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May 12th, 2004, 01:09 PM
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Just read the wanderlust 123's question. This was a Dec 2003 flight.
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May 12th, 2004, 05:30 PM
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I appreciate the feedback from everyone. Just FYI, I ended up flying Egypt Air to and from Egypt in Feb-Mar 2004, plus I took several Egypt Air domestic flights within Egypt and to and from Jordan. Had a variety of experiences. Prior to departing the US, I had considered switching to another airline for the International portion but decided the extra cost was not worth it.

As it turned out, I got three seats to myself on the flight from NYC to Cairo and slept quite well. The food was fine and I was thinking that Egypt Air was not bad. I did get a hint of smoke which I expect was from the flight attendants sneaking cigarettes behind the curtain. The flight back was more crowded so I "only" got one seat.

The domestic flights were another matter. Most were late (the monitors at the airport would read that the flight was boarding, or departed, before they even brought the plane to the gate, etc.) and one time Egypt Air provided tickets for people in our group who were actually wait-listed and did not really have confirmed seats.

The most unsettling event however was on a flight from Amman, Jordan to Cairo. There was a ruckus in the other aisle, across from me, just as we were ready to take off. Apparently someone had fallen unconcious out of his seat and into the aisle. Not knowing what to do and having no medical personnel respond to the plea for a doctor over the speaker, the flight attendants hauled the passenger (unconcious) back into his seat, buckled him in as the engines revved up, and we took off! The poor man was still unresponsive when we landed in Cairo. I have no idea what eventually happened to him.
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