AA MD-80s

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AA MD-80s

I'm not an "airplane person". Don't know much about them. When I do fly it's almost exclusively on AA out of DFW which means I end up on a LOT of MD-80s. Even I can tell these are very old planes and I know that they make up a large percentage of AA's fleet. Now with all that is going on with AA pulling these planes to look at wiring problems - it makes me wonder. Does AA have any plans to start systematically replacing these dinosaurs? Since they are such a large part of their fleet it seems like it would have to be done gradually? Someone I work with says that they should replace them with a plane called the "Dreamliner". Ever heard of those? Sorry for the rambling - I'd just like those MD-80s to go away. I don't like flying on them and I'm hoping that AA has already begun to phase them out. Wishful thinking?
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The Dreamliner is Boeing's new generation plane - the 787, the first of which is to be delivered sometime this year (barring any more delays). In terms of size, it's in between the B777 and B767. It will be used primarily on long-haul routes so it's highly unliikely to be a replacement for AA's MD-80s.

I haven't seen any firm plans by AA to replace their MD-80s.
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They are replacing the MD80's with 737's but it takes time. Last summer I saw quite a few 737 with winglets flying to the Carribean area.
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They will replace few here and there with the "next generation" 737s, but don't expect all to disappear until well into the next decade.

btw, the &quot;problem&quot; was taken care of in one day, maybe 2. It was precautionary. They decided to re-check: <i>a joint team of AA and FAA inspectors raised questions regarding an already accomplished directive concerning how a certain bundle of wires is secured to the MD-80 aircraft. We are re-inspecting the MD-80s to make sure the wiring is installed and secured exactly according to the directive.</i>.

AFAIK, none had a problem and all were returned to regular service after the checks.
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AA has about 80 newer 737-800s that has similar capacities as the MD-80s, but they are waiting for the next generation of single aisle short/medium haul plane to become available before replacing their MD-80 fleet. Something from Boeing that replaces the B737 or from Airbus that replaces the A320.
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As always - this board is a wealth of knowledge. Looks it'll be MD-80s for me for a while. But it's good to know that they have been double checked - at least for this problem.
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I don't know how many MD-80s AA has in its fleet. I suspect the ohters are correct in that it would take a fairly long time to significantly replace them.

At least you can be fairly well assured they won't be replaced with those gawdawful RJs.
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There are something like 300 MD-80s in the AA fleet. Personally, I don't mind them. The 2-abreast side is a godsend when traveling with a companion (or even alone). Of course, they burn more fuel per passenger than a 737, but that is for AA to worry about, not me.
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...of course it's your worry...do you realize what's happening to the cost of jet fuel and its effect on air fares?????
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Just this morning an MD80 flying from DFW to Ft. Lauderdale had to turn back due to smoke in the cockpit. In light of the wiring problems this is unsettling...
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Delta was checking their MD-80's also. They don't seem to have as many as AA.
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Smoke or condensation?

Last year I was connecting to my final flight from ORD to TPA. It was MD-80. I was tired so as soon as I sat down in 3B, I snoozed. I kind of remember the safety announcement but I went into deeper sleep as soon as the plane started the take off roll. Next thing I remember was hearing an announcment by the pilot to prepare for the landing. I knew I slept but if we were landing in Tampa I just experienced the most amazing sleep during a flight..

Unfortunately when I looked out of the window I saw the Chicago skyline and only then did I noticed the white heavy odorless smoke throughout the cabin. My seat mate was very nervous. I believe he was praying. I looked around and most other first class passengers were calmed but concerned. The FAs were walking around trying to figure out where the smoke was coming from but eventually had to sit down for the landing.

We were met by fire trucks and ambulances as soon as we touched down and they followed us to a remote parking area. We were told to sit and allow the firemen to check out the plane, but one passenger from economy was so freaked out that as soon as we stopped he was at the door with his luggage, screaming that he's not flying anymore.

We were finally cleared to move to a gate where we deplaned. AA assigned a different plane and within about an hour we were on our way to Tampa. My seat mate took some convincing by me at the bar to re-join us.

Don't know what happened with the scared passenger. I don't think he made it to TPA that afternoon.

At the end, the smoke was some sort of condensation coming from the AC unit.

If it was black, smelly I would have been concerned myself, but I have seen the white, odorless stuff couple of times before, although not as heavy as that time, so for some reason I was not very concerned. I was more annoyed that my flight home will be delayed, but I understood the reason why the captain did what he did.

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It's good to know that smoke does not always equal fire. Thanks.
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