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A spellbinding setting is tucked into the country's far-northwestern corner, within the heart-shape Olympic Peninsula. Edged on all sides by water, the forested landscape is remote and pristine, and works its way around the sharpened ridges of the snowcapped Olympic Mountains. Big lakes cut pockets of blue in the rugged blanket of pine forests, and hot springs gurgle up from the foothills. Along the coast the sights are even more enchanting: wave-sculpted boulders, tidal pools teeming with sea life, and tree-topped sea stacks.


Olympic National Park Hotels

Major park resorts run from good to terrific, with generally comfortable rooms, excellent facilities, and easy access to... read more


Olympic National Park Restaurants

The major resorts are your best bets for eating out in the park. Each has a main restaurant, café, and/or kiosk, as well as... read more

Things To Do

Things To Do in Olympic National Park

Most of the park's attractions are found eit... read more


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