best dining in Bangkook needed

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best dining in Bangkook needed

This is the 4th and last installement of a 4 part question on all city dining for the 4 locations planned fo rour summer trip next year.

Thank you for bearing with me on these four seperate entries. It is much easier for me to file your answers in seperate folders.

Although I am in the food business and have lots of contacts, I trust you guys so much I wanted to know your favorite dining spots in

We eat anything and everything and while we don't mind spicy, we prefer not to go over the top with too much spice; the kind that makes you cry!

We like hidden gems as well as happening places as long as the food is good. The decor is important, but even so if the food more than makes up for a decor, that is fine.

We love pretty views and unique places.

We would like to have one special dinner in Bangkok. Price is not a factor, although I doubt of the the 4 cities we are going to that Bangkok will be as expensive as Toyko, Beijing and Hong Kong!

Lunch and dinner recommendations are welcomed.

We'd like to stick to Asian influenced food only. No need for Italian, etc.

Thanks all for sifting through all 4 of these postings!

Many, many thanks!!!!
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Well, it's not Asian but Le Normandie at the Oriental was the most amazing experience to date for me.

This is a place where the staff READS YOUR MIND and knows what you want and brings it to you only a second after you barely thought it yourself.

We had dinner and sat over-looking the river in the opulent surroundings.

If you don't find anything else that is to your liking, you might want to try it. It is very special.
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There are lots of lovely Thai restuarants. There is an excellent Thai restaurant in the Sheraton Royal Orchid overlooking the river. The setting is lovely and the food is excellent. It's called something like Thara Thong.

Bob says there is a new Thai restaurant in the Pen. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll bet it's very good.

A couple of stand-alone restaurants in Bangkok that I like: Lemongrass and Harmonique. These would both be nice places for a lunch. Harmonique is Thai-Chinese, Lemongrass is Thai.

In the Four Seasons, there is an excellent Thai restaurant called the Spice Market. The setting is not much, the food is excellent though over-priced.
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I'm going to be recoing some stand alone restaurants and not hotel rest as u seem to have enought suggestions for hotels. Mahanaga on Sukhumvit, Soi 29 (I think - u should confirm the address) has "Thai fusion" food in a great setting - have outdoor tables, great interior decor, very int food. Face Bar has a Thai restaurant where the food is good and the overal experience - have a bar, again great decor through out - see the Conde Nast review hotlist04/hottables/46 - its in Sukhumvit too, I think Soi 63. Finally Blue Elephant Bangkok - is a good dining experience to I prefer the other 2 given a choice. All these places u need a reservation even on a weekday. All these are open - and enjoyed - best at dinner time.
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Sorry - should have mentioned, these are all fine dining, dressed up places tho not as expensive as the hotels suggested.
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bangkok is an excellent eating you have requested only asian i shall stick to that although it will be hard for me to do...
i find that most thai restaurants are not all that beautiful inside...for them the effort goes into the food, and as food people you can appreciate that...

here goes: i love the new thai restuarnat at the peninsula hotel---al fresco set amongst several small thai houses along the river on the grounds of the hotel---Thalaythip...they have 4 set menus (tasting) and an a la carte menu..

inside the hotel is jesters which is their fusion restaurant...the minimalistic style is pleasing with a huge window overlooking the river...excellent....

harmonique, soi 34 or 36, new road, between the oriental and shangri-la hotels, next to the general post office is a great local place...excellent food, mediocre service, very cheap (moderate for bkk)...its ecclectic in decor...owned by a family and run by old people...they are a hoot...
its my favorite for supper....

lemongrass mentioned above is popular but i do not care for it...

baan kahnitha, the one on soi 23, sukhumvit rd is both appealing to the eye and to the tongue...old thai house converted...not that big....the other one (location near american embassy) of the same name is not good in my opinion...go to this one...good thai hi-style food...good service...

dim the new conrad hotel (actually across the street from the bad baan khanitha) has a fabulous luncheon everyday of dim sum...third floor...Liu Restaurant...all you can eat from the menu, not buffet at a set price...dim sum i have never seen before and beautifully presented--simply the best...

