Botswana Questions

Apr 17th, 2005, 05:40 PM
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Botswana Questions

Repost, fishing for posts.

Botswana - August 4 24 trip, 21 days
Four to six days RT from Jo'ber to Maun, and a visit to Victoria Falls, will leave us with just around 10 or so days in the north.

I'm just starting to read the Bradt Travel Guide, Botswana, so not having finished my homework, these question might be premature, but, if you could give us your thoughts on which parks, what areas and routes, you suggest we should visit during our August 4 24 trip, 21days.

What campsites should I shoot for?

If the parks you have suggested campsites are not available, how exactly would the day trips work?

Does anyone know something about this company?

Motorhome Express, Overland Tours & 4WD/Motorhome Rentals

I can get an 18 month old Hilux Double Car w/insurance, with all the basic camping goodies, for R 20,160/day ($154.USD).
They also have a branch in Maun.

Any addition thoughts are appreciated.

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Apr 17th, 2005, 07:15 PM
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After you put your dream itinerary together. 1st thing you need to do is to fax Botswana parks with the Campsites and dates you want to be at Moremi N.P. and Savute. Then call at the Maun office within a reasonable time, tell them you are a foreigner. That will help. On the phone he should be able to give you campsites if open those days. From there you can get a idea how to tailor your trip. Those campsite dates will determine how to work out the trip. Did you look at my reply on your previous posts. You can email me and I be glad to help with your trip. I have done the moremi-savuti-kasane trip at least 15 times. You need to be sure that you get reservations and do it now or you will be out of luck. Moremi books quickly. Savute, make reservations but don't worry if booked. They always handle overflow. I go without bookings and settle for alternate camp if must.

Be sure there is a high lift jack and spare tire,inflated. Hope they have a freezer.

Check to see if can start in Maun and drop off in Joburg. Or vice versa. Its a long haul to do it both ways. Unless you see places to

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Apr 17th, 2005, 07:52 PM
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Jon-Saw other posting. Good input on some of the accomodations, except that doesn't get campsites in the parks. You need to focus on that.
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Apr 17th, 2005, 08:09 PM
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This is a copy of what some else used.
_______________________________________First Fax with request

1. You are talking long distance so don't get impatient by the time lag. Be polite and patient

2. The rangers who answer at Maun have the actual hardcopy of all bookings in front of them when you call. They can find the best available sites for you as you speak.

3. Don't give up, they DO GET CANCELATIONS, so if you have a hole in your plan, let it be, it might fill itself later vacancies appeared). Remaining holes might be fixed in Maun before you drive up, or at the ranger station.

4. After making your reservations you will need to CONFIRM them by faxing your travel plan AND your credit card details. ASK THEM TO FAX THE CONFIRMATIONS TO YOU. THIS IS IMPORTANT, since confirmations sent by mail might not get to you in time!


1. Set up your bookings in a fax, and with your full contact details. Here is a copy of my last letter:

Parks and Reservation Office
P.O.Box 20346
Phone: +267 66 1265,
Fax: +267 66 1264

Dear Madam / Sir,

I would like to make the following reservations for camping in July 2004:

Campsite Date of arrival Date of departure PAX
Third Bridge, Moremi 19. July 2004 21. July 2004 4
Xaxanaxa, Moremi 21. July 2004 22. July 2004 4
North Gate, Moremi 22. July 2004 23. July 2004 4
Savuti, Chobe 23. July 2004 24. July 2004 4
Ihaha, Chobe 24. July 2004 25. July 2004 4

All persons (4PAX) are non-resident. We will be driving foreign registered vehicles.

Kind regards,

Firstname Lastname
Streetname No.

Telephone: +47 73xxxxx (day time)
+47 73xxxxx (evenings)
+47 73xxxxx (fax)

e-mail: [email protected]

call them to confirm that they have received the fax and made some minor adjustments by phone, and also confirmed what additional information would be required for paying the deposit by credit card.

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Apr 21st, 2005, 05:59 AM
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I called the Botswana Park Reservation office, (267) 686. 1265, Fax (267) 686. 1264, there were few camping dates available.

For my dates, the agent listed a location, and that was that.

I'll pick up the camper August 4th in the morning.

Camping at 3 Bridge for August 6 & 7th
Is it reasonable to leave Jo'berg late in the morning of the 4th and make it to 3 bridges for Saturday 6th?

South Gate for August 8 & 9th
This is not the best place to stay from what I read. Relatively speaking.

Savute for 10th
South Gate to Savute, I still can't get a grip on the distances, but it seems far.

Ihaha for 11th
South Gate to Ihaha is a long trip and it's no fun to change campgrounds every day.

12, 13, 14, 15
Nothing, nothing available in Chobe or Moremi until

Ihaha for 15th .
Guess I'll be camping outside the park. I imagine one disadvantage of camping outside the park is not being able to penetrate deeply into the wildlife areas.

Any others?

After that, the reservation office said that Chobe and Moremi are full.

Is this it? In your experience, will space open up? The agent said I can call or fax everyday to check.

That would be better than, showing up at the gate and trying to find a place at the last minute, right?
Or, does that often work out?

She said, Xakanaxa is totally full for the whole month. So, in your experience, there will defiantly be no chance of getting in?

Thanks for your help.

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