Chefchaouen to Ceuta

Nov 12th, 2008, 07:00 PM
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Chefchaouen to Ceuta

hi there...we are wanting to go on a Geckos tour in Jul/Aug/Sept 09...the tour goes from Marrakech to Casa, but we want to leave the tour at Chefchaouen and go to the port at Cueta to catch a ferry to Algeciras and on to Malaga airport

(1) can anyone recommend a tour guide that will escort us from Chefchaouen to the ferry at Ceuta? are guides allowed to cross the border?

(2) how long would it take to get from Chefchaouen to Ceuta?

(3)assuming the ferry crossing is 1 hour, the bus ride from Algeciras to Malaga airport is 4 hours, can we do the whole thing (Chefchaouen to Malaga airport) in 1 day?

any help, recommendations, contacts or links would be appreciated

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Nov 13th, 2008, 02:19 AM
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A guide from Chefchaouen to Ceuta is unnecessary and the guide most likely cannot accompany you beyond the actual border. In fact, if you are foot passengers, Ceuta doesn't really make much sense as it is a bit more hassle. Have the hotel you are staying at in Chefchaouen organise a grand taxi to take you to the port in Tangier, where there are regular departures for Algeciras.

Bearing in mind that you lose an hour when crossing from Morocco to Spain, you can still make it to Malaga fairly easily in one day, provided that you start out early enough (you didn't say when your flight leaves). Give yourself 2 hours from Chef to Tangier, an 1 and a half on the ferry, and about 3 hours by bus from Algeciras to Malaga (plus another 30 minutes from the bus station to the airport).
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Nov 14th, 2008, 12:13 AM
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that sounds like excellent advice and is very much appreciated...i will do some more research to include Tangier..thank you thank you thank you

ps...our flight out of Malaga is open so it doesn't matter when we get there
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Dec 18th, 2008, 05:53 AM
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I am a bit delayed, but was in Russia when you posted.

But I just wanted to add a few notes - first, it was very easy to go from Chaouen to Ceuta in much the same way as described going to Tangier, except you have to change taxis. However, it is a closer driver and a shorter ferry and it's not difficult to change over taxis really.

If you do want to try Cueta - still have a taxi arranged by a hotel or guesthouse. The taxi for us was 200 dirham, and left us right outside the immigration gate. We walked through down the sidewalk to a booth, showed our passports at the window (2 mins) and then reached the taxi stand at the street on the other side. Taxi took euro or dirham, I think it was about 40 dirham at the time and asked for the ferry port. Less than 15 mins later, we had tickets for Algeciras.

Can't help with the bus connection on the other end though, we got the train for Ronda. We left Chefchaouen at 6am and was in Ronda at 2pm, including allowing for losing an hour due (I think I remember that right) to the time change and having some paella for lunch while waiting for our train.
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Jan 9th, 2009, 07:57 AM
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Bab Sebta (to the Moroccans) is unpredictable. Anyone traveling with their own vehicle should allow plenty of time for the paperwork, and there can be big queues.

Foot passengers will have things much easier, but remember to get your passport stamped as you leave Morocco!

The Parador in Ceuta is reasonable, friendly and serves late.
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