shrine and leave - it is a mistake that more than a few make. The shrine only takes 20-30 minutes without rushing anyway. Missing the DaishoinTemple there would be a terrible omission. Likewise, just going to Hiroshima City for the Peace Park/Museum is missing some real jewels - the Shukkein Garden is one of the best in the region, and if you want to see the hidden jewel of the city, go see the Mitakidera Temple. Almost nobody does and it is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places you will ever see in Japan. See it before the tourist mobs discover it and ruin the experience for good. If you see Himeji, there is not much need to go see Hiroshima Castle or Osaka.

For Nov 22nd, seeing the Sensoji Temple+Nakamise St is nearly carved in stone for most first-timers, but unless you want to see some muiseums at Ueno Park, there are many more beautiful places to see the autumn leaves - Tokyo has many gorgeous traditional gardens - Koishikawa Korakuen, Kiyosumi, Rikugien, Hama Rikyu, Kyu-Shiba Rikyu, Meiji Gyoen, and many more.
If you want to see Hakone and Nikko, you don't need to book any tour. For Hakone, you can just get the Hakone Free Pass and follow the famous Loop Course. For Nikko, you can use the Nikko Pass.
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Re: Mt. Fui: You can easily go on your own. See https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6900.html

15 Nov. – I think there are merits to the idea of pushing on to Kyoto. You’ll be tired upon reaching Kyoto, but you’ll be tired upon reaching Tokyo, too. But it really depends on your tolerance for flights, jet lag, and disorientation -- your call! Do think through the pros and cons. Or -- can you change your flights and fly into Osaka (Kansai or Itami) and out of Tokyo?

16 Nov. – the morning sounds too busy to me; YMMV.

17 Nov. – Yes, very , very, very busy. I don’t know if you can do it, as some places will close at sunset, which will be early in Nov. Check daylight hours at timeanddate.com

18 Nov – Nara and Osaka on the same day? Good luck!

19 Nov: Miyajima and Hiroshima on the same day trip from Kyoto? Again, good luck! And I think you can safely cross the ropeway off your list.

I’m not continuing my review of your plans….

If you haven't already done so, please spend some time with japan-guide.com and the JNTO website!
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Your itinerary is too ambitious. I suggest you revise it. Slow down. Japan is a beautiful country. It was a revelation for me. I'm ready to go back and absorb what I'm seeing. Have a glorious time.
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I think you are trying to move so fast that you will miss most of it. Yes, you might be able to check some/many of these off a list, but you won't have had any experience of them.

Pause and decide what are th things you most want to see/do in Japan and choose from those. You have at least twice as many things as you can enjoy.
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A. The two most expensive tours sound best. The bus tour with the ninja experience and the one with shopping don't look worthwhile. The shopping would probably be at the Gotemba Premium Outlets and you could see if they have good skincare options.

You should look into the JR Tokyo Wide Pass for your Fuji and Nikko travel.

The 23rd is a national holiday.

The 24th is a Saturday which means that there is a JR Ltd Express train from Shinjuku that goes all the way to Nikko departing Shinjuku at 7:30 AM. The return is at 4:37 PM. This is a popular train so you would want to get your reserved seats as soon as you get to Japan, especially on a holiday weekend. It is two hours each way,

Also from Shinjuku, you can take an Odakyu train to Hakone-Yumoto, if you want to DIY.

A better shopping option for you might be in Osaka after you visit Nara, but you will need to plan it out.
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If you get one thing out of what I just posted it is that Nikko is not a half-day trip. It requires 4 hours just to get there and back.
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