ok so now i will stretch asian a bit...on sundays the indian restaurant on the top floor of the rembrandt hotel, soi 18, sukhumvit rd, there is a fabulous brunch...90% indian foods with a lovely view over the city...buffet..excellent food and presentation...sundays only...otherwise it is a good place to eat from the menu as well...

the spice market at the four seasons hotel is wife likes it a lot...i find it a bit bland...the setting is nice but simple...good menu

the chinese restaurants at both the marriott resort and spa and the peninsula are also very good...

the shangri-la has a lovely riverside thai restaurant, both al fresco and in the a/ is highly regarded...

gpanda on this site loves the gallery cafe on captain bush rd near to the sheraton orchid is good and the decor is pleasing...i have only eaten there once and it was quite is somewhat new...

the china house in back of and owned by the oriental hotel is very good....

there is a thai restaurant in back of the holiday inn on silom rd...i forget the name but it is very should be easy to track is on a street that runs down the left side of the hotel thru to sathorn may be up one block...i sort of forget...

le dalat on soi 23, sukhumvit rd get very good marks for vietnamese...

this should get you started...

may i suggest the following guide book to you: ron krannich's, The Treasurers and Pleasurers of Thailand...just being published this month in updated form...avail. on amazon...

bon apetite--i will miss her, she was unique!!
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thanks guys!!!!

It is an excellent start and just what I am looking for...

Yes, I ordered the Treasure and Pleasure books from amazon..

Again, many thanks and any other thoughts are much appreciated!!!

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I also vote for treasures and pleasures book. Got two, for hong kong and Thailand. Great books.
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I ate at the Spice Market-I thought it, well, one of the most mediocre Thai restaurants, if not the most mediocre, that I sampled-and I'm being kind.
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finally spygirl i have found something that i can agree with you on....i will add however that many love is definately geared to the western wife loves it...
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"definitely geared to the western palate"-uh, I guess-my meal was practically inedible, and my friend's only a little less so.

I believe I've said this before-I've yet to find any Thai restaurant that comes close to Keo's on Kuhio Ave. in Honolulu. Not even close.
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If you enjoy seafood and don't mind seeing it raw Seafood market on Soi 24 behind Emporium is also a great dining experience. From a row of counters at the back choose the seafood you want to eat, it is weighed then you pay for it. The explain how you want it cooked (in case you do not speak Thai and the waiter looks beiwldered - tho most of them speak enough English to understand you - ask people at a nearby table to help out, sauteed, stir fired, in curry, spicy, non spicy) and it will be freshly prepared for you. Have vegs too - among the best morning glory I have had lightly sauteed in garlic butter. Great food.
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Hobbes- I love sauteed morning glory in garlic! Had that outside of Chiang Mai somewhere, it was great-I don't meat, only seafood-and yes, I have picked out my seafood before, in Chiang Mai, and had it freshly cooked-that was good.

But you know where I had one of the best meals anywhere in Asia? The Muslim quarter of Xi'an-on the street- I have yet to find again such a lovely fresh white fish, fresh-grilled with spices and fresh pita bread-that was as good as that. The Muslim Quarter of Xi'an is one of the more fascinating places to visit in China-IMO.
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Spygirl I often find amazing food in sreet stalls or small restaurants frequented by locals. I posted about this in response to someone else's thread re experiences in Bkk - among my most amazing memories are of eating great food in very small places. Someone else posted that this is a surefire remedy to falling sick. IMHO if the food is not lying outside in the sun, infested wth flies, if it is all cooked, table tops, utensils, etc look clean chances of falling sick are almost the same as in fancy upmarket restaurants. I know diff people have diff opinions on this - if/when u visit India u should go to the Nzammudin area in Delhi to eat kebabs sold in stalls - among the best in the world.
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If you like Peking Duck, the best in the world, imho, is at the China House, the Chinese restaurant at the Oriental. The restaurant is truly elegant and the prices very reasonable, all listed in Baht, not U.S.Dollars. My husband and I eat there on every trip to Bangkok and always get the Peking Duck. We've never been disappointed. A bit of advice though, if you want alcohol with your meal, stick to beer unless you don't mind paying upwards of $10 per glass of wine!

