Tanzania in 2006 - Want to Go?

Nov 4th, 2005, 03:13 PM
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Tanzania in 2006 - Want to Go?

I'm going back to Tanzania in May - June 2006, my third trip. I'm booking directly with Kibo Safaris and have reserved 14 spaces for family and friends. I've not filled all the spaces as planned, so I thought I'd see if anyone would like to join us. The dates are May 25 - June 8. The itinerary is:

5/25 - Depart
5/26 - Arrive in Arusha, Overnight at Moivaro Lodge
5/27 - Arusha NP, Moivaro Lodge
5/28 & 29 - Tarangire NP, Tarangire Tented River Camp
5/30 - Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Farmhouse
5/31 - Lake Eyasi & Hadzabi Bushmen, Farmhouse
6/1 - Ngorongoro Crater, Farmhouse
6/2 through 5 - Serengeti, Luxury Tented Camp
6/6 - Visit orphanage near Karatu, Ngorongoro Farmhouse
6/7 - To Arusha, Depart
6/8 - Return Home

There's also the option of going on to Zanzibar for 4 days:
6/7 - to Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tembo House
6/8 - Stonetown Tour & Spice Farm Tour, Pongwe Beach Resort
6/9 & 10 - Relax at Beach, Pongwe
6/11 - Jozani Forest Tour, Depart via Dar es Salaam
6/12 - Return Home

The tour is $3430 PPDO and the Zanzibar extension is $1130 PPDO. There is also the option of a hot air balloon ride in the Serengeti. I have a company who will book the airfare, which is extra. The company specializes in African airfare, though, so they get the best price.

I'd hate to return the spaces unused, so if anyone is interested, e-mail me ([email protected]) and I'll send more info. I've used Kibo Safaris before and have found them to be excellent. Both of my other trips had 14 people and it worked out great. We had 3 vehicles and so we weren't too crowded.
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Nov 5th, 2005, 04:35 AM
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I hope you realize that end-May/begin-June you're likely to have rain. We did this past year.

At Tarangire, especially, the grasses will be high. You'll also find high grasses elsewhere which makes game viewing difficult. I sure hope those lux camps in the Serengeti are on raised platforms.

Doesn't mean that the game opportunities aren't there - more a comfort factor and not being disappointed. Those animals do have a way of hiding when the skies open... where they go, I don't know, but they do scatter.

If you could push this into mid-June, I think it would be ideal.
Nov 5th, 2005, 09:31 AM
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Thanks for the info about your experiences, Sandi. I've been to Tanzania in mid-June and found the Migration had already moved out of the Serengeti Park into an area we couldn't go, which was disappointing. We moved it earlier on advice of safari consultants, in order to see the Migration. Ndutu Lodge in the Southern Serengeti has been keeping weather data for 20 years. Their records show an average of 7.1 days of rain in May (earlier in the month, I would imagine) and 1.8 days in June.

I was in Tanzania last February, when the average number of rainy days is 10.4...we had one thunderstorm while we were in Karatu and that was about it for the entire two weeks. The game-viewing was fantastic! It was really hot, though...over a 100 degrees some days. That, too, was well above average. Of course, averages are just that...averages. I've been rained on in Kenya in August, the "dry season." We won't know what the weather will actually be like until we get there. Several of us have already gotten our air tickets, so we're staying with these dates.

As to the game viewing, "rains mean game" in Tanzania. When it gets dry, the Migration moves on. I was told "no elephants" in Tarangire in February, but we saw hundreds, so I guess you never know! Where were high grasses a problem on your safari? We didn't have any problems with that in February.

I don't know of any mobile tented camps that are set up on platforms. There are designated campsites for them in the Serengeti, such as Rongai in the Central Serengeti. They are well-sited and care is taken to ensure the guests' safety and comfort. I've never had a problem at any of them. Did you have a bad experience on your trip in a mobile tented camp? Where was it at and who was the safari ground operator?

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Nov 5th, 2005, 11:10 AM
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The one thing I have no interest in is mobile camping, and even though we were in a camp with tents on raised platforms, it was easy to see where lots of wet could be a problem.

That aside, we found high grasses everywhere in Tanzania - the Serengeti specifically; and a friend a few days later in Tarangire. It took me aback for a minute, then realizing the in May there had been quite a bit of rain, it made sense that the grasses would have grown. Likewise, we found high grasses in many area of the Mara in Kenya, though not on the private conservation lands adjacent to the Mara.

Having been on safari many times previously, though not in the same month, the fact that animal sightings other than big (giraffe, elephants, ostrich) was difficult... it probably was a disappointment for first-time safari goers.

But with air tickets already purchased by some in your group, not much can be done to change. It was only a suggestion, from my own experience.

Otherwise, the itinerary looks good. So, Happy Travels.
Nov 7th, 2005, 05:20 AM
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Hi to those who've been to Tanzania,
Speaking of good and bad times to go - I'm hoping you don't mind me asking my question as it sounds like the above question by ShayTay has pretty much been resolved. I'm hoping that you can give me an opinion about my game veiwing possibilities by looking at my upcoming itinerary:
Feb. 12,06 - Arusha
Feb 13 + 14 - Tangangire - bush walk Kikoti Camp
Drive - Great Rift Valley to Mto wa Mbu - Karatu - soda lake in the Rift Valley
Feb. 15 Lake Eyasi - hiking - bushmen - Kisima Ngeda Camp
Feb. 17 - Ngorongoro - Ng Wildlife Lodge
Feb. 19 - 21 - Serengeti - Oldupai Gorge - Ndutu and Salei Plains - Mobile Camp
Fly to Arusha
Do you think this is a decent enough itinerary at that time of the year? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks ahead;

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Nov 7th, 2005, 12:49 PM
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Hi Sherry,

Your itinerary looks great. You'll enjoy Tanzania, especially the mobile tented camp, Sandi's comments notwithstanding. It was quite hot last February, so be aware that that's a possibility. You might want to start a new thread so that other people will see your question about Feb. in TZ and will respond.
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