Burma in hot April during New Years

Feb 12th, 2014, 05:32 AM
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Burma in hot April during New Years

Hi everyone,

I am planning to go to Burma in April - during the hottest time of the year. I have also only 9 days including travel time. I don't particularly enjoy the heat and hate that I have such a short period of time, but it's the only time I have the opportunity to go.

The cities I plan to visit are Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake. We have decided to save Mandalay for another time.

Right now my itinerary is as follow:

April 9: Arrive to Yangon
April 10: fly from Yangon to Bagan (arrive early in AM)
April 11: Bagan
April 12: Bagan
April 13: fly to Inle Lake (arrive in AM)
April 14: Inle Lake
April 15: fly back to Yagon (arrive in early evening)
April 16: Yangon
April 17: fly out of Yagon

A few questions:

1) Reading a few forums, everyone says that you should allow more time for Bagan. I've pretty much given 3 full days. Given how hot it will be, do you think that I should reduce this time and allow more time in Inle Lake instead? Unless there is much more to do in the city, I'm afraid I might not make it with the heat/sun exposure visiting the pagoda - I think I might be able to pull off a day at most (we will probably be taking the horse cart option as biking seems suicidal at this point). So do you think 3 days is too much?

2) We will be visiting Burma during New Years - Water festival. I'm both intrigued but apprehensive at the same time. The festival looks incredible, but at the same time most guide books I've seen say that everything will be closed and shut down. Will we, as tourists, have difficulty eating out and walking around (we hit New Years when we arrive in Inle Lake, and the celebration ends when we'll be in Yangon). Will it be extremely difficult to get around?

3) Finally this is a strange question, but I suffer from an immense phobia of snakes which has impaired my travelling plans in the past. It's an actual phobia, not just a fear. I've been wanting to visit Burma for so long but when I researched around (as I always have to do with anyone of my travel destination) - it seems that they are common everywhere - living in pagodas, etc. everywhere. Is this true or have I just read horror stories?

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!
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Feb 12th, 2014, 06:34 AM
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Inle Lake will be "cooler" (less hot) than Bagan. Yangon will be "hell hot."

I'd fly out as soon as you get to Yangon. What time are your flights?

I've taken too trips to Burma, never saw any snakes. No guarantee you won't.

If you can postpone this trip, I would if you are sensitive to heat. Unlike other more developed countries in SE Asia, there is air-conditioning everywhere.
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Feb 13th, 2014, 07:15 AM
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Just left Myanmar and we didn't see any snakes. I'd cut your time in Yangon. It was awfully hot and uncomfortable when we were there. Could you fly into Yangon and go directly to Bagan? I'd definitely add a day to Inle Lake as it's fabulous and will be cooler.
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Feb 13th, 2014, 08:50 AM
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I just got back from an 8 day trip, and I was sorry we didn't have a little longer in Yangon (we only really had a half day after our return from Inle Lake). Of course, it wasn't quite as hot in January, and it's unclear when you arrive on your first day (we arrived early evening). Ideally, you'd like close to a full day, I think.

However, I do think you would be better to have one less day in Bagan and one more in Inle. We had our time split 2 Bagan (with the first flight out from Yangon at 6 a.m. it was really two full days)/3 Inle, and thought it was perfect. Bagan is dusty and we had our fill of temples in a day and a half. Bagan also seemed more crowded and has larger groups of tourists. Finally, we found the accommodation at Inle more appealing, not to mention, as stated above, it is cooler.

No snakes that we saw.
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Feb 13th, 2014, 06:34 PM
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In Bagan why don't you do one day in a horse cart and the other in an a/c car? Also be sure to start early when it's not as hot. Take a nice break mid afternoon and then go back out later in the afternoon. I think that's pretty much what is recommended to avoid the heat of the day.
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Feb 14th, 2014, 06:20 AM
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That's what we decided to do - 2 days in Bagan, and 3 days in Inle. We are also spending our 2 last days in Yangon because we wanted to hit the height of the festival.

Traveler318, do you have any accommodation in Inle?

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