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ang & dave
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can anyone advise us on what to do, see, excursions, etc... in Bali and Bangkok - our trip starts in the first week of March. First time there and will be staying in Nusa Dua in bali (7 nights) and staying on Rama 4 road in Bangkok (3 nights here - by the way is this a good place for shoppers?). Has anyone stayed at the Dusit Thani? How safe is it to walk around at night in both Bali and Bangkok? what to watch out for? We will not be travelling with kids. Advice on food is appreciated too. Any immunization required before going abroad to these 2 places?

We have been to Singapore...don't know what else to do...any ideas?
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My husband and I visited Bangkok and Bali on our honeymoon in July and stayed in Nusa Dua. We felt very safe walking around there at night, as it's a very resorty area and seemed to have fairly vigilant security. Make sure you spend plenty of time outside of Nusa Dua, is it is a bit generic. We went rafting and road elephants with Bali Adventure Tours. I loved both, but my husband wasn't all that impressed with the elephants. The rafting was truly spectacular, though. When we were there the water wasn't very high and so the rapids were pretty tame. The scenery along the Ayung River was breathtaking and absolutely made the trip for both of us. The guides were very friendly and knowledgable and added to the fun of the experience. We booked over the Internat and found the prices very reasonable for a full day's worth of activity. We also went to the Monkey Forest in Ubud and enjoyed that. Both of these excursions were a good way to get out of the resort area and get a better look at the island. Enjoy your trip!
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Tony Smith
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There were 17 of us - including children in Bali for 12 days in July. We spent time in Nusa Dua and would not particularly recommend it. We preferred time in the mountains around Ubud. Much cheaper, great locals and plenty to see. The dancing at the local temple most evenings was very spectacular and well worthwhile. A hit with us was a trip to a cremation ceremony. Thousands had gathered for the cremation of some 90 people. We tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, but were readily accepted by the Balinese. We always felt very safe wherever we went, and allowed our teenage children to walk at night. Food was a delight as we simply walked along until we spotted a restaurant and went in!! Food excellent quality in general, and cheap too. We had no particular innoculations and only 1 in our group became unwell. Bottled water is very reaqdily available and is a must to use. We enjouyed ourselves so much, we plan to return in 2002 - going to Lombok first, then back around Ubud. Enjoy!!
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Bankok has many (often good ) tailors, but try to get recommendations from ex-pats. Don't go for 24hr service-as you would be going for TAILORING spend a little extra on decent quality materials (often good woolen and silk available) but be a little cautious about colours that look fine under tropical skies can look gaudy and silly in northern climes! Also one's body size may vary due to reative hydration levels Isuspect.... and those tinyoriental ladies look so neat because their clothes are so tightly fitted, I would urge a cool calculating approach and AT LEAST TWO the first visit will take a while, but the next two should be very brief-(tailors may come to your hotel once,say for the 2nd fitting or to deliver the finished product-but by then you don't have much chance to change things,and may send their driver to pick you up...but timing may be a bit notional)So your 4 nights will be enough if you start EARLY.
Do see the old Royal palace (opens about 8:30 start early as by 10:30 -12 it's HOT,so find the little cafe near the end for water/tea etc to re-hydrate.
for the rest I hope the pollutions not too high...if your there over Sat. there is a good market and often kite flying.
Bali-Nusa Dua too sterile and synthetic for my taste...a westerners ghetto.depends on how much travelling youv'e done and what you enjoy; personally after the first night (post long haul) to any new destination in SE Asia I much prefer to get out and eat locally as the food is almost always miles better...though the toilet facilities may be exceding poor by western standards (if they exist at all). We carry unscented , moisturised baby wipes as a strategic contingency.
watch out for biting monkeys which can whip off your glasses,bangles-or worse earrings etc and groups of dogs, light fingered money changers - also Asian elephants are quite a bit smaller than the African variety...but next time in Thailand go north to Chiang Mai etc - less humid and more fun.
The more you do S.E. Asia the more fun it becomes! Have a good one.
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In Bali: We stayed in the Four Seasons Sayan resort and hired a car to take us to see Gunung Agung / Batur, the rice terraces, the mother temple and Pura Ulu Watu (This was in April of 98 - can't remember if we did this all in one day, or 1 1/2 days). Did not go into the temple at Ulu Watu, but enjoyed walking the trails and watching the monkeys & looking over the cliff. BEWARE of the monkeys & your glasses or earrings!!!! They took my friend's sunglasses in a fraction of a second - I watched the whole thing happen in one blink of my eye. Then the locals help you get them back by offering apples to the monkey. They expect tips for this, so bring small bills.
Bangkok: Was only there a short time, but liked it. Enjoyed the basement markets & loved the food and hospitality. There was a lot of dirt in the air, so bring eyedrops if you wear contacts.
Singapore: Visited many times. I enjoyed the bird park, Sentosa Is., and the orchid gardens.
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When you are in Bangkok do not miss the Royal Palace it is a very special place. However be advised when you get there, if you are traveling on your own, people will come up to you and tell you that the palace is closed for one reason or the other....don't believe them. They are usually the "tuc-tuc" (sp) driver's trying to get you to go with them so they can pick up a fare. Also take the time to figure out which direction the MAIN gate is at or you will have a LONG walk around the Palace until you get to the entrance. Long pants are required at the palace and they even have "loaners" if you happen to be in shorts, as I was.
Enjoy your stay.
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My wife and I are trying to decide between Bangkok, Bali, and Singapore. This will probably be our only trip in Asia so we want to choose the best place for shopping, romance, and, nightlife. Can anybody make a recommendation? It'd be a big help.
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things to see and do in singapore:
shopping: orchard road, suntec city, marina square;
food: newton hawker centre for local dishes and many many restaurants for all kinds of food;
night life: boat quay and clark quay for relaxation and fun (lots of pubs and restaurants), mohamad sultan for pubs and disco;
sights: little india, china town, jalan sultan, sentosa, zoo, bird park, night safari,science centre etc;
one advice: try the local food as frequent as possible: the coffee in the coffee shop is much cheaper and nicer than star buck(40 cents compare to 3 dollars), a plate of chicken in hawker centre (1.50) taste better than a steak in a restaurant($15?).if you want to go to restaurant, try the tim sum during lunch hour.
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We were in Bali & Bangkok in November. 3 days is plenty in Bangkok! Royal palace is a must as are the many Wats(Arun, Po)! I agree that you must go to the Royal Palace early - pay for a guide - very informative! I also enjoyed the Jim Thompson house - short tour but interesting to hear about the man who sparked the rbirth of the silk trade.

Good restaurants in Bangkok - include cabbages & condems (hoot of a store attached!) and we went to the oriental and sat outside. Stay away from the beggers market/thieves market in Pat Pong - you wil be constantly interupted to see a sex show and it felt usafe to me the whole time!

We LOVED Bali - magical! We loved the market near UBud - although you kind of get sick of the begging and tugging as they plead for you to buy. Good deals though and a fun sight! We left there and went to Amandari for lunch - fantastic!

Singapore is fine - but it really is just big city - none of the tropical feel like Bali but definately more modern, safer and cleaner than Bangkok. I was disappointed that it was so Americanized - Chili's on every other corner! I agree with the recommedations if you go. You MUST however go to the night safari which is there zoo - it is absolutely incredible! Don't miss it at night! Have fun!

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