rain in the Kruger

Oct 10th, 2010, 08:19 AM
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rain in the Kruger

My wife and I will be on safari the last 10 days of this month in Sabi sands/Timbavati region.I see from the S.A.weather service the rains have started.does the rain fall at any particular time of day e.g. nighttime and does it usually impact on game drives from the point of view of photography?One positive aspect seems to be that the heat is abating.Is there any issue with mossies this time of year?Any feedback from anyone currently there would be much appreciated.Thanks as always
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Oct 10th, 2010, 09:55 AM
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I am also waiting for that ONE MILLION $ answer ;-)
End October usually warm (to hot) days, cool mornings and late evenings.

Anyway - weather is UNPREDICTABLE around the world nowadays. Be prepared for a shower now and then. We have visited in April, May, Aug and Sep. I can't recollect any safari on to which rain really had a bad impact.

We did game drives in downpour in May wearing raincoats/hats and rain pants. Of course it wasn't the best thing ever but we followed lions hunting buffs and general sightings were fine.

Usually a shower doesn't have ANY impact onto game drives except for photographers (humidity and light).

Most of the (upmarket) lodges/camps provide rain coats.

Just appreciate being on safari and anything which comes along. Don't be too much focused onto weather or particular sightings. If you push it - it propably won't come along.

Take a big plastic bag (just in case!)so that you can cover your equipment.

Enjoy your safari - happy landings!

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Oct 10th, 2010, 09:56 AM
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Last mid of november we´ve been in Kruger on a selfdrive. We had rain on three consecutive days almost endless with some short breaks.
As we were on self drive I could keep my gear dry unless I wanted to capture something. Then I put a simple plastic bag over my lens and it was fine.
Wildlife was just spectacular during this time. We saw 3 male lion (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomsfri...46655/)feeding on a buffalo, another 3 feasting another buffalo next day. Big 5 in 2 hours.
Saw a pack of wild dogs in heavy rain (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomsfri...7613519646655/).
Lots of hyenas with puppies.
As it was not hot due to the rains and clouds, animals were more active during daytime.
Mossies became a problem after the rain stopped.
We will be going again this november, don´t care if it rains or not.
Hope that helps
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Oct 10th, 2010, 08:07 PM
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We must have been there the same time as Tomsfries. We were also there last November and had five straight days of more or less continuous rain, three of which were in Kruger (before that we were in Dullstroom--in the rain.) As Tom notes, the rain did keep it cool and animals were active, we had some great sightings, but photography was definitely a challenge due to low light and lots of very wet wildlife (I was shooting a lot of birds, especially challenging in the rain.) But, we also were in a closed vehicle in Kruger, which made it workable. I am not sure I'd be very happy in Sabi Sands, with open vehicles, in heavy rain. We were in Sabi Sands right after Kruger and fortunately the skies cleared and we had great weather, but the drivers did say that in the previous days some drives had to be cut short because it was just raining too hard.

Not wanting to discourage you, just be prepared! I'd definitely get a dedicated rain cover for my camera (not just a plastic bag, but something you can shoot through), and bring rain gear of course. The thing is, at that time of year, a front can stall (as it did for us) and there is no let-up.

Here's a very wet lion: http://www.jczinn.com/South%20Africa...ion_1079a.html

and equally wet Roller: http://www.jczinn.com/South%20Africa...bro_8630a.html

If you look through my other photos you will find lots of wet wildlife
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