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Distance between Pratunam and Chatuchak


Jan 27th, 2008, 03:09 AM
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Distance between Pratunam and Chatuchak


We were planning to stay in the Pratunam area and was wondering if anyone might now how far Chatuchak is from Pratunam?

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Jan 27th, 2008, 04:33 AM
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not in walking distance, approx. 5 miles.
But you can take the skytrain from Siam to Mochit and make the rest (if you are not fond of walking) by taxi or tuk-tuk.
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Jan 27th, 2008, 09:30 AM
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Hello Wolfmisc,

Thank you for the quick reply. Per your suggestion of taking the skytrain from Siam to Mochit and then the rest by taxi or Tuk-Tuk, how long would it take, would you say?

We really want to shop in Bangkok (for items such as clothing, Jewelry, and ethnic items) and are not sure whether to stay in Pratunam or Chatuchak. What would you recommend?

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Jan 27th, 2008, 09:35 AM
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prat. area would offer much more for you....i can't think that the accomodations near to 'CC' would be all that geeat...

you can take either the subway or skytrain to the weekend market---allow 30 or so minutes...
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Jan 27th, 2008, 08:35 PM
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I would agree that staying in the Pratunam area would be better than near Chatuchak. Chatuchak is a ways out from the city center, and Pratunam is practically within the center (Siam area).

Mochit is the last skytrain station on one of the two skytrain routes. Mochit is the location almost right outside the weekend market (Chatuchak). The subway has a station that is right inside the market. However, you would have to do some backtracking to get to the subway station to go to Chatuchak from the Pratunam area.

Depending on which hotel you select, you might be closer to the Ploenchit skytrain station than to the Siam station. Not much walking distance between these two stations so no big deal. Which hotel are you considering?

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Jan 27th, 2008, 08:38 PM
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Here is a brief shopping report from a trip to Bangkok a year and a half ago or so. This might be of help to you in your planning.

You asked about a central shopping district. YES, there is one. It's all basically along one street. It begins at the National Stadium skytrain station (the other end of the skytrain line that you would take from the river hotels, by the Pen). MBK (MaboonKrong) is located right at this station. Start at MBK and then it's very easy to walk from mall to mall right along the skytrain route and on the many crosswalks above the Bangkok traffic!

Just across from MBK (diagonally) is Siam Discovery/Siam Center. You will enjoy both of these malls, I think. Both are several floors with shops you donít find other places. There is a Starbucks if you arrive earlier than the shops are opening. Across the "fountain" area from Siam Center is the Siam Paragon mall. Very upscale. The food court in the basement level is fantastic!! Do give it a try when out shopping. The Exotique Thai store on the 4th floor has some lovely items for souvenirs/gifts. Also, there is a very nice Jim Thompson store on the first floor.

If you leave Siam Paragon, you can either take the skytrain one stop, or walk (easiest to do in my opinionÖ just use the walkway underneath the skytrain) to the next mall... Central World Plaza. It is on the same side of the street as Siam Discovery/Center/Paragon. Central World mall also has many shops that are not in the other malls. One of my favorites is NaRaYa, for cute cosmetic bags, wallets, purses, made out of fabrics (not silk).

Directly across the street from Central World is a very upscale mall called Gaysorn Plaza (again, same SIDE of the street as all the others). I have never really found much in this mall, although the Thai crafts on the 4th floor are nice. Look BEHIND Gaysorn and you will see the Thai Craft Center (NariPhand). Prices are much better here. If you look in the basement lever, you will find a ďmarketĒ atmosphere where haggling is expected!!

Now, a little bit further down the street beyond Gaysorn(past the Bangkok Holiday Inn) is a wonderful department store called Central. This one is called Central "ChitLom" because it is connected to, and located at, the ChitLom skytrain station. I always enjoy this department store. One of my favorite hair dressers in Bangkok is in a small beauty shop in a little walkway just past ďThe Little KitchenĒ restaurant. OD does my hair just about every time Iím in Bangkok. He speaks good English and is very kind.

If you take the skytrain a few more stops further down the SAME STREET, you will find the Emporium mall. The Emporium department store gets good reviews. I also like a small restaurant there called Greyhound. The Emporium has a nice selection of shops.

Jim Thompson silk is really GORGEOUS stuff!! I'm sure you will fall in love with it. Furnishings, fabrics, scarves, and the most BEAUTIFUL handbags and cosmetic cases EVER. You will find a JT department at Central Chitlom store along with a JT store at many of the better hotels; and there is also a shop located at ZEN department store at Central World Plaza, to name just a few of the places where it can be found. I'd really try to find the time to take a look at JT stuff. Plus, there is a new location at Paragon mall. If you like what you see, you might just venture out to the JT Outlet. It is past the last skytrain stop (On Nut) where you would take a taxi. The outlet is about 4 or 5 floors. There is a lot of fabric, not quite so many clothing and accessories items, although the 4th floor is fun to check out!!

I won't go into the many shopping markets where you haggle over prices and buy things very cheap, although the Weekend Market at Chatuchak is certainly entertaining... although HOT and CROWDED on a Saturday morning. Chatuchak is located at the END of the "other" skytrain line at Mo Chit station. (There are TWO skytrain lines and they intersect at SIAM PARAGON area) Another option for getting to the weekend market is the subway line. If you get off of the subway at the station AFTER the one that is called Chatuchak Park (or something like that), you will exit the subway station directly INSIDE the weekend market! Couldnít be easier! Taxi back to your hotel if you have lots of bags from a successful day at the weekend market and are laden with goodies! Oh, and there is a new JJ Mall, located just outside the Chatuchak grounds. Itís worth a stop if you go to the market, but otherwise I donít think Iíd make a special trip out here at another time. Just my own opinion.

I believe SuanLum is still going strong. I was just by there not more than 3 weeks ago and it was still in business. I did not stop to shop but it's a fun night bazaar. The Joe Lewis puppet theater is located here, as well as a huge ferris wheel. This market is more pleasant than the weekend market, in my opinion, because it is in the evening when the temp has dropped a bit. Plus, there is a very lively food/entertainment complex where you can sit and relax! The selection is not quite so large as Chatuchak, however. And maybe a little bit more expensive.

BTW, if you are traveling with kids, they just might enjoy going to a very unique movie theater!! At Siam Discovery mall, top floor, you will find the Gold Class Theater. There are only about 30 seats in the place. Each one is a lazyboy-type recliner. Some have massage built in. You get footies, blankets, pillows, etc. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO SEE A MOVIE!!! I strongly recommend it. The cost is so minimal when compared to the US. If NYC had a theater like this, you'd pay $35 easy... I think it might cost you $10 in Bangkok. Even if the movie is a dud, it's fun to view it at the Gold Class theater!

Enjoy your trip! Enjoy your shopping adventure in Bangkok!



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Feb 3rd, 2008, 09:42 AM
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Hello Carol,

Thank yo so much for all of your great input.

I will print out your message and bring it with me to Bangkok "as a shopping map"!

Thanks for putting in the time to share!
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Feb 3rd, 2008, 05:59 PM
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Actually, Ploenchit station is further away from Pratunam than Siam. Depending on where you're staying in Pratunam, you may be closer to the Ratchatewi station than to Siam.

For clothing, you'll find much more of it in Pratunam, where the markets are open every day. Platinum Mall is the most westerner-friendly place in the market, but there's a lot more across the street.
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