TSA Leg Brace Security Question

Aug 7th, 2012, 07:47 AM
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TSA Leg Brace Security Question

I must wear a hard-plastic brace on one leg and a soft brace attached to my shoe on the other leg. Thus, taking off my shoes for TSA screening is very difficult. Given these circumstances, does anyone know if TSA should and/or would let me go through security without having to remove my shoes? Thanks in advance.
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Aug 7th, 2012, 09:34 AM
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You might get a doctor's note, but usually that doesn't matter.

They're changing the rules, but they are still pretty firm on shoes.


I would contact them about what your requirements are.

You still will go through a full body search.
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Aug 7th, 2012, 03:21 PM
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If I read your question correctly, it appears you can't walk through security without the assistance of your leg braces. Check with your airline about handicapped assistance through security. The airline can arrange for wheelchair to get you through the security check. After security they can transport you to your departure gate or you can dismiss them and continue to the gate on your own.
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Aug 8th, 2012, 05:06 AM
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All you need to do is tell the TSA Agent that you cannot walk if you remove your leg braces. They will take you aside and give you a "putdown" screening. It will take only a couple of extra minutes and you'll be on your way.
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Aug 8th, 2012, 02:31 PM
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I think that's actually a pat-down screening. In fact, I know it is, having been through all too many because of artificial knees--even after going through a whole-body scanner.

Having a wheelchair for going through security means one usually can go through a separate line--and the attendant will watch your bags as they go through the metal detector and return them to you.
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Aug 8th, 2012, 03:25 PM
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Thanks, Underhill - "patdown" it is - my fingers didn't hit the right key!
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Aug 9th, 2012, 01:04 PM
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Thanks, everybody!
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