October trip to Japan

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October trip to Japan

My husband and I are scheduled to fly to Tokyo for a week on October 6 to stay with my husband's brother, who lives and works in Tokyo. We have travelled widely in Europe but this is our first trip to Asia. I know that Japan is a very safe country, and the improved airport security measures are reassuring, but should we continue with our plans? So far, we have decided to take the trip unless there are further terrorist attcks or the U.S. launches some sort of military response. Even then, we may still go, but I wonder if anyone thinks this is a foolish approach? We have been so looking forward to this trip!
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Japan is very safe. Like you, I would go unless there are further developments that lead you to believe it is not safe. I do have a trip planned for December, and plan to continue with my travel.
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Japan has experienced terrorist attacks years ago (the "Japanese red army" that helped hijack planes in Lebanon, and supporters of the farmers opposed to the extension of Narita airport), and security at airports is among one of the striktest. In any case, Eastern Asia is not on the islamist terrorists hit list. Decision of going or not is entirely your own and nobody should judge you on it. Enjoy your time in Japan.
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My wife and I are scheduled to leave for Tokyo on Oct 2nd. I believe we have decided not to travel as much as we want to. We were using FF miles for the tickets and the hotel cancellation is not a problem. We are not worried about being harmed while in Japan. We are worried about what is going to be happening very soon with our military and country. The last thing we want is to be stuck outside the US. What happens if the US or other countries do not allow international flights for a period of time during this "war". Hate to be stuck in Japan paying $250 usd per night for a hotel waiting to get home
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Thanks for the responses. Steve, I agree with you that our primary fear should be inconvenience/significant delays if there are further attacks or if the U.S. takes military action. Luckily, we will be staying with my brother-in-law at his home in Tokyo instead of a hotel, so even if we end up stuck for a while we won't run up huge hotel costs! It also makes me feel safer to be staying in a private home in a Tokyo neighborhood rather than a hotel that caters to foreign travellers.

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