Hk Trivial quiz......

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Hk Trivial quiz......

Hi guyz,will be in HK from 4th to 15th October.
1)l have heard different views on whether the tap water in HK is safe to drink without boiling.Does the local HK people does that?Where can l find drinking water dispensers/water coolers besides the banks in HK?
2)Will the money changer kiosk and bank change my Singapore dollars,British Pound into HK Dollars easily?Where can l find the automatic 24hr foreign money changing machine,do they offer a better rate than the bank/money changer?
3)What are the cross harbour tunnel buses that travel from Mongkok to Causeway Bay,Sheung Wan?
Thanx and have a nice day!
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Water: I have ONLY heard that one shouldn't drink the water in HK. Some 5 star hotels have special water purification systems (and they'll let you know if they do), but most hotels provide bottled water for free.

No, the locals don't boil the water. My limited medical understanding is that it's because they have built up a resistance to they types of "bugs" that are in their water, which people who live in the West will not have done.

You can find bottled water available for probably less than 50 cents US on almost every street corner.

Money changer - In the major areas tourists congregate, there are money change kiosks or banks on almost every block. ATMS are even more common. Can't help w. the rates, though - I have no idea which one is better.

Busses - I can't help w. the busses, either, but I can guarantee you that if you just show up at your departure point and ask someone how to get to where you want to go, they'll be more than happy to help you. If you're staying in a hotel they can give you a map and help you plan out all of your routes.

Have fun!
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Hi Cozaar;

A bit of a correction to what Andrea's said (Andrea, your advice on visiting China is excellent -- but maybe practices in HK are different from Shanghai??). Expatriates in HK may drink the tap water, and some locals might, but I've never seen any actually do it. Every local person I know (and I've been here 11 years and have a Chinese wife) boils the tap water. It's not so much that there are any bugs in it when it comes from the gov't water system, but many buildings here have water holding tanks and piping that are charitably described as less than pristine. At hotels you likely needn't worry, and Andrea is right that they'll either make it eminently clear their water is purified, or provide bottled water, or provide thermoses of boiled water, or all of the above.

As for the buses, they're just what you said: they're public buses that cross Hong Kong's harbour, i.e. back and forth from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. They're usually a bit more expensive than buses that stay on one side or the other, but if you know where you're going and can find a tunnel bus to fit the bill, they're often quicker, cheaper and much more pleasant than doing a combination of subway/taxi/walking.
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Ross - You caught me! I did assume that the practices regarding tap water would be the same in HK as in Shanghai. I confirmed w. my colleague that most local people DO drink the tap water in Shanghai, but I was just making an assumption that it was the same in HK.

We'll take your expert word on HK!
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Hi Ross,thanx for your lovely reply.
Since you're in HK,would like to know what's the situation of the HK city now after the America terrorist attack.
Is it safe still to visit HK?
What about air travel ?
Good Day!
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Hi Cozaar;

I think HK is likely to be as safe as just about anywhere can be these days -- it's one of the world's safest cities in terms of very low crime rates, and it's obviously not a western city, so I don't see any reason to avoid travelling here!

I also think the levels of security at HK's airport far exceed those I've encountered in almost every US airport I've been in. HK by definition has no 'domestic' flights, so everyone flying here goes through fairly rigorous checking.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Hi Ross,how are u today?
Would like to know if it's safe to change money(British Pound to HKD))at the streets money changer,l heard some give u fake money?The bank tends to give a lower rate and charge a commmission,am l right?
Where should l change my British Pound to RMB because l'll be going to shenzhen for shopping as well.l understand the shops/tourist attractions in Shenzhen take HKD but its' still better to have some RBM on hand for public transport?
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Hi Cozaar;

I can only help a little bit, I'm afraid, since I live here and don't really need to change money into HK dollars!

I do know that the banks here are pretty notorious for leveeing service charges on money-changing transactions. Such charges vary from bank to bank. I don't know much about the street-level money changers (which are all over the place in tourist areas) but do know that you need to be careful to check both the rate offered and any extra charges tacked on. Whenever you deal with non-bank money changing, I suppose there's always some risk, but again I haven't heard of anything here lately.

As for changing money to RMB: there are a special breed of moneychangers that have sprung up in recent years that tend to have little counters with just one window at street level that do nothing but change RMB. You can again find these all over the tourist areas. They tend to advertise their rates mostly just for HK dollars --> RMB transactions, i.e. it might be confusing trying to change pounds with them. Local people use these all the time, and I've never heard of them being particularly prone to scams.

I realize this isn't all that helpful -- does anyone who's been a tourist recently in HK have something to add?

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Hi Ross,l'm in a dilemma now.
l just got news from the media that there were 7 alleged terrorists that were arrested in Macau.They were reported to have plans to exert terrorist threat and bomb the USembassy, US organisations in HK.The Us consulate was even closed on Sept 17 yesterday altho' re-opened today.l'm very worried now and contemplating to cancel or postphone my
October trip.You know how terrifying these terrorists are.
What's the current atmosphere and situition in HK today?How has this affected the local HK people?
Is it still safe to visit HK now?
Thanx for your input!
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Hi Ross
The news nowaday, very misleading and had some story distorted.

Todays Hong Kong Chinese Newspaper said, the 7 arrested in Macau, never was accusted or any linkage with the Terroist and confirmed by The police these are illegal immigrants from Pakistan, and also some "yellow powder" have found but identiftied is curry powder for cooking only - sorry for these Pakistanist - have to send home.

The same day, another Pakinstan has also arrested, for loitering in Macau during late hours and detained for overnight at the policy station and released the next day. After investigation, the poor guy is prooved a 100% resident in Hong Kong, too bad, he tried his luck, too bad all lost in the casino, no $$$$ left for the ferry return back to HK. Poor Pakinstanist, have to face another investigation- that is, in front of his wife.

The closure of US Consulate on Sept 17 in Hong Kong also have nothing to do with the above. As the public media said.

Asia is safe, particular Hong Kong.
Have a good time and enjoy it.

A Hong Konger

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