Botswana itinerary suggestions?

Jun 18th, 2005, 03:22 PM
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Botswana itinerary suggestions?

We are just beginning to plan our trip to Botswana for September 06 and have been reading the great posts on this board and was wondering if I could have some help with my itinerary. Here is what I was thinking so far: 2 nights Duma Tau
3 nights Duba Plains/Vumbra
3 nights Mombo
2 nights Chiefs Camp
2 nights near Victoria falls(where?)
4 nights Mozambique beach (?)
Is this moving around too much? Should we leave something out or substitute something? Again we are just beginning planning so looking for any recommendations. Thanks
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Jun 18th, 2005, 08:06 PM
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Mombo is the only part of the trip that were set on so if anyone has any suggestions (preferably lesser priced accomodations, since Mombo is a fortune)
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Jun 18th, 2005, 10:49 PM
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I am in your same boat...researching and trying to figure out which Botswana lodges I would like to visit in April 2006.

I really have no idea how you would get from Victoria Falls to Mozambique (which is not to say that it is not possible without overnighting somewhere, but I just don't personally how one would do it).

In order to ease up on the expense, you may want to consider staying somewhere other than Chiefs Camp. You say your heart is set on Mombo, so perhaps you should look for somewhere else other than Chiefs Camp, since it is not too far from Mombo. Chiefs Camp is not inexpensive, by any means, in high season.

Perhaps you would have better variety by adding a place like Tubu Tree or Kwetsani in the Jao concession.

Also, depending on your exact dates, I would consider planning your itinerary around the lunar cycle. Predators have a much harder time of hunting during a full moon, since their is not nearly the same cover of darkness.

On the other hand, a full moon would be the most desirable time to visit Victoria Falls so that you may possibly see a lunar rainbow at Victoria Falls. Some of the best lodges/hotels will set up a night tour for its guests, upon request, to visit the falls during a full moon.

Given the time and expense it may take to get to Mozambique, I do think you may be better off by spending your final 3 nights in Zimbabwe or Zambia at either Mana Pools or Lower Zambezi. There are so many great lodges to choose from in Lower Zambezi, and each of them would give you a price break over Botswana, as well as providing you with a nice variety since you will have the opportunity for canoeing. If you have not yet spent time on the Zambezi River, it is really not to be missed...surely one of the highlights of Africa.

If you want to stick with Wilderness Safaris, you may elect to stay in Mana Pools at Chikwenya.

For the Lower Zambezi camps/lodges, here are some suggestions:

Getting to Lower Zambezi or Mana Pools would be quite simple from Victoria Falls...probably a 45 minute light air transfer.

Possible itinerary:

Duma Tau (3)
Duba Plains (3)
Little Mombo (3)
Victoria Falls (2) (Tongabezi, Sussi Lodge, Royal Livingstone, Songwe Village, Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and Victoria Falls Hotel are all possible choices)
Lower Zambezi or Mana Pools (3) The only reason I am not suggesting Hwange, is because I think you will get more variety out of spending time in Lower Zambezi or Mana Pools.

If you have not yet settled on an agent, feel free to e-mail me for a very good recommendation. If you have already settled on an agent, you may want to reconsider, as your agent should have helped you with all this.

You are visiting at an excellent time and you have the potential to put together an amazing itinerary!

I believe that the full moon for September 2006 will occur on September 07th, so if there is any way you could do your itinerary in reverse order, starting in Mozambique (or Lower Zambezi/Mana Pools?), you could end your safari with a bang at Mombo.
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Jun 19th, 2005, 05:52 AM
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Thank you very much for your reply. I made a mistake on my original post, I meant to say 2 nights at Jacks Camp, not Chiefs Camp (sorry). From what I have read I think you have to fly to Mozambique through J'burg but I am not sure. How long is the flight from Vic Falls to J'burg?
We really want to add some kind of beach vacation to the end of the trip, I think I would be pushing my luck with my boyfriend if we did any more that about 10 nights on safari ( he enjoys it, just not as much as me)
I do have a very good agent who has booked several trips for us but I like to do my own research first then contact her. Plus she is already planning our trip for this year presently so I don't want to have her start another until the first one is finalized.
I was thinking of Kwetsani in place of Duba Plains/Vumbra. Do you think this sounds like a better option in terms of game viewing?
Game viewing is most important, we do not need luxury accomodations. We have already been to Singita and Phinda.
Again, thanks for the reply and thanks for the advice on the full moon, I was now aware.
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Jun 19th, 2005, 06:47 AM
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I like your itinerary with Jacks.

Here is a link for Vic Falls-Joburg flights.

If game viewing is your goal, I think your present itinerary with Duba Plains/Vumbura is best.

Looks like a fantastic trip!
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