Help with Seats on KLM Flight

Nov 22nd, 2016, 12:48 PM
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Help with Seats on KLM Flight

I will be flying KLM for the 1st time from IAD to AMS and have a question on comfort seat ($87) vs. preferred seat ($52) which appears to be a bulkhead seat on the sides of the plane more towards the back. It says the aircraft is a 77T and I can't find that on seat guru. I have read the comfort seat are in the front, additional leg room and more recline. The preferred seats appear to have more legroom, but apparently no recline. I could get a preferred seat with no one in front of me, but the available comfort seats have rows in front of them. Anything you can add would be appreciated. WDYT?
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Nov 23rd, 2016, 03:54 AM
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Using a random date in January, I see one non-stop flight on KLM's website. It uses an Airbus 330, and it's the cheapest the airline offers; the others shown are operated with Delta. Can you clarify? What's a 77T aircraft? And where did you read that the "preferred" seats have no recline? I also don't recognize your code WDYT.
This is worth pursuing because the price trans-Atlantic in January is very reasonable and I hope you can duplicate it whenever you plan to travel.
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Nov 23rd, 2016, 05:31 AM
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Typos, sorry -- it's a 777 and the preferred seats have standard recline, no additional recline which the comfort seats do have.
WDYT = what do you think

Yes, I found a very good fare from IAD to France for $900 for 2 people. I have a flight booked and need to make seat selections, thus the question.
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Nov 25th, 2016, 10:44 AM
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Take a look at, you'll put in your flight #, date and you'll see the seating charts showing good, bad or otherwise. This may help you select the best seat.
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Nov 25th, 2016, 06:43 PM
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KLM used to fly a ____ (possibly a 773) SFO-AMS that had some seats at the back that were rows of 2 (rest of economy was a 3-4-3 configuration). The two-seat had lots of leg room, both next to the window, if you chose the anything past the first row of 2-fers, and on the aisle. But these were not bulkhead seats so it doesn't sound like the same thing.

So here, 60A, 60K, 61A, 61K would all be very comfortable. Not sure that is what you're seeing but I did do Economy Plus or comfort or whatever they call it on KLM this past summer and I didn't find it as comfortable as those mega legroom seats I had in days of yore. But I care about legroom more than recline.
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Nov 25th, 2016, 06:54 PM
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Oops, I am sorry. I was mistaken. It was the 744 that had the extra-legroomy seats at the back:

Not the 777. My apologies!
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Nov 27th, 2016, 10:25 PM
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Founded in 1919, KLM (KL) is the oldest airline in the world operating under its original name. The airline, which operates from a hub at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. Its subsidiaries include KLM Cityhopper (WA) and Transavia (HV). KLM flies to about 130 destinations in 69 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. A member of the SkyTeam alliance, the carrier also has codeshare agreements with 29 other airlines. KLM's fleet of 113 passenger aircraft includes both Boeing and Airbus planes. Each is typically configured with a Business Class cabin, Economy Comfort Class and Economy Class.

for more details visit on
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Nov 29th, 2016, 03:54 AM
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Yep, paying for some seat sucks, but this will presently be the case for every airline, unless you desire to stay until check in.
Myself don’t mind paying to get the seat I want for $20-$40 for a long haul flight
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Dec 2nd, 2016, 11:23 AM
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I just took that flight last summer, but it was an A330, not a 777. I paid for economy comfort as extra leg room is most important to me when going over. Returning, it was Air France and I had a regular seat.

I don't want bulkhead seats, dislike them, which is funny as many people seem to pay more for them. I don't like that noisy babies are often in that row and again, no video screens in front of you and lots of other bad things (near galley or rest rooms, etc). SO I would never even want one, let alone pay for it.

I am not sure what you are calling a preferred seat, but I think that's a category that usually costs more solely because it is towards the front of the plane, the seat is the same as regular economy. I would never pay for that because I check bags and they are never out anyway by the time you get off.

I don't know about no recline, usually only the last row of a plane or last row in a section has no recline. From looking at seatguru for 777s, it appears the only "preferred seats" are in row 31, is that right? I hate bulkhead seats so wouldn't pay for it but I see nothing in the description that claims it has no recline.
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Dec 3rd, 2016, 02:09 AM
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Contact KLM CARES at least 48 hours before departure if you want to:
Arrange assistance at the airport during boarding, disembarking and/or transferring
Bring your own (electric) wheelchair (scooter), walker or crutches or use a cabin wheelchair
Bring special medical equipment: always contact KLM CARES when travelling with medical equipment in your hand baggage or check-in baggage, even if you are not using the equipment onboard
Bring your service animal into the cabin
Use an extended leg rest for a leg that needs to stay in a horizontal position (in a cast). On KLM flights within Europe, 2 extra seats need to be booked in Economy Class. On intercontinental KLM flights, you need to travel in Business Class.
KLM CARES can not guarantee any service if this is less than 48 hours before departure.
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