Bocas del Toro Archipelago Hotels

Accommodations here range from traditional wooden buildings in town to rustic but enchanting bungalows nestled in the wilderness of Isla Bastimentos. All of them have private baths, and all but the eco-lodges have air-conditioning and Internet. Although Bocas del Toro town has an array of budget and moderately priced hotels, the out-of-town lodges tend toward the expensive, though hardly luxurious.

Other advantages of staying in town are the local color and the selection of restaurants, shops, and nightlife. The downside is noise from neighbors and revelers, which is a problem at some in-town hotels. Lodges outside town provide more natural, tranquil settings. In Bocas, tap water is not potable and toilet paper must be disposed of in wastebaskets rather than flushed. Expect the occasional power outage, weak Wi-Fi signal, and water shortage certain times of the year. Despite ongoing efforts by hotel owners, a proper recycling system is not fully in place, meaning mixed garbage is taken to a nearby landfill. Sadly, litter is a problem, especially on the outskirts of town.

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