Singita - Boulders v. Ebony?

Feb 2nd, 2010, 11:13 AM
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Singita - Boulders v. Ebony?

My wife and I will be spending four days at Singita in August. We trying to decide whether to spend the entire four days at either Boulders or Ebony or whether to split our time between the two camps, spending two days at each. I would be grateful for any opinions on the merits of each camp verses the other. I've seen the photos online at the Singita website and have a good sense of the rooms at Boulders, but I cannot get a great sense of the rooms at Ebony compared to the Boulders rooms. They have more limited photos of the Ebony accomodations online (although they have plenty of photos of the common areas, which look great). If anyone has photos to share of either camp, especially the accomodations, I would be grateful to see them. We would have the same driver ad guide for the entire four days, so the game viewing would have continuity. My question is directed more to whether people have opinions in comparing the two camps. Thanks so much.
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Feb 2nd, 2010, 12:16 PM
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I would recommend you pick one or the other for 4 days and not waste time and effort moving. We stayed at Ebony and loved the "Out of Africa" ambiance.

Boulders is much more "cool" and also beautiful. We went there for dinner and winetasting.

Food is fantastic at both.
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Feb 2nd, 2010, 12:46 PM
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Agree with Trisha1.

The camps are all of 5/minutes apart with their shop between the two.

We also stayed at Ebony, which we felt provided a "warmer" decor atmosphere. Boulders, which we visited one day for lunch, modern and "cool" And, yes... food is excellent at both! As were the guides, activities and hosts.

The size of the individual cottages from what we could see were about the same - big, each with plunge pools, plenty of indoor space, huge bathrooms with both indoor/outdoor showers, and wide private decks surrounding each.

Some visitors split there time, but why bother packing to move a few minutes down the road? Your choice/decision.
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Feb 3rd, 2010, 09:40 AM
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Thank you for your thoughtful responses. We currently have two nights reserved at each camp, but are waitlisted for all four nights at Boulders. I prefer the common areas of Ebony to Boulders, but I like the accomodations at Boulders a touch better (at least from the photos online). So we will try to get all four nights at Boulders and then tour the Ebony camp and try to have dinner at Ebony one night.

What did you think of the gameviewing? Can you compare it to other places you have been? I've been on safari to Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and Rwanda, but I've never been to the Sabi Sand. I've been to Cape Town and Grootbos twice before (and loved both), but this will be our first time game-viewing in South Africa. Thanks again.
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Feb 3rd, 2010, 11:05 AM
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What camps were you at in Botswana and Kenya? Game viewing depends 80% on the camp. The other 20% is serendipity. IMHO.

regards - tom
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Feb 3rd, 2010, 12:15 PM
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Don't have percentages, but when in South Africa, Sabi Sands, staying at Singita, while game viewing was good, didn't enjoy as much as when previously in Kenya or Tanzania. While our guide was outstanding, I had this feeling that being on private lands, they seemed to know all the game that located there. As when asked "what would you like to see?" And answering "a leopard" the guide was able to produce a leopard! Granted I was thrilled, as on two previous trips to East Africa hadn't seen.

Before arriving at Sabi Sands, had spent a few days at the private reserve at Manyaletti (reserve north of Sabi) and were more pleasantly surprised during those game drives. Especially sitting in the midst of a price of maybe 20 lions, all ages, in the dark as they feasted on a young giraffe brought down earlier in the day. That was a "wow moment." The experience here was "more Africa."

However, have had some amazing sightings in all countries even though this isn't your first safari, I'm sure it'll be outstanding, but probably different, as each and every one seems to be for me. I believe we all tend to have different expectations, are surprised by different things and even interests change. Example: I'd never believe "birds" would excite, but they now do.

You won't be disappointed.
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Feb 3rd, 2010, 02:02 PM
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Thanks again. I understand what you mean about expectations. That does make all the difference. I'm looking forward more to Tswalu than Singita for just that reason.

In my prior trips to Botswana, I've been to Mombo twice, King's Pool, Vumbura Plains, Duba Plains, Kwando Lagoon, and Zarafa. In Namibia, I've been to Little Ongava and Sossuvlei. In Kenya, I've been to Governor's and Il Moran in the Mara. In Rwanda, to Gorilla's Nest. All were great for different reasons, but my favorites were Mombo and Il Moran. Mombo really does live up to its reputation for game viewing and Il Moran has a staggering number of animals present during the migration.

I know that Singita will not feel as wild as Botswana or have the numbers of Kenya, but that's ok. The guides in the Sabi Sand have stellar reputations and the Sabi Sand fits well with the rest of my trip, which will have time in the Kalahari desert at Tswalu, in the Cape Floral Kingdom and ocean at Grootbos, in the plains and mountains of the Great Karoo at Samara, and in the savannah and forest of the Sabi Sand. If I had more time, I would add the Cederberg, the Drakensberg mountains, and maybe Madikwe, but that will be a reason to return in the coming years.
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