If you tire of Asian food, for a truly unique experience, head to the Seafood Market at 89 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Sukhumvit Rd., (take the skytrain to Prompong Station). It's set up like a supermarket and you get a shopping cart and grocery shop for your dinner. You pay at the checkout and then you tell your waiter how you want your fish, veggies etc. cooked. The atmosphere in the outdoor courtyard is very nice. We prefer to sit there rather than inside, which is very bright, noisy and crowded. The seafood is excellent and inexpensive. Their motto is "If it swims we have it". Look for the giant red neon lobster, you can't miss it.
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Sorry, I see that someone else has listed the Seafood Market. Oh well, now you have two recommendations for it. And Bob already mentioned the China House, but he didn't tell you about the Peking Duck ;-)
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I completely agree with laurieco about China House and the peking duck. It is sublime and I also have it at least once on every trip -- and, no, you do NOT have to order it in advance. China House is actually one of my very favorite restaurants and their dim sum lunch is fabulous. My only complaint is that I am someone who LOVES wine and hates beer so the wine prices there are a problem. Last couple of times, however, I brought the bottle of champagne that I got from the hotel to the restaurant and drank it so even that problem got solved. ;-)
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I'm sitting at the internet cafe on the third floor of the Emporium mall in Bangkok reading the forum questions. As for food, go to the Thanying Thai restaurant...10 Soi Pramuan, Silom Rd. Tel. 236-4361. It's in an old Thai house. I just ate there yesterday for lunch at 2:30 and my Thai friend and I were the only people in the restaurant...Great!It's nice to eat there at that time because at around 3;30 the street comes to life when the kids get out of school. There's an school next door and the parents are all showing up to get the kids and the vendors are out on the sidewalk selling snacks and cooking at the sidewalk stands and you get a real view of Thai life and a neighborhood that's bustling.The restaurant is not far from the Sri Mariaman Hindu temple on Silom Rd. If you go to the restaurant at night you need to make a reservation. The food is great. I've eaten at all three in Singapore. Was in Singapore last week and have been there many times and eaten at their branches. And there was one in the World Trade Center here in Bangkok...renamed to the Central World Plaza...but my friend and I were just there an hour ago and that location of the restaurant has been closed. As for the Thai restaurant in the Peninsula...I just stayed at the Pen day before yesterday and had an evening reservation to eat at the Thai restaurant , but cancelled. I just didn't feel like eating outside in the heat. The restaurant is built sort of in a tree house. It looked interesting though. The Royal Orchid has a new restaurant that's quite good that has both western food and Thai food. I stayed at that hotel for one night and checked out and went over to my all time favorite...The Four Seasons...where I'll be for some days before I move on to the Metropolitan. I was totally unimpressed with the Royal Orchid's guestrooms and was given a tour of the Towers...floor 26 which is all new and renovated, but I think it's overpriced at a low season rate of $170. The rooms are all sparkling and new, but clostophobically small. My standard room at the Four Seasons is 55 sq.meters....and for $139. The Pen rooms were huge,too,at $160 a night... but the atmosphere I found quite stiff and the checkout service was awful. I stood in line 30 minutes to check out and only one person was ahead of me. As for the Sheraton, I gave it one night...which was enough... since I shop at the River City mall next door. But, I couldn't have been happier to once again walk through the doors of the Four Seasons yesterday...and see happy and smiling and cheerful people and to eat the best buffet breakfast I've eaten at any hotel in Bangkok...although the buffet breakfastes are usually quite good at bangkok hotels.And to stay in a hotel that has only 9 floors so I don't feel like I'm looking out of an airplane at the Pen...I was put on the 16th floor of 37 floors. Anyhow, I know you asked about food, but I thought I'd type extra information in case others are reading this post. Happy Travels!
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