Tanzania weather & accomodations

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Tanzania weather & accomodations

What can we anticiptate the weather to be like in Tanzania at the end of August/beginning of September?

Also, can any one tell me anything about any of the following accomodations?

Arusha - Serena Mountain Village Lodge
Tarangire National Park - Tarangire Safari Lodge
Ngorongoro Serena Lodge
Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge
Kirawira Camp Western Serengeti

Thanks in advance!
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Hello nevermind,

End of august beginning of sept, the weather should be ideal, very plesant btw 12-15 to 25 degrees celcius,

The mountain village lodge is very good, I enjoyed my previous stay there, all the serena properties are very good, kirwira is alot posher than the big hotels like the serena in central serengeti and ngorogoro, food is excellent in kirawira and good in the other serena properties

I would recommend u spend some time in the mara and instead of staying in kirawira stay at migration camp/kliens/sayari/nomad/cca mobile as august end sept beginning they would have better access to the migration

Also include a couple of days in central serengeti

How many days do u have, then I could give u a better suggestion

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We will have just over a week. With regard to our accomodations, we want to be comfortable, but not miss out on the excitement of a safari.

Another question, what kind of animals are we likely to see that time of year (August/Sept)?
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what kind of animals are we likely to see that time of year (August/Sept)?

Arusha-If you go to the park you may be able to see colobus monkeys.

For the other parks you should see:
Cape buffalo, elephant, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, baboon, crocs, vervets, hippo, topi, maybe eland, maybe reedbuck, waterbuck, hartebeest, maybe the small dikdik antelope, lions, hopefully leopard, cheetah, jackal, hyena, hyrax, ostrich, secretary birds, kori bustard You could see more species than this. Only mentioned the big birds.

Tarangire-elephants are a main attraction. Everything, but rhino. I don't think I've seen many buffalo there. Good lions. One attraction of this place is non-living. The baobab trees!

Crater-Here is your chance at rhino, plus the predators. An amazing concentration of wildlife, including large herds of wildebeest. Some flamingos in the lake are a good possibility.

Serengeti-Good for cats. Even if you are not here at prime migration time, you'll see good wildlife. You'll also see less people then.

If you can make any changes, I'd second
Sonali's suggestion on central Serengeti rather than western Serengeti at this time of year. Getting to the Mara would be ideal for wildlife, but might entail too much travel.
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Thank you so much for your response. I am so excited, and the trip is still many months away. I don't even recognize some of the animals you mentioned. I guess I have some reading to do!!

Fortunately for my anticipation factor, I have a trip to Europe coming up in May/June. Maybe not quite as exciting, but something to help fill the time until the Africa trip!
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nevermind, I had to console myself with a couple of trips to Europe in 2005, a non-Africa year for me. I know exactly how you feel!

Tarangire is wonderful, especially in the dry season. And I second (or third?) the recommendations for some time spent in the central Serengeti if you can arrange it.
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Fortunately you'll have a guide who will know all the animals and most of the birds and who can spot them. I'm always amazed at the superb spotting skills of the guides.

I go in mid-August and am excited about it too.
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And you'll see plenty impala.
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Thank goodness for guides!! I do want to learn a bit of something before I go, however, so I'm not overwhelmed by everything. I love to read, so it shouldn't be too painful to work my way through a few books on game, etc...

I thank everyone for the suggestions on the itinerary. I'm not sure how flexible we can be, but your thoughts are appreciated.

We also plan on going on a balloon ride. I'm a little nervous after reading aLarryB's report (Tanzania and the Crater - Part 2). The take off and landing sound pretty exciting...

Regards to all.
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The Tarangire Safari Lodge is a low key place with a stunning location. The tents are situated along a ridge with views over the river and surrounding park. If you add your name to a list in the bar, the wait staff will deliver early morning tea or coffee to your tent verandah. A great start to the day as you watch the sun roise over the park and the sunrise activities at the river. I have planned 2 nights here for my next safari.

In early October I saw lots of animals including elephants, buffalo, zebra, baboons, a bat-eared fox, a good range of birds and a python in a tree down near the river.

Serengeti and Crater Serenas are both comfortable properties with great views. I particularly enjoyed the great outlook from the verandah of my unit which had large double glass sliding doors that I could open to let the Serengeti inside - or so it seems in hindsight.

Have a wonderful trip.
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Treepol, thanks for posting. I enjoy reading every scrap of information I can get about what to expect on our safari!
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Hi nevermind,

I feel u must include mara in your itiernary

I suggest

2 nights crater
2 nights northern serengeti
2 nights central serengeti
3 nights mara(cross through isebenia sirari route)

that makes it 9 nights(just over a week)
I think atleast I would skip tarangire to visit mara in september

If you go to the bbc series on the cats they have several films on the mara during migration time, they are awesome!!!!

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The balloon-With uneventful takeoffs and landings everyday in many parts of Africa, the is no need to be nervous. The saying that every balloon landing is a "crash landing" is true, but it is a gentle crash.

I had some of your nervousness also before the balloon ride, but not one part of it was scary.

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I love returning to this forum and reading your suggestions. atravelynn, thanks for the reassurance on the balloon ride. I know I'd never forgive myself if I allowed the opportunity to slip away.

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The balloon ride in the Serengeti was wonderful! I'm afraid of heights, but had no problem with it. The bush breakfast afterwards is a great experience, too.
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