Hotel in Accra

Jan 24th, 2006, 09:46 PM
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Hotel in Accra

I am a female traveling solo in Ghana in Aug. for 3 weeks. Can anyone recommend a nice hotel, safe & close to the center of town, for the first 1-2 nights, where I can eat a good meal/hear some good music? I don't want to leave the hotel much,for the first day or 2, need to "re-group" & rest.
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Jan 25th, 2006, 01:54 AM
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Hey - a west african post. How wonderful is that? I can't recommend where I stayed not cos it was bad, but because it was well out of the city.

Suggest posting on the Thorn Tree. Go to

And happy travels - Ghana is a fabulous place.
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Jan 25th, 2006, 12:02 PM
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I was in Accra Dec 2003/Jan 2004 and Dec 2004/Jan 2005 and I liked the Novatel Hotel on Barnes Rd. It's an Accor hotel. Accor has a website. I paid $74.00 both trips, however when I checked the website some absolutely ridiculously inflated price popped up. But, I had called the Novatel directly from another hotel in Accra...that I didn't like... during the first trip and they said they'd give me the $74.00 special,so I then knew about what the price should have been and therefore called them directly from the U.S., before the second trip, and just asked for the $74. special(not knowing if it still existed or not) and was given it. I then had them e-mail me a confirmation stating the price. When I arrived at the hotel, the price sign said $128., but I had locked in the $74. price. So, try to bargain. The hotel was very centrally located and the food was delicious and buffet breakfast was included every morning.There was a very nice-sized pool,too. I had a room with the view of the pool, on both trips, which was very nice. Last year,for 5 months, I helped a woman plan her trip to Ghana. She, her husband and their three children went. She was in this forum. When she got back to her country(Canada) she wrote a story about her family's trip. It's on and then you type in "hooktraveller". She and I are still in contact and she e-mailed me last week and said the story is still running and is the number 1 read story. You should check it out. By the way, I'm female and traveled alone in Ghana. I had no problems. Just use "big city common sense" like you would use anywhere else and don't take ridiculous risk especially being a female. Ghana is a wonderful country with great people. I had the same private driver for the first and second trip. If you type in "Ghana" in this forum, my trip report will pop up. Or you can click on my name and scroll until you see my Ghana posts. Happy Travels!
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Jan 25th, 2006, 12:18 PM
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I stayed at Labadi Beach Hotel, right on the beach, nice restaurant and pool if you intend to stay at the hotel. Can't comment on the music at the hotel, but I'm sure you could take a taxi into city center. If you don't intend to leave the hotel, you may be happier by the coast and beach instead of city center.
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Jan 25th, 2006, 05:31 PM
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Correction to my above post. Type in,"Hooktravellers". I forgot to add the "s". Also forgot to add that I also stayed at the Le Palm Royal Hotel next door to the Labadi Beach Hotel. I personally didn't like the hotel that much although the room was very nice and some of the staff members were exceptional. But, I had some problems with the management. Plus, they didn't have any money for exchange, one day, at 11AM. There were some African guests who were very upset that there was no money as they needed to get taxis and go into town. I also needed taxi money as I was transferring over to the Novatel. I never had that problem at the Novatel. The exchange office was right there on the premises and money was always available. I was to also stay at the Labadi Beach Hotel, but opted to move to the Novatel. One issue I had with the Le Palm Royal was that there were no screens on any windows or the sliding glass door to the patio. I couldn't open the large bathroom window or the sliding glass door because there were HUGE lizards and issue with me since I detest lizards. Later I was informed that the land used to be a lizard reserve. Happy Travels!
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