Security issues with Knee replacement

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Security issues with Knee replacement

I will be traveling with school tour group in 2013 and have just had knee replacement surgery. I guess I'm most concerned about delaying the entire group with possible security points. I will be unable to go through magnetic screenings. I know in the States how they handle such, but not sure about international travel. Also, some points of interest Museums, Eifel tower, etc. may require security entrances. So I'm looking for anyone who has recently traveled with knee replacement and encountering security entrances. I am planning on laminating cards in French that say: I have a right knee replacement and cannot go thru magnetic screening. I'm thinking that would at least get the guards to understand that I am not refusing. SUGGESTIONS?
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I have a hip replacement and sometimes going through security it beeps and other ti mes nothing so I would not worry about it.
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I have two knee replacements and have traveled numerous times with no problem. European security doesn't seem to be as strict as American security. I always tell security ahead of time that I have knee replacements, and they always wand me and pat me down thoroughly.

It takes an extra 5 minutes because they need a female agent to pat me down, but it's never a big deal anywhere.

I don't understand why you cannot go through magnetic screening. What do you mean by magnetic screening anyway?
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I have a knee replacement and can go through any screening device. I just point to my knee, walk through, and get the special patdown. I have only traveled a few times since getting my new knee, but it has been pretty quick each time, including my recent trip to Paris.
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It will be what it will be. Many many have these. Why can't you do the screening?
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Oh, it is something my doctor mentioned. No MRI's and walking through the screening that everyone else goes thru. Said it had to do with Magnets ???? I have appointment with him in a few weeks (I just had the surgery), so I will get a better explanation from him then. Thanks everyone for the replies!!
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Not sure I understand either about the no screening. I have had both knees replaced. No issues anywhere and don't think you will slow the group down. Easiest way is to have someone from your group come behind you and gather your carry on and personal items, I find that is the hardest thing for me, makes me nervous to leave my items while they pat me down....You will get used to it, there was a time when I felt as I were on display, especially at Heathrow, but now I don't give it a thought. Enjoy your travels.
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Definitely clarify with your doctor. It's the 'magnetic' part I'm not understanding, what type of screening would be considered magnetic??
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Here's the explanation: : MRI scans are used to diagnose many types of medical conditions, including many orthopedic problems. However, people with metal implants in their body may not be able to have a MRI performed. The reason is that the MRI is done using a very strong magnetic field to create the images. Some metal implants could cause problems if subjected to these incredibly high magnetic forces.

Regarding TSA this is the basic explanation: Because of the metal implant an alarm may go off when you go through a metal detector or Advanced Imaging Technology unit, you'll typically be subjected to a pat-down. So everyone's comments above about just telling them before and going straight to pat down is what I'll be doing at the airport and possibly any other venue requiring security screening checks.

GREAT advice about having someone else watch my personal items since they will go one way and I will go another. Again, thanks to everyone who has responded.
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Even when I tell them about my bionic knee, I still have to walk through the screening device. The patdown comes after you set off the beeper in the metal detector.

But when I go through the devices that show the whole body image, they can see the implant and there is no need for the patdown, so I choose those devices when they are available.
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DH has not ever had any problem but does get personal patdown.but as above let your companion get your items ot watch them for you. the baddies are slick!!!..
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You do not need a laminated card. Just point to your knees; they have encountered many others with the same issues.
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Yes this is happen normally when you go from any security reason and machine will beep. But you go to international travel, so you take your knee surgery documents with you while traveling.
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Your knee might glomb onto the MRI machine due to the strong magnetism used, but that won't happen with travel screening. Think of the millions of people you DON'T see glued at funny angles to the security screening gate. Not to worry.
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Last October I went through the full-body screener, which showed my knee implants, but still had to have a pat-down.
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The MRI diagnostic machine is many many times more powerful than any airport screening device. Like Nikki above, I always opt for the total body image screening instead of the metal detector when I have a choice, but for the eight or so years before the new gizmos became widespread, the patdown after pinging the metal detector only added about 5 minutes to my airport screening time.

About having someone else watch your belongings, be aware that TSA agents may not allow anyone else to touch the bags of someone undergoing patdown (but lately I've always had the agent ask me to identify my stuff so they can move it to a place within sight).

I'd bet that the typical TSA screener sees dozens of passengers with metal knees or hips each work day.
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Forgot to add -- a letter or card from your doctor is probably worthless. If you ping the metal detector, you will receive a patdown; TSA cannot ignore that signal on the basis of a paper document that anyone with a computer or copier could create.
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What does that have to do with the issue of airport screening devices, John?
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My spouse has an artificial knee.
Yes, no MRIs.
But then, there aren't any MRI machines at an airport.
And, the hand-held magnetometer of TSA isn't powerful enough to make you bonded to it.
Also, spouse's fake joint is titanium, which I don't believe is magnetic. Hence is probably OK even with an MRI. If yours is stainless steel, that's another matter.

Last 2 times US/France & return, spouse got thru security faster than I.
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I have a knee replacement too. If you go through the full body scan you don't need a pat down. I haven't had any particular trouble overseas.
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