Brussels Custom making connection?


Feb 5th, 2013, 04:21 PM
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Brussels Custom making connection?

I am traveling from Madrid to NY by way of Brussels next month. My connection is only 1hr 15 mins. I am trying (with no luck so far) to ascertain if I will go through any sort of security checkpoint in Brussels that would further reduce my chances of making this rather tight connection time. Does anyone know?
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Feb 5th, 2013, 05:28 PM
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Never used that airport, which is not very large, but you will go through immigration and security there.
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Feb 5th, 2013, 10:08 PM
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Sorry, but I think rkkwan has it wrong. He may have thought you meant JFK to Madrid, not the other way around. Since you are flying from Madrid to JFK via Brussels you shouldn't go through immigration at Brussels. You would be staying airside and there is no passport control there.

I also haven't transited through Brussels-but I'd assume you will have a security check.

In any case, if it is booked as one ticket - you are protected.
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Feb 5th, 2013, 10:11 PM
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You'll go through Schengen exit (passport check) and a typical security check (hand luggage etc.) The whole thing will be very brief; you'll have adequate time at BRU.
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Feb 5th, 2013, 10:48 PM
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I disagree with some of the assessments above. Yes, you will go through security again and there should be an additional security check at the gate for flights to the United States. BRU is not a small airport. It's quite large and you may have a lot of walking. Don't dally. Move right along.
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Feb 6th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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I've only been through BRU once and found it surprisingly large with long walks and yes, you'll definitely go through passport control (to exit Schengen) and security.
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