is south africa safe?

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Momliz, you asked "Will you spend your time in Jo'burg? If you will land there and almost immediately (read within 24 hours) head out on safari then all this ridiculous argument is completely beside the point. How much crime happens in the lodges?"

Well, I am arriving in Jo burg at 1615 hrs and heading for Kruger where I have a booking from the next day, but guess this is too late in the day to catch the last flight to KMIA. Ideally, I would like to get closer to Kruger, like say Nelspruit or some small town in that vicinity, but guess driving so late in the evening would not be advisable either. I have tentatively decided to stay overnight at the OR Tambo Town Lodge and take a flight next morning to KMIA to pick up my rental car.

What do you think - is this okay? Any issues/concerns with OR Tambo/Joburg for one night?


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Mohammed-that's what I did in Sept. Overnighted at ORTambo (Southern Sun) free shuttle both ways and took morning flight to KMIA to get car. I had no problems.
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Safarinut, I imagine the vast majority of the 40% goes to taxes. But that's just a guess.
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Oh please!,I don't buy this 40% deal,I think its a smart strategy to get more bookings from folks like you.

If you want to work for the good of the community and truly don't need the business-please give 100%

Its easy for people to hide behind the internet and create this perfect image-just dont forget how easily Rocco fooled all of you!
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You have been in a tour vehicle with me and know exactly how I operate so you dont need a safarinut or anyone else too tell you what happens in the townships of SA. Furthermore 6 weeks ago close onto 90 very inquisitive journalists from all over the world during a group press interview at the Wanderlust tourguide competition went through the whole procedure of how my touring benefits the community and wrote it up all over the net as well as in their publications. I might add that since then the people of Kayamandi have benfitted enormously. Amongst others the U-Foundation ( donated 5000 Pounds to Kayamandi's causes and are looking to share their aid with SA and Zambia. Since the Wanderlust event 2 very highly placed local journalists have been to Kayamandi with me. They have scrutinised all that happens in the township with me and guess what they never came to the same conclusions that the very clever safarinut, all the way from Canada, came up with in his past mail to this thread. I call safarinut very clever for one reason only and that is he has for the wrong reasons labelled me as being smart. ("think its a smart strategy to get more bookings from folks like you.") I love it however the only problem is that even though he doesnt know me from a bar of soap he claims to know so much about me. Funny part is the more he screams the more the people of Kayamandi, a place that he has the audacity to call a "paradise township", gain. More joy cant be achieved by me personally when I see this happen. Anyway at least you and many others (amongst whom there are quite a number of Fodorites) have over the past ten years gained first hand knowledge of this and can comment with a lot more authority than he can.

In a nutshell my feeling is that one should always be wary of armchair critics who typify the noise factor of the empty vessels phrase.

I think it is time that this subject be put to bed so simply ignore (as I most certainly will be doing) safarinut's "expert" comments in this regard from hereon please.

Anita19 sorry your thread has been somewaht "hijacked". Once again my call to you is to visit SA and enjoy yourself to the full in what has been shown to be a safe environment for those who visit our great land.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

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Laguna I find your comments ("people in SA are like sheep")to be insulting. How can you even accusse the ANC of reverse racism???? I suppose you are a supporter of the previous apartheid regime?? The majority of people in SA are black (like me) and have seen the ANC libarate them from something that you cant even begin to comprehend since you were never on the receiving end. The stuff that you see at the partheid museum doesnt even begin to describe what we went through. Since you have also just became a South African maybe you need to school yourself about our history.

Granted, South Africa has become the crime capital of the world but our government is doing everything in its power to try and solve the problem. The number of tourist who come to South Africa each year is proof that criminals are finding it hard to oparate in South Africa.

Your coments on this issue have just costed another South Africa a job (for every 3 tourists that visit here one employment opportunity is created )I hope you are happy.
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You will be suprised to know how much this clever Safarinut really knows about you!
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For your information my wife is colured and grew up on the Cape Flats. I am therefore very aware of what happened during the apartheid era. Interestingly she and many other non-whites I have met here would go back to the previous government due to the perception (that is accurate) that the ANC is destroying South Africa. Rising crime, an incompetent and corrupt police force, deteriorating public services, education deteriorating to the extent that post-94 medical degrees from certain institutions are no longer recognized overseas and mass emmigration by professionals. Yes you are right the ANC is doing spectacularly well. And yes the ANC is guilty of reverse racism. You mention the apartheid museum-one of the greatest ironies is that the SA constitution claims that all South Africans are equal which is an absolute joke if you look at affirmative action/employment equity policies as well as racist remarks by government officials which have included suggesting that the "previously advantaged" as well as foreigners no longer be allowed to purchase ocean view property. If that is not racism then please tell me what is.
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Molo Thabisile,

Please do me a favour and dont even bother to answer Laguna. You will be wasting your energy which I would rather have you use to help build our great new land with the ANC at the helm.

Hamba kahle siesie.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

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is there not enough fighting in the world? do we have to do it on fodors aswell...
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Going back to the oroiinal question, the answer is probably not. But do not go to UK Margate, Liverpool or London either. Why worry? The Lions are unlikelt to bite!
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Bots - Fully agree with your thoughts and thats exactly why I suggested to Thabasile to not respond to the mail Laguna directed at her.

Sniktawk - What a wonderful feeling to have such a fun humorous type response. Loved your mails. Keep it up in other threads.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

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As a newcomer to SA, I do not necessarily agree with your comments on the ANC but thank you for your gracious response. What is life without some danger?
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There is crime everywhere and SA is no exception. When we were there in July, we spent time in Jo'Burg before heading out for our safari and by following the suggestions others mentioned didn't have any problems. Of course I live in a major U.S. city and follow most of the suggestions here as well. After all the warning we had about SA it wasn't there I was robbed, it was during our stop over in London on the way home. SA is a beautiful country and we can't wait to return.

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My response deleted??

I suppose we are not allowed to critisize Selwyn on Fodors.

Anyway I am out of here,good luck on building the new Zimbabwe.

Hamba kahle.
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I know absolutely nothing of responses that were deleted for any reason in this thread so may I suggest that you re-check whether your response was deleted. Only you could do this in that there are quite a number of mails of yours that are in this thread and nobody other than you would not know if one of these mails is the deleted thread you speak of.

In terms of who responds or what they say in a thread I most certainly am not in favour of selective deletions by editorship. I would be in favour of removal of a total thread or possibly stopping a thread from continuing but selective removal is not on in my way of doing things.

Somehow or other I do not believe that the Fodors forum editorship will do this sort of thing as I believe that their integrity is too high to do so. With that said Safarinut I urge you to recheck your facts as you could quite easily have missed the mail you speak of in this long thread. Please let us know because your mail is critical of the Fodors editorship and you could well be wrong or possibly even right.

Let us know please.

Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa
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Selweyn and all who claim SA is safe to visit take a look at iol that is reporting the following events this weekend:
1. Austrian tourist shot and killed on Durban golf course in broad daylight
2. 72 year old woman raped and then stabbed to death with her husband in Northern Transvaal
3. Actress narrowly avoided being hijacked in Johannesburg
Its just like anywhere else isn't it...
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Do not come at all! Last week my bathroom got flooded, whatever next?
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I have read all through your articles, and with much laughter, gracious you all get so worked up by a few words on a screen. The basics of it is.....if you come you come, if you dont you dont, you could walk out your door and get hit by lightening, does that mean you should not walk out your door?

You will only know what you would have missed once you have been...

Come and enjoy!!
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