Eclypse de Mar

Wizard Beach, , Panama

Built over the water on stilts, this luxurious eco-lodge is the ultimate Caribbean fantasy. Each of its seven bungalows comes with a private terrace, ceiling fan, Wi-Fi, snorkel gear, and hot shower. Glass slats have been inserted into the hardwood floors so that guests can admire marine life from inside their bedrooms. Adding to the elegance are large windows, thatch roofs, and satin curtains draped over queen-size beds. The hotel runs on solar power, has its own water supply from a spring, and includes a private garden that leads to 6½ acres of rain forest where sloths, birds, butterflies, and red frogs roam. Although not as private, there are two standard rooms in the main building for half the price of the bungalows. No matter where you stay here, pampering and luxury are the order of the day.


  • friendly staff
  • remote location
  • innovative design


  • basic breakfast
  • loud music can sometimes be heard from Old Bank
  • no AC


Phones: 507-6430–7576 | 507-6627–3000


2 rooms, 7 bungalows
Rate Includes: Breakfast