The Turquoise Coast Hotels

Swaths of this coveted coast have long been dominated by large, identical resorts inhabited by European package tourists often more interested in the beaches than the country. The fancier resorts range from the eccentrically over-the-top (revolving bedrooms, hotels shaped like the Kremlin and Topkapi Palace, etc.) to the tranquilly luxurious. The best have excellent facilities, and you can often

find good deals if you want to add a few relaxing sun-and-sand days to your itinerary. There’s also a tradition of simple family-run pansiyons; though basic in terms of amenities, these can provide a more personal experience, better value, and a pleasant refuge from mass tourism. In recent years, a number of stylish smaller hotels have also appeared. These century-old houses have been restored and converted into high-caliber boutique hotels that offer the ultimate in character and charm. Most are found in Antalya’s Kaleiçi neighborhood, where they come in a variety of sizes and prices; there are also several in Eski Datça and Alanya as well as farther east.